19. "DAVID IS..."        --page 146--

         And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even My servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd (Eze.34:23).

         1. David is a Fiery Prophet! "The Words that he speaks are as flames of fire to set on fire the hearts of men! This is he that setteth on fire the course of nations!"
         2. David is a Musician & "his Letters are like beautiful symphonies in Words! God plays the music in his key that turns him on & gives him the Words to the music!"
         3. David is a Fighter "who likes to fight for the Lord with the weapon of the Word, a conquering hero that likes to live & die & fight for Jesus! No power in the World can withstand the power of the Spirit of God in David!"
         4. David is a Mountainman, "leaving the multitude behind, braving the wind & the cold & the storms of this life to hear from God on the mountain the Words that echo around the World, whispers that change the course of history!"
         5. David is God's Master Fisherman! "He knows how to use the bait & where to put the hook to catch many men for the Kingdom of God!"
         6. David is a Miner "who gives his life to dig out precious gold & jewels from God's heavenly mines! From the deep dark places of the Earth come the most precious things of the World!"
         7. David is a Good Shepherd "who layeth down his life for the sheep--leading, guarding & guiding the flock with the Rod of God's Word into the safety of His Fold forever! 'And I will set up one shepherd over them, & he shall feed them, even My servant David; he shall feed them & he shall be their shepherd.'" (Ez.34:23)
         8. David is a Loving Father "to his children, cherishing & carrying them all the day long in his arms."
         9. David is our Advocate "pleading for the cause of his children, that God will vindicate his Servants & save & deliver His Sheep from the hand of the Enemy!"
         10. David is a "beautiful jewelled Pillar that helps support the Temple of God. The Pillar is covered with glowing Crystals, his children, that glow & pulsate with the pillar's light!"
         11. David is a Crazy Crusader--"our old Don Quixote, a Brave Pioneer of the Spirit with crazy faith to do crazy things, leading us into a new & wonderful World of the Words & Works of God! 'Come with me where moonbeams light Eternal skies!--And the sparkling stardust lingers in your eyes!'"
         12. David is a Deep Sea Diver, "diving into the ever-living waters of the Word, ever-fresh & new, to bring us strange new truths for our good, to strengthen & enlighten us & brighten our eyes & satisfy our souls!"
         13. David is a Giver. "David wants to give & give, while some only want to get, & he shall give & give until he's gone!"
         14. David is a Weeping Prophet, "who cries for them & gives his tears & Jesus helps them & forgives them. He sheds his tears for them like Jesus shed His blood."
         15. David is God's Channel, "a pipeline, spouting the Words of God! The Lord turns on the faucet & the water goes through the pipe & waters the people!"
         16. David is a "wirephoto & Teletype Machine on which we get the latest news in Words & pictures! God sends the pictures & the Words, & David, His little machine, rattles it off & passes it on to you!"
         17. David is a faithful Operator! "With the hand of faith he flips the switch to receive God's Messages & he passes them on to the World!"
         18. David is a Photographer! "He takes the pictures in his head & describes them to the artists who develop them!"
         19. David is Aquarius, "poured forth as water unto the World!--Flowing, pouring, sharing in this Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Water of Life!--The Water-Bearer of all ages whom God has ordained to bring forth the Water of Life to the Children of this Last Generation!"
         20. David is a Disciplinarian, "a very good father who knows how to give us chastisement for our mistakes! His Shepherd's Rod both saves & directs the sheep!"
         21. David is "a born Salesman & Promoter!--Of the Gospel!--The best product on Earth!--Made in Heaven & guaranteed forever!--And free! How could anyone pass up a product & a deal like that!"
         22. David is God's Picture--"showing the World what God is like & what Jesus wants them to see!"
         23. David is "God's Early Warning System, the Prophet of God! We know long before the World knows, because God gives us early warning, twice the warning He gives the wicked!"
         24. David is a Tape Recorder! "God puts the tape on & the recorder is programmed to broadcast whatever is on the tape! A tape recorder doesn't know what's coming, it just does what it's supposed to do!"
         25. David is a Magician "with more power than Merlin, & with the power of the greatest magicians of the World to help him! His magic wand is the Word, & if you really hold onto it, it'll do things!"
         26. David is a Sower "seeding a forest that is covering the Earth, bearing much precious fruit for God's Kingdom! The Seeds of David are the Words of his mouth that sow the Truth of God's Love & bring forth fruit of His mouth, little lambs of His fold!"
         27. David is a Gardener! "Every beautiful soul along the highway of life is a little rose that we need to rescue from the System & replant in a safe little pot in the Lord's House!"
         28. David is God's modern-day Jeremiah! "He has blasted the System & destroyed its lies & exposed its idols & smashed them to bits--rooting them out & casting them down in order to plant the true Seed of His Word & to build the true Temple of His Children!"
         29. David is a Lover of the Word, "a worshipper of the Word--the secret of power & victory & overcoming & fruitfulness & fire & life & warmth & light & leadership! There's nothing more important than the Word!"
         30. David is "the Fuse that Lights the Bomb that has blown us clear around the World in an explosion of the power of God!"
         31. David is the "Flame of God's Candle in the midst of gross darkness, setting the World afire for God & enlightening the hearts of men everywhere."
         32. David is an Antenna "getting God's messages & broadcasting them!"
         33. David is a Warning Beacon, "beaming God's Warning Message to the World! He keeps his finger on the pulse of the World to warn us about the signs & omens of things to come!"
         34. David is "a Small Rocket that's guiding a Big Rocket--the Family! The big rocket just has the power to push, but the little rocket guides it!"
         35. David is a General "leading God's mighty army of Christian soldiers in a war for the Truth against the anti-Christ Systems of this World!--Taking his orders from our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus, & passing them on to the frontline troops!"
         36. David is a "big Psychic to whom God has given wisdom & prophetic insight & outsight & out-of-sight to light the darkness!"
         37. David is a Visionary! "It's his capacity, a Prophet's gift, to be able to see things & visualise them, see visions! Without a vision the people perish!"
         38. David is God's modern-day Daniel, "with the wisdom of Daniel to know the number of the years, like the prophets of old, & speak the Words of God & receive the revelations, dreams, visions, prophecies & interpretations of God!"
         39. David is God's Prophet "alone on the mountaintop with God receiving His Words in a heavy stream, rich, deep & wide--waters to swim in, pure & clear, which he passes on to the people!"
         40. David is our Leader, "leading God's children around the World to a spiritual victory in the name of Jesus Christ!"
         41. David is our Archeologist! "With every Letter he is clearing away the churchy rubble & man's debris in order to uncover what the Bible really says & what Jesus taught!"
         42. David is an Angry Prophet! "David is a man of war! David is a man of power! David is a man of force! David is a man of violence & he hates the Enemy with a perfect hatred!"
         43. David is a Teacher, "teaching a whole generation all over again with the right knowledge & the true knowledge of the Truth & the actual facts! His Words encourage, inspire, edify, instruct, rebuke, exhort, feed, comfort, lead and guide us!"
         44. David is God's Modern-day Ezekiel, "a little man with a big Message of Warning & Woe! God has called him to be a Watchman unto the House of Israel, those who were supposed to be His Church, to give them warning from the Lord!"
         45. David is a Baby Child Prophet! "God gives him messages in little fairy tales like a tiny little child! Even the foolishness of David is better than the wisdom of men!"
         46. David is God's Guide, "leading the people & showing them the way to the hidden treasures of God's Word! He is a light to help lighten our way, to lead & guide, even as a light from afar that shines upon the pathway from a distant source."
         47. David is a Pioneer, "with vision to see what no one else can see; faith to believe things no one else believes; initiative to be the first one to try it; & courage & guts to see it through!"
         48. David is "a 100% whole-hearted Forsake-Aller! With him it's all or nothing at all! He's a fanatic, an extremist, drastic total revolutionary, & cannot even understand people who are not!"
         49. David is an Intercessor, "with grace, mercy & truth! They come to him to tell their story & present their case & he begs Jesus for mercy for them & they are released!"
         50. David is our Link to Jesus, "receiving God's precious revelations & His most recent timely up-to-the minute Word & passing it on to us! Jesus speaks the Words of David, & Moses speaks the Words of David, but these three are one & of one mouth."
         51. David is a Man After God's Own Heart--"a man after the heart of God! He seeks God's heart & speaks the Words that come from God & from Moses & from David, & says those things which are favourable unto God!"
         52. David is a Man with a Heart as Big as the World! "He's loving up the World & will not be satisfied until almost everybody on Earth is Saved!"
         53. David is Moses, "who, with the Sceptre of God's Golden Words, is leading God's children into the Promised Land of the Kingdom of God on Earth!"
         54. David is "King David of the whole World, the David of all Davids! This is the David whom I have chosen, the man whom I have called, the David whom I have selected, the David of whom I spake, the David of whom My prophets prophesied, the one whom I will honour above all those which have gone before!--The greatest king who ever lived on this Earth to glorify My Name!"
         55. David is the King of Love "whom God has kissed & brought into being, & His Love has called him David, Beloved of God!"
         56. David is King of the Beggars! "God showed him the despairing hippies, wandering about as sheep having no shepherd, & asked him if he'd be willing to go to these lost sheep & become king of these poor lost beggars! They needed a voice to speak for them, a shepherd to lead them & the rod of God's Word to guide them to the Light!"
         57. David is the "Light of Israel! He has the spirit of Moses, the spirit of Abraham, the spirit of David & God's Spirit for this time, for there are many hungry souls & he needs to quench the thirst of many."
         58. David is God's Mouthpiece, "His Prophet, His Man of God, His Chosen Leader, Shepherd & King, His anointed one, His man of power for the hour through whom He speaks!"
         59. David is a Newsboy, "delivering the papers!"
         60. David is a "Pen in the hand of the Lord, His humble instrument, the tool in God's hand to write what we need to know!"
         61. David is a Prayer Warrior! "Blessed is he that beseecheth Me for My poor! Blessed is he that seeketh Me in the hour of trouble! So shall he be in the hour of triumph & I will be with him & lift up his hand that raiseth My sword (the Word!) to slay them which rise up against Me!"
         62. David is our "Priest, Prophet & King like King David of old, our Pope & spiritual father! Bishop David is Bishop of Orthodox Church--the right church!"
         63. David is the hidden Sap of the tree, "the inspiration that flows beneath the surface, giving life & health & beauty & nourishment that cause the branches to bear fruit!"
         64. David is a Rescuer of the Bound! "He is fighting in a holy war to free men from fear with faith, free them from hatred with love, from sorrow with joy, from war with peace, from poverty with plenty & from death with Eternal Heavenly Happiness!"
         65. David is a Sexy Prophet! "We have a sexy God & a sexy religion with a sexy leader with an extremely sexy following!--Free to enjoy the full beauties & wonders of God's creation with all of its pleasures!"--Hallelujah! TYJ!
         66. David is a Time Traveller, "exploring unknown Worlds of the Spirit known only to God & His Heavenly Kingdom! He's hitched his wagon to a star, the Bright & Morning Star, Jesus Christ Himself, & is going places faster than the speed of light into realms beyond natural human ken."
         67. David is a chiming Clock "warning you of the lateness of the hour! Some people don't like to hear him & would like to muffle the chimes."
         68. David is a World Changer! "His powerful prayers & mighty pen have changed the course of history!"
         69. David is "God's Gift of Love to the whole World! David means gift of God!--A sweet loving name!"
         70. David is a Messenger Boy "delivering messages & telegrams to lots of important people!--The Lord's Letters of Love! For this is My Messenger whom I have sent before My face, My David, My King! Hear ye Him!"
         71. David is our Snowman! "He's the old man of the mountain, with the hoary frost in his hair! He's an ooooold bear of the mountain, that lives in his big old lair. Snowman brought light to the Church & won the hearts of the young!"
         72. David is our Driver, "following the vision ahead according to the Map & the Instruction of the Owner! His Letters ignite us, shift us, gear us, empower us & steer us in the right direction."
         73. David is a Labourer--"he has digged trenches & God has filled them with the filling! He & his labourers take each block (Letter) one by one with a little mortar, & tier by tier build up the wall!"
         74. David is a Traveller, "a refugee, an exile, a fugitive from injustice, wandering about through dens & caves of this Earth, always on the move on his way to Space City!"
         75. David is God's Astrologer "who teaches us that God's Creation is a work of His hands, physical manifestations of His Guidance System which control man within the limits God has set."
         76. David is an Iconoclast, "kicking over the traces, breaking all the rules, shattering all the precedents, rebelling from the System, destroying convention & departing from tradition! Idol-smashing is his business!"
         77. David is a Defender of the Faith, "taking up the white-hot sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, & cutting the Devil to the heart!"
         78. David is a Lover! "At the King's right hand there are pleasures forever more! How ardent is the love of their father for these his children!"
         79. David is a spirit Helper, "& if you'll be real quiet he'll sing you songs of David & whisper you Words of the Spirit! You'll think about David & get the messages! He'll be your contact man, your guardian angel, your channel!"
         80. David is a Feeder! "The little birdies, his children, chirp & chirp & throw him kisses of love by faith, hoping he'll throw back a few little crumbs to feed them! They know they'll be fed by the hand of their Father, if they'll but open their mouths!"
         81. David is a Mechanic! "He learned to fix cars when he was young & knows just about everything there is to know about a car, every part of it & anything that has to be fixed!"
         82. David is the Head of the House! "Jesus makes a pretty nest for David & his loves to rest & take all the Words of David in their big mouths!"
         83. David is the Projectionist of God's Cinema! "Jesus just hands him the films & he puts them on his little projector & shows them on the screen so that you can get the Message!"
         84. David is an Innovator, "always thinking of better ways to do things & getting new ideas all the time!--Ever-changing according to the need, situation & what's good for the Lord's Work!"
         85. David is the "Black Knight, used by the Lord to rally us around His banner & send us on to victory!"
         86. David is a Vernier, "a very necessary precision instrument that measures & calculates things said in the Bible & explains what they mean!"
         87. David is like a little Gnome "below the ground, pumping up the sap from the Root Christ Jesus into the tree of the Family!"
         88. David is an Exorcist "who has but to utter the name of Jesus to fell all the demons of Hell, Oplexicon & Satan himself! He can even rebuke them in the name of David & they will flee!"
         89. David is a Statistician. "He loves stats! With nary a stat you don't know where you're at! Stats are the proof of the pudding, they prove & show what you've got!"
         90. David is an Adventurer, "an Aquarian pioneer who doesn't like to follow beaten paths! Beaten paths are for beaten men, but mountain peaks are for the mighty!"
         91. David is a "Champion of the Underdog & the little fellow, the handicapped & the poor guys who are getting a raw deal & who are not treated fairly, those who are being fleeced, abused or mistreated."
         92. David is a Missionary! "His mission is to bring light to the blind, freedom to the fettered, love to the lost & a life of peace, joy, love & happiness with purpose & helpfulness to others, becoming one with them & getting the message across!"
         93. David is a Gypsy King "leading the true modern Gypsies of Jesus with a wild, free Gypsy spirit! Come along & join our Gypsy Caravan!"
         94. David is a Healer! "God sent a man from Heaven to touch her, a man of God to hear her in answer to her prayers! David expects miracles!--And in Jesus' name he gets them!"
         95. David is like a Snake Charmer, "playing music of love & forgiveness that will bring peace to your mind & heart! The Charmer's music is not his own, it is God-given supernatural power! It's inspired!--To charm evil serpentine hearts with love & peace into obedience & rest.
         96. David is an Administrator "involved in the political & material oversight of the Kingdom, but his major ministry is ministering the Word!"
         97. David is a Playmate, "his sceptre is his magic wand that makes love to many & fills them with satisfaction!"
         98. David is the "Wizard of Ahs!--And ahs!--And ahs!--And all the ahs there ever was! He shows us the way so we can understand."
         99. David is a Laughing Prophet who tells us to "Be So Happy!" "The ability to laugh at yourself & your own silly mistakes is a great asset & helps keep you humble!"
         100. David is a Proud Father! "The Children of David are a credit to their father!"
         101. David is a Strategist "Telling us how to handle our swords & clobber the Enemy & win the victory & helping us plan our strategy by God's direction!"
         102. David is a Singing Prophet, singing with conviction! "If you can't sing it like you mean it, if you can't sing it like you've got it & really want to do what it says, then for God's sake, don't sing it!"
         103. David is a Fortune-Teller! "With his Wheel of Fortune he reads people's characters, going beyond just the character into things he sees can or may happen! People come to him & want to know things, & he prays & gets something from the Lord for them."
         104. David is a Toilet, "catching the waste products of society & recycling them by the power of God into good, clean, refreshing, purifying rain!"
         105. David is the "Mainspring of God's Watch that sets things in motion, that pushes a little to get the wheels turning! The watch is God's Children who are the timekeepers of the World, telling the World what time it is, & the World can hear us tick!"
         106. David is an Opportunist! "He takes advantage of every opportunity to advance the cause of Christ!"
         107. David is a Student of the Word "who did find God's Words & did eat them, the Bible at his right hand night & day, 'studying to show himself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth!'"
         108. David is a Destroyer of Blobs, "bursting big blobs to bits so that we can really get the job done of rolling the gold into all the World to every creature! The only good gold is Rolled gold!"
         109. David is a Warrior of the Faith "who has declared war on the Evil One! David likes to hit him head on & rebuke him in the name of Jesus in the power of the Spirit! He loves to fight for the name of Jesus & the cause of David!"
         110. David is a Soul Doctor "who listens to his patients & their symptoms & gives the right prescription--Scriptures from the Bible for diseases of the heart & mind! With the hands of love, mercy & gentleness he gets at the root of the problem to correct the cause."
         111. David is the "Lens through which the Light shines, like a projector in a dark theatre! Our kids like the movies or visions God shows! They enjoy God's movies which bring such light in the darkness!"
         112. David is a "Sharp-Toothed Threshing Instrument which beats the mountains as chaff & rips with violence the pillows from under the arms of them which sit at ease in Zion!"
         113. David is a Farmer, "plowing the land, breaking it & opening it with loving hands & forceful plow, to insert the seeds of the Gospel in receptive soil, the true Church!"
         114. David is a Pistol "loaded with bullets of the Word, God's modern-day sword! All God has to do is touch the trigger & David fires whichever way God aims him, & people get the Message! He's a weapon of the Spirit that brings life by the Word instead of death, an instrument of life to those who receive it!"
         115. David is an FFer "showing concern, pity, compassion & affection & manifesting it by genuine proving action! They are drawn to the light like moths to the flame, willing to be consumed if they can only find the light & feel the warmth of the flame."
         116. David is a Wild Songbird "singing to cheer people up & encourage them & tell them that God lives & loves & not to worry, that everything's going to be all right!"
         117. David is a Spider "weaving a web in the wisdom of God that shall catch many men for God's Kingdom! The little words of David sparkle in God's Sunlight!"
         118. David is a Moonlighter! "His Moonlight is the Lord's Letters that shine like the moon to light up the whole World! This Moonlight of mine, I'm going to let it shine!--Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!"
         119. David is our "Grand Achoo!--When the Prophet even sneezes the whole World listens! Everybody listens to the Grand Achoo! It's not very pretty but it's a message for you! It winds up & winds up & then goes Achoo!--Everybody listens to the Grand Achoo!"
         120. David is a Computer, "for years absorbing information, facts, stories & illustrations! The Lord is the operator that sits down at the console & plays upon his keys to get out the information that He wants! Prophets are computers--they compute that the hour is late & what's about to happen!"
         121. David is a great Fountain, "such a pretty fountain that sprays us with the Words of Living Water!"
         122. David is a Concerned Father--"concerned with every little detail, & servant of all!"
         123. David is a Letter-Writer! "That is his main job, his calling & what the Lord designed him for & ordained him for from the very beginning--to write Letters to lead His Children! Henceforth there is laid up for us a crown of righteous writing!"
         124. David is our "Papa Lion of the Tribe of Judah! God has used him & his faithful little keeper to lead us all into an exciting new life, to the amazement of the whole World! He may be old & his keeper very small, but he's still very strong & has very good teeth! Roarrrr!"
         125. David is our ol'Rooster, "faithfully defending all his hens & little chickens, you & me! He also tells people it's time to wake up!"
         126. David is a Heart that is Broken for the Lost! "To love is to weep with them, to cry with them, to suffer with them that suffer, & to feel the agony of heart with them whose hearts are broken!"
         127. David is a Dreamer of Dreams, "taking lots of trips in the spirit nearly every night! Your young men shall see visions, & your old men shall dream dreams!"
         128. David is our Milkman of the Word "who has time after time gone halfway to Heaven & back again to deliver to us the sincere Milk of the Word that we might be nourished & fed & strengthened in the Lord."
         129. David is a Jeweller, "dipping out the sparkling purple waters of the Crystal Stream, the Words of Life, & forming them into beautiful royal purple crystal jewels--letters of Love for his children!"
         130. David is an Astronomer, "educating his children in the wonders of God's astronomical creation & His marvellous operations!--Proving that the Earth, Sun, Moon & Stars are forever, enduring as long as the Throne of God!"
         131. David is a Cook, "dishing it up faster than we can carry it away! There is none other like him in all this generation, for he giveth meat to the lowly & bread unto the hungry & freedom to those that are bound! Behold, what a spread the Lord places upon the table before thee!--His good meals through His Words!"
         132. David is a Loving Husband, "preferring the happiness of his mate to his own! No two people in this World love each other as much as David & Maria & are of one mind, one heart, one spirit, one soul, one body as they are."
         133. David is God's Eyes, "looking both ways: To God for information & direction, & then at the World to detect & tell them what's wrong!"
         134. David is a Revolutionist, "always looking for some better way to do it! If you tell him he can't do it, he'll prove to you he can! He doesn't hesitate to abandon the old & throw it away, even if it costs something, if it's going to help God's work to move ahead!"
         135. David is a Scientist "who runs the big Observatory that produces much important data for the benefit of all mankind!"
         136. David is a Forgiving Father, "merciful, patient, longsuffering & kind, putting his arms around his children & encouraging them & inspiring them, showing he has faith in them!"
         137. David is "God's Voice for God's Vision!--The Voice of His choice, the Vision of His Chosen, His man of Faith to send them forth, His Father-Figure to symbolise His Own Presence with His People!"
         138. David is a Trumpet "that carries the Message of God's Mouth to His people!--The Communicator of His Words, His Voice--& God's sheep hear His Voice, the Prophet of God, & they follow Him!"
         139. David is a Bottle "whose heart is poured forth like water & whose soul is poured forth like wine to them that are athirst & anhungered. God fills & fills & fills again that all may drink & have plenty & never run dry! The bottle asks only to live that it may be poured out to others."
         140. David is a Stranger & Pilgrim, "a citizen of another World, the coming Kingdom of Christ on Earth! We belong to no particular country except an Heavenly, & no particular city, for we seek an Heavenly City whose Builder & Maker is God!"
         141. David is God's Watchdog, "barking to warn the people of what's gonna happen, that there's danger approaching, enemies coming, & to be ready to fight or run!"
         142. David is a prospector, "faithfully mining & refining God's good gold of His Words & passing them on to the people!"
         143. David is our Captain, "riding out the storm, enjoying the conquest of the sea, as our giant wave of witnessing like a gigantic ocean breaker floods the World with the Gospel!"
         144. David is a faithful Communicant, "the rays of his pen reaching out & enlightening us all together in one single blaze of glory of one mind, one heart & one spirit through the miracle of communication--writing & the mails!"
         145. David is the Grandpa "of all the little children in this loving Family, a wise loving old man who hears from Jesus & tells them lots of fascinating stories with good lessons for living!"
         146. David is a Law-Giver, "laying down God's general rules & specific prohibitions or general permissions! 'Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God!'"
         147. David is a Repairer of the Breaches, "a man to call God's people to repent & make up the wall & stand in the gap until the wall of their defenses against the Enemy are repaired & built up again!"
         148. David is a "little tiny Pebble, but he holds the big stones together! He is the guiding rock, the cohesive power that holds the great & mighty rocks together to form a great mountain of God's power & the testament of His Word, & these shall be the great Kingdom of God!"
         149. David is a "big, loud Firecracker! when he explodes, things happen & people move & get excited & do things!"
         150. David is our Pied Piper, "playing sweet music to the children in the Power of God & Jesus! The children follow him to a place in the back away from things!"
         151. David is an Example! "By one man's obedience, many have been made righteous!"
         152. David is the "New Church that God has raised up, with a new anointing & a fresh spirit & a new attack & a new approach & a new guise out of nowhere & from nothing!--A new Prophet for a new day!"
         153. David is a Handyman, "a Jack-of-All-Trades! He's had about every kind of job there is so he can teach his children & give'm a little advice about a little of everything!"
         154. David is a Happy Prophet! "All happy children, are the children of David! How happy all the children are who are the children of David!"
         155. David is a Destroyer of Lies--"destroying delusion in order to build a firm foundation of Truth!"
         156. David is a Mopper--"He uses good soapy water to mop the floor of your mind!--To brainwash you & clean you with the pure Water of the Word to make you nice & clean & so polished that you really shine for the Lord!"
         157. David is the Rasputin of today & his enemies know it. They hate him because they can't overcome him because he's sustained by the miraculous power of God!

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