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World News

Heart to Heart tour
(From Silas and Endureth:) Things are moving along well on this front. Everyone is working on their visas, picking up their tickets, and arriving in India in about one week! In random order, the participants in this tour, Lord willing, will be: Jeremy, Vas, Michael Daniel, Tim Drummer, Makoto, Sunny, Angelique, Lara, and the majority of the Thai dance team and singers: Christy, Angelina, Sarah P., Mary SGA, Joyful, Jeremy, Angela, Thai Angelique, Tim, John M., Topaz [of Zena], Michelle, Jon B., and Fl orence.
       We are tentatively doing one program in Delhi and are praying about doing one in Bangalore, apart from the three main programs in Bombay. We're also hoping to do one free CTP program in both Bombay and Delhi, for poorer people who couldn't otherwise possibly attend a concert like this.
       On the advertising and promotional front, the Lord is doing miracles right and left! The team in Bombay has been able to raise a considerable amount of financial sponsorship for the concerts, as well a s advertising them, and things are coming together. They had a meeting yesterday with MTV. Here are excerpts from their reports:
       (From the Bombay Service Home:) Our appointment with MTV went very well. They would like us to give them some footage of Jeremy singing, which they will edit down to 30-90 seconds and air on MTV roughly eight times a day for two weeks prior to the show. They will have a separate ad for us with some text running across the screen at the same time, indicating the date and venue of the shows in Bombay and Delhi. In addition to this, when Jeremy arrives, they will take live footage of Jeremy talking to MTV, which will also be aired. They would also like to do an interview with Jeremy and the young folks (incidentally, they were extremely impressed with the photograph of the young people that will be accompanying Jeremy, as they somehow had the opinion that Jeremy was only going to appeal to older people).
       This interview will be broadcast on MTV at prime time and there will be three or four repeats of the same during the week. They will also come and film the shows and edit it down to a 30-minute capsule, which will be aired on MTV a week later.
       We were introduced to the woman who does "Good Morning Mid-day" on Radio FM. She is more than willing to do a chat show and interview Jeremy and play some of his songs a few days before the first show. (End of excerpts from report.)
Please pray that MTV Asia can be involved in the concerts, to make them m ore far-reaching than just the few thousands who would attend the concerts. Please pray also that we can find a way to finance filming the concert for the Family, and for miracles in bringing all the singers and musicians together for this united effort.

Victory in Babylon
(From the Mideast:) The Lord opened the door for members of the Heart to Heart team to make a trip to Baghdad in October to perform in hospitals, schools and orphanages. All the team members said that they had ne ver met more spiritually receptive or broken people. One of the directors of a school they visited phoned afterwards, and was bubbling over with joy upon recounting the team's performance at his school. On and on he went, raving about how radiant and beautiful everyone was.
       One of the most touching experiences was when we went to perform at a hospital. Two of us were dressed as clowns and three of us had guitars, and we went from ward to ward singing for the children. The people were so excite d that we were almost mobbed! We gave out colored pencils, coloring books, and little bags of chips, which were so appreciated.
       A refined but initially somewhat skeptical pediatrician, after observing us playing and singing with the children, told us that two of the Iraqi teenage girls visiting a sick relative had asked him about us, and he had replied to them, "These are the foreigners who love us!"
       The icing on the cake was the perform-ance at the Babylon Theater for about 8-9,000 people. The response was overwhelming as the message of our songs came through loud and clear. God bless those who were performing, several of whom were actually sick during the performance. The Lord's Spirit shone through wonderfully and many were eager to talk to us afterwards.
       The Lord miraculously led us along each step of the way, and was faithful to fulfill every one of His good promises. All in all, we distributed 250 tapes, over 5,000 pieces of lit, and gave away 500 gift packs. Last but not l east, we safely made it back home!--A real victory in Babylon!
       (PS from ASCRO Office:) An interview with the Heart to Heart team in Iraq was broadcast worldwide by BBC on that week's main Saturday news bulletin.

World Highlights

       -- In October Ilia (Piper) attended a conference on "Movies for Young People," where he somehow ended up being the first speaker even though he hadn't been officially invited to speak. A radio journalist from "Radio Russia" (Russia's most popular radio station, wi th 10 million listeners) approached him afterwards. We invited the journalist to our next class, where he ended up interviewing everyone for his children's program, which was aired on prime time!--Ilia and Christina, Russia
-- While restaurant singing we met a man who works for RAI-1 (national radio station). After hearing our songs and receiving several posters, he arranged to interview Simon the following morning. Simon gave a very clear presentation of his personal testimony, our means of s upport, our beliefs, our international Family, and our local youth work in Rome, which was broadcast on a late night program.--Simon, Vicky and Maria, Italy
-- A lady who received a To You - With Love tract has a program on a Catholic radio station every morning with a large audience. She read the tract on her program, reaching nearly three million people!--Elias, Colombia
-- Our city held an outdoor concert in a student center. There were approximately 800 people in attendance and 81 souls were saved!--Johnny, Sunny, Marcus and Christina, Taiwan
       -- This month, with the help of the area Homes, we were able to send 17 tons of aid shipments (baby food and formula) to North Korea. In appreciation for our work, we received a commendation letter from both UNICEF and the Red Cross. Japanese Tim also has an invitation to go into North Korea if he wants to accompany one of his shipments.--Tim and Marina, Japan


We love you! Our upcoming Family bir thday celebration will again be a feast this year, rather than a fast. The Feast will be held on February 15-18, so please refrain from scheduling meetings, follow-up appointments, etc., on those days, in order for all your Home members to be able to be free to participate in the Feast meetings! Also, please be sure to check your post box regularly during the week or 10 days before the Feast begins, as you can expect quite a number of pre-Feast and Feast pubs. Thank you so much!

734 surveys s o far

(From Bill Bainbridge:) Dear Family, Wow! A few weeks ago I asked you to help me gather some information on The Family for future publications by filling in a questionnaire that The Family distributed.--And you have done a great job! I hope you enjoyed the questionnaire, and I'm grateful for the thoughtful and heartfelt responses you have contributed. So far, I have received surveys from 734 people in 52 countries.

       Here are the numbers of Family members who have responded from e ach nation:
       Albania 5
       Australia 12
       Austria 8
       Belgium 7
       Brazil 71
       Canada 24
       Chile 17
       China 6
       Colombia 3
       Croatia 12
       Czech Rep. 7
       Denmark 4
       Ecuador 2
       El Salvador 4
       Finland 4
       France 17
       Germany 3
       Greece 3
       Hungary 22
       India 23
       Indonesia 9
       Ireland 1
       Italy 9
       Japan 34
       Kazakhstan 5
       Kenya 3
       Lebanon 5
       Lithuania 7
       Mexico 5
       Namibia 2
       Nepal 1
       Netherlands 1
       Nigeria 2
       Pakistan 4
       Peru 2
       Philippines 1
       Polan d 1
       Portugal 7
       Romania 13
       Russia 46
       Slovakia 7
       South Africa 9
       Spain 8
       Sweden 6
       Switzerland 6
       Taiwan 26
       Thailand 57
       Turkey 13
       Ukraine 7
       U.K. 9
       U.S.A. 169
       Uzbekistan 5

       Those of you who haven't sent your questionnaires back yet still have a chance to do so if you like. Please let me know if you need a fresh copy of the questionnaire. Your thoughts, feelings and experiences are precious! God bless you!

       Bill Bainbridge
       4201 Wilson Boulevard #110- 249
       Arlington, Virginia 22203, USA
       (From Peter:) As Dr. Bainbridge originally said, he needs 1,000 surveys to be completed for the output to be accepted by the academic community. So if you haven't filled one out yet, we ask that you please do so right away. Don't delay, do it now! Thanks.


(From Ben and Meekness:) We have been in Botswana for three months now, and every day is getting better! Here is some of what the Lord has recently supplied for us:
       Pram, port able bed, educational toys, clothes, 900 disposable diapers, books, shoes, blankets, 1,600 liters of petrol, apartment, kitchen wares, freezer, food worth $4,000, 300 loaves of bread, curtains, regular fruits and veggies, two new stoves, tape and CD deck, toilet paper supply for a year, 250 liters of fruit juice, carpet, 2 TVs, free vehicle service, photocopy machine, 20 kilos of cheese, and more!
       Above all this supply, the Lord has been keeping us happy, healthy and protected. We've distribut ed 30,000 posters, won lots of souls, gotten out 385 videos, have regular supporters, and long-term friends, and have covered 16,000 km here in Africa. We are praying about trips to Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc. Presently we are feeding 500 kids a month through donated food at the local SOS children's village. Witnessing is our life and we are loving every minute of it!

       (From Josue Amado:) We spent two days on a ship traveling up the Amazon River. This is still a very primitive area where God's creation has been barely touched by man and the modern world. There is a lot of beauty and peace, water and animals. After explaining our missionary work, the ship owner gave us a good discount on our tickets, and we provisioned all our meals. We had plenty of time for Word and rest in our hammocks, and we also passed out lit to the other passengers. We got out 59 videos, 46 CDs and 23 tapes during our entire 10-day trip, and many people prayed with us to receive Jesus.

On the Net

--from the WS Web team
       a) 700 MB downloaded, about 25 MB per day. (A record high!)
       b) 3,001 people visited the site, about 107 people per day. (Also a record high, up from 2,200 the month before, which was the first month we broke the 2,000 mark.)

Work completed and uploaded in November

       a) Zine #4
       b) Members Only Section, including Pubs that can be downloaded, Computer section, and the first parts of the new comprehensive Family Songbook.

Work in progress

       a ) Updating the "Our Founder" section (about Dad)
       b) More Songbook additions
       c) Find a Friend section on the MO (Members Only)
       d) Bulletin Board and Discussion group section on the MO.

--from the Spanish Family Web site
       a) 388 MB downloaded, about 13MB per day. (A record high!)
       b) 1,282 people visited the site, about 43 people per day. (Also a record high, up from 663 the month before, which was the first month we broke the 500 mark.)

Contents of Spanish Web site

       a) FARs
       b) "T he Family" color brochure
       c) Pictures of Dad
       d) GP Daily Might
       e) Posters
       f) Mountain Streams
       g) GP Tracts
       h) Teen section
       i) Humor section
       j) Reflections
       k) Living Waters
       l) Local pictures and testimonies

Work in Progress

       a) Upgrading the Poster section
       b) CD section to advertise our CDs, with sound clips
       c) Creating a DFO section with more pictures of Dad
       d) Adding MO Letter condos to DFO section

Think Deep
Seek not to understand that you may believe, but se ek to believe that you may understand.--St. Augustine


Q&A on Nipples and Nursing

       Question: In the Childcare Handbook it says to boil pacifiers before giving them to small babies, but after you boil them, the nipples fill up with water. How do you get the water out without putting your fingers on the nipple, and still keep them clean? It seems to me that putting your fingers on it would defeat the whole purpose of boiling it.--a young mother, South America
I came acr oss that same problem, and the solution that was passed on to me is to use a pair of metal tongs (like the type used for serving salad, not the sharp kind). Lean them inside the pot for a while as the pacifiers are boiling, so that the tong tips are also sterilized. Then when you go to take out a pacifier, pick it up with the tongs by the nipple, gently squeezing it as you take it out, and all the water should come out that way. Watch out! Those tongs will be hot, unless they have plastic handle s. Use a hot pad! Others may have different remedies for this, but that's one you can try!

       Question: My three-month-old only nurses for about five minutes--sometimes ten at the most--every four to five hours. Often I have to force her to nurse. In the CCHB it says to start with ten minutes on one breast, and then another 15 minutes or so on the other. She doesn't nurse that much, and it makes me quite worried about her. Maybe it's normal for some babies, but since I'm a new mother I don't re ally know.--Shelley, Brazil
       Answer: Every child has their own individual personality and character, and the first and most important thing to do is bring the problem before the Lord, asking for specific steps that will help her. In addition to that, here are some general thoughts and tips on feeding and weight gain for young babies.
       * It's a good idea to keep track of your baby's weight on a monthly basis or so. (See "Newborn Weight Gain" CCHB1 pg.299.) If your baby is gaining weight steadil y, and if she looks healthy, then she is probably getting all that she needs. (Another indication is that a well-fed baby should be producing at least six wet diapers daily.) If, however, she is thin and weak, fatigued or irritable, unusually susceptible to illness, has sunken eyes, or is generally sickly looking, then she may be undernourished, and it would be good to take steps to increase her intake.
       * In "Newborn Weight Gain" it also says, "It usually takes a baby five to seven minutes of steady sucking to empty a breast. If he is lazy and falls asleep, you should wake him up and get him to nurse longer so he will get more milk. You may find you need to keep a small notebook where you record the times he nurses and the length of time he nurses on each breast." (CCHB1, pg.300)
       * You could also try to set up a regular feeding schedule, every two hours or so. If you offer the breast to her at more regular intervals, then even if she does not feed for a prolonged amount of time, at least she will be getting small amounts more often.
       * There may also be factors which are making the baby uncomfortable at nursing time. Experiment with different things--try holding her in a different position, lying down in bed or sitting in an armchair, or darken the room, or try making it extra quiet. Be sure that you are relaxed so that your milk is coming down well, and also that she is not too hyper or stressed out. You could try singing to her or having some quiet music playing.
       * A nother possibility is that if a pacifier is being used, the baby may be tired out from sucking the pacifier, and therefore be reluctant to nurse when the breast is offered. You could try limiting pacifier use in this case, to see if it makes any difference.

       Here is another interesting clip on the subject:

       Babies pull off the breast while nursing for a variety of reasons. Often it is because they have had enough to eat or they need to be burped. If your baby has a cold, she may pull away because she is having trouble breathing through her nose. Try to position her so her head is elevated more during nursing.
       A baby who has developed a yeast infection (thrush) may also become fussy at the breast and refuse to nurse. Besides the characteristic white coating in the baby's mouth, you may notice he is gassy and somewhat cranky. You may also notice a bright red, dotted, or peeling rash on his bottom or on your nipples. Your nipples may burn or itch.
       Occasionally a baby will refuse to nurse if the mother's milk has developed a strong and unpleasant taste due to a particularly spicy food she has recently eaten. [Taste your milk a few times to determine if a food you have recently eaten has flavored the milk. If you notice a strong peppery aftertaste, try to identify a spicy food you may have eaten. In the meantime, pump until the baby resumes nursing (usually within 12 hours).] Deodorant and perfume sprays have also been identified as causing some babies to refuse the brea st.
       Finally, a baby may refuse to nurse any time he is not feeling well. Ear infections and other discomforts commonly cause this behavior.
       (By Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., from "The Nursing Mother's Companion.")

lots more lovebugs …

-- Angelica, 4th child, born to Chiara and Mose.--Italy
       -- Leilani Mae, 1st child, born to Alisa on October 6th.--Japan
       -- Kaylena Robin, 1st child, born to Angie (of Byron and Mercy) on October 24th.--Lithuania
       -- Christopher Joseph, born t o Mercy and Byron on October 28th.--Lithuania
       -- Natasha Nicole, 3rd child, born to Eva (Polish) and Nat on October 29th.--Russia
       -- Cedric, 1st child, born to Natacha on October 29th.--Brazil
       -- Ariel Honeyflow, born to Peace and Paul on November 4th.--Russia
       -- Eddy Danile, 3rd child, born to Fe and Felippo on November 4th.--Bolivia
       -- Karina Ana-Maria, 1st child, born to Davida (Romanian) and Timothy (Russian) on November 9th.--Moldova
       -- Anita Flora, 3rd child, born to Tamara (Hu ngarian) and Paul (Spanish) on November 10th.--Czech Republic
       -- Ana Natali, 4th child, born to Mariane and Jeremias on November 10th.--Brazil
       -- Ryanna Cherice, 2nd child, born to Anisa and Abner on November 18th.--Brazil
       -- Derrick Alexander, born to Sarah and Tim on November 23rd.--Brazil
       -- Tristan David, 1st child, born to Joanne and Sharif on November 30th.--South Africa
       -- Juan David, 7th child, born to Esther and Miguel on December 9th.--Spain

new laborers - Novembe r 1997 …

-- Kate (29, English) joined in South Africa.
       -- Paolo Hallelujah (22, Italian) joined in Croatia.
       -- Gloria (20, Russian) joined in Russia.
       -- Luba (20, Russian) joined in Russia.
       -- Asa (Greg) (18, Slovenian) joined in Slovenia.
       -- Jonas (20, Brazilian) joined in Brazil.
       -- Reuben (16, Venezuelan) joined in Venezuela.
       -- Miguel (Venezuelan) joined in Venezuela.
       -- Clara Luz (60, Brazilian) joined in Brazil.
       -- Maria Betania (41, Peruvian) and son Favio (5) joined i n Peru.

Mama's mailbox

Dearest Mama and Peter,
       I wanted to react to the "Bridging the Gap" GN. Several years ago after 15 years of service to the Lord in the Family I got a form letter saying that I was no longer meeting the DO standard. My leaders never heard or asked for my side of the story, nor was I given the chance to defend myself. I was told that for different reasons I had to take four of my six kids, as my wife could stay if she wanted. The Lord opened the doors in a TS Home, a nd the precious brethren there agreed to receive me and my four boys
       Mama, it was rough! There were many nights that I cried so much that I thought I would lose my mind. One time I asked the Lord to take me Home and I could actually feel my spirit lifting from my body and coming back again. It felt good. I felt I could simply go with Jesus, but then I thought of my boys and what would become of them if I left, so I decided to stay for their sakes.
       Our reclassification became the catalyst of many very needed changes in our lives. We were desperate. From the moment I left the DO Home I was determined to come back, and my boys shared the same vision. It was very beautiful and comforting to see the kids talking about the Family with so much love and appreciation. And since we were a small Home, starting from zero, they could see the Lord doing miracles right before their eyes and they were part of them also. I can truly say that I never felt so fulfilled as a disciple in my entire life . I saw God face to face. I touched the hem of His garment. I became a new creature in Christ Jesus and I learned to love Him and depend on Him for my very life.
       Although there were mistakes in the way things were handled, God didn't make a mistake and He did not allow us to go through anything that was not good for us. I accept your apologies for what happened, but don't take it too hard. I needed every ounce of it and I have only profited from the whole thing. We've been reinstated now. Our whole Home was turned into a DO Home. TYJ! I feel very challenged and things are getting more exciting by the day.
--a grateful son, South America


Members Only Web Site
(From the WS Web team:) We hope that at least some of you have had an opportunity to check out the latest "Members Only" section by now! If you haven't, you'll probably be inspired to know that there is a Computer FAQ section too for all those of you who'd like to have easy access to answers to your most Fre quently Asked Questions about computers and the HomeARC (other computer topics to be included as well). Coming up on the "Members Only" section too, DV, is a "Find a Friend" section! Don't miss this exciting feature! WLY!

Family copyrights
(From WS:) Many of you have sent in questions regarding whether or not it would be possible to let secular publications, TV or radio stations use portions of material copyrighted by Aurora Productions, Treasure Attic Inc., or Kiddie Viddie Inc., etc. Although specifics differ in every case, including what amount of the material is to be used and where, in most cases the answer is probably going to be "yes."
       We would like to explain where to direct your questions, so that you can receive a prompt answer. Much of the printed material you use in your outreach to the GP is copyrighted by Aurora Productions, including GP books and other printed material. So, if you are asked by a news agency or some of your contacts if they could use some of th ese writings in secular publications, generally the answer is yes. In fact, if less than 250 words, they would legally not even have to contact Aurora Productions. However they would have to make sure that they give proper credit to the author, and make sure that in the bibliography in their article, it is noted that this material is owned and copyrighted by Aurora Productions.
       If the portion that they plan to use is more than 250 words, then they'd have to write to Aurora Productions, Inc., 1 -13-12 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan, or e-mail to, or send a fax to (81) (470) 281096, to ask for authorization. Aurora Productions has release forms for the authorization of the use of their copyrighted material, and will hopefully be able to fax an OK pretty much right away. So don't hesitate to give the address and fax number to any of these people who might be interested in acquiring the rights to use substantial portions of these publications.
       In the case of a request to use any of the audio songs copyrighted by Aurora Productions, again, people would have to communicate directly with Aurora Productions in order to get the authorization to do so.
       In the case of a request to use, distribute, or broadcast video material including Treasure Attic, Kiddie Viddies, Fantastic Friends, or Countdown to Armageddon, please communicate directly with Family Care Foundation. The copyright holders of this material have recently granted FCF an exclusive license to manufacture, distribute, and broadcast this video material, and to sub-license the same to others. Therefore, all such questions should be directed to FCF:

       Family Care Foundation
       PO Box 6070
       Orange, CA 92863-6070
       Tel: (909) 676-3232
       Fax: (909) 693-2344

       The main point we want to convey here is that if someone requests to use material copyrighted by Aurora Productions Inc., Treasure Attic Inc., or Kiddie Viddie Inc., this is very likely poss ible. Of course, if it is foreseeably going to be used in a derogatory fashion, that would be different. But in the case of someone who would like to indirectly or directly help get out the message and propagate the Gospel, a way can be made to work with them to fulfill their vision.
       So if you know anyone that is interested in making use of any of this material, please feel free to communicate with the above addresses (FCF or Aurora Productions) in order to obtain proper authorization.

Appe als for support
(From PACRO:) Many of our Family members around the world have met, worked with, or even lived with Johanne and Lydia at some time or another. Because you know that they are interested in our missionary work around the world, or in you personally, you may have been sending them notes of appreciation and newsletters directly. Johanne and Lydia appreciate these remembrances and people staying in touch with them.
       However, when folks send newsletters, there's usually a plu g for help and support somewhere in them, and this puts Johanne and Lydia in an embarrassing situation. Through the years they have donated very generously to the work in general, and they are continuing to give as much as they can. However, when they receive many of these newsletters, they feel somewhat obliged to send people a donation back. While you may only be intending to stay in touch with them and share news of your work and a few recent photos, they feel that you are expecting them to s end a donation. They feel a bit under pressure because they can't give to everybody that writes to them.
       To avoid this awkward situation, we would like to suggest that you send your mail through the PACRO Office, which will forward it to those living with Johanne and Lydia. You can send them photos, testimonies, etc., but please do not appeal to them directly for support, or send them a form newsletter that contains an appeal for support. If you feel that you should ask them for help, please w rite via the PACRO Office, so we can present your request at a convenient time. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation with this.

(From WS:) Our FAR editors are very thankful for the good photos that they regularly receive from you, dear Family, along with your inspiring testimonies. At times other photos (shots of your Home, ministries or outreach) also make their way to WS, via the CRO Offices. While in some cases these photos aren't specifically sent for use in GP pubs, we would assume that, for the most part, if you send in pictures of your outreach or witnessing ministries, either to your CRO or WS, especially if they go along with a testimony you've written up, that it would be fine to use these for publication. If, however, for some reason you would rather that a certain photo of yourself or your Home not be published in a GP or other Family pub (for security, for example), then when sending your photo on, please specify that you do not want this photo published (writing it on the back of the picture itself.) Otherwise we will assume that it is okay to use if needed. Thanks.

International Family Brochures Available
(From WS:) We've received some requests via the TRF comments for more copies of the International PR brochure to be made available. If your Home would be interested in ordering some of these brochures (in English), you can request them from your SC, who can order them from the North American SC (which has a large stock on hand).

What's up?

Miss India Gets Saved
(From James, Ruth, Josh and Lily:) Imagine our excitement when we heard that Miss India was visiting one of our friends in the building, and he asked us if we would like to meet her. It was supposed to be a small gathering, but we got roped into doing a program for her and organizing her entire visit. We sang a few songs for her, and got to interview her. We asked our friend if we could invite Miss India to our flat and pray for her, as she is of the Christian religion. He agreed, and we were able to talk with her quite deeply after she received the Lord.

New CDs going great guns
(From Faith PI:) Free Zone, Higher and Uncharted are fantastic and they are going fast--particularly the CDs! I've been pleasantly surprised that even in this very Buddhist country, most everyone's first choice was Free Zone, even though we explain that this tape contains songs expressing love to Jesus. People seemed not to mind that at all !

Sold on seminars
(From Mary and Gideon:) Besides our CTP work of teaching a group of teachers at an orphanage for 100 children, the Lord spoke to us about organizing an education seminar for the general public. Many people here are fascinated that our children can read so well, so we chose the topic: "Teach Your Baby and Pre-school Child to Read!" We printed up a poster that we hung in hotels and central shops, and sent out a leaflet to friends and schools. A local hotel donated the use of a conference room and refreshments, and local companies sponsored the event by hanging up banners. We charged $25 per person to attend the half-day seminar/workshop, and made a special ticket which could be purchased in a popular shopping market here.
       When the seminar rolled around, 42 people attended! Their response was enthusiastic and they all want to come to our next seminar, "Teaching Encyclopedic Knowledge," so we have a ready-made audience. We used material from Glen Doman's "Teach your Baby to Read" and the GAP video and CCHB. We had our four-year-old come make a personal appearance early in the seminar to read out loud from random books that the audience chose. It was a real hit! We ended the seminar with a one-hour workshop, where all the attendees made their own flash cards. Each one received printed materials and a free Coloring the World cassette at the end.
       Not only is this a good way to reach out and do something positive and credible for the community, b ut it is also serving as a good fundraiser, as we spent approximately 30% of the ticket price to provide materials for the attendees, and the rest was profit for our work. We also gained income from the Pizza Hut banner ($125) which we hung at the seminar and the videos that were sold from our display.
       We would be happy to share the files of the materials that we prepared. (Contact us at e-mail:
       We were also asked to conduct a seminar for the top 15 officers of Pizz a Hut management on the topics of teamwork and unity. It was entitled: Communication, Cooperation, and The Dynamics of Teamwork. They were very thankful and have asked us to conduct other seminars on different subjects.

CTP ministries
El Salvador
(From Marie, Paul, Heidi and Juan:) The Family in El Salvador is regularly visiting and performing at the local children's hos-pital. During our visits we go to the rooms of the kids who have cancer, and sing songs for them and their parents. So f ar, we have personally prayed with about 100 kids and parents!
       In one of our regular meetings with the Committee for the Children and Youth in El Salvador, we discussed the need to give the children meaningful activities. As a result, the Family scheduled a simple plan for children 6-12 years old, in which they would have activities for three hours, three days a week. The Department of Minors sent invitations to the families in the area and lent us the use of a TV/VCR. The City Hall gave us a room, chairs, blackboard, etc. The first day we had 34 kids from different areas of the city and were able to give them a class on the life of Jesus, sing songs, etc. The second day we also had 31 children and held similar activities; the third day over 40 children showed up.
       We meet with a group of street kids every Saturday afternoon, and have been able to take them on excursions to parks, etc. We are noticing big changes in many of them, not to mention the happy smiles we get back!

White Dove Over Sarajevo
(From Miracle Pillar [of Andrew]:) We felt like the disciples in the Bible who hadn't caught any fish after a whole day of witnessing and asking for donations for our next trip to Bosnia. But that evening, our landlord showed up and took us to his storage and gave us hundreds of kilos of survival food, biscuits, crutches, clothes, etc., till there was not room enough in our van to hold it all!
       We had planned a program for 360 children in Sarajevo, and were desper ate for a sound system--just three days before our departure date. When singing in a hotel to Finnish SFOR solders, we saw a nice set of loudspeakers on the stage and inquired about them. One of the musicians phoned us the next day and gave us the use of their sound system! But we still needed microphones. The next day we mentioned our need to a Swedish humanitarian organization we were meeting with. Our translator gave us the name of her former music teacher who was now in charge of the music d epartment at a radio station. This man gave us the microphones for free, but made us promise we would sing on his program on our return.
       And the funds for this trip? The Lord had promised to supply, and on the day before leaving we found money in our bank account which someone had put in for videos they had received! We also received a large donation from somebody I had witnessed to in Finland three years ago! The sweet Bosnians were so thankful for our programs! The staff and students at scho ol told us that it had been six years since anyone had visited them! We certainly have a mighty God and a Heavenly Father Who never fails to care for us!

Spielberg soundtrack
(From the Hand 'n' Hand Show Troupe:) Some time back, the Lord raised up a professional band from Italy to work with our singers and musicians to train them in vocals, instruments and musical computer programming. They told us that they would rather be using their talents to sing for the Lord as we do, so we prayed for the Lord to open a door for them that would allow them to do this.
       Recently a music company that works for Steven Spielberg asked them for an audition. The managing director liked their music, and said that their first job would be to help produce the music for a new movie that Steven Spielberg is making about Moses! They want our singers and musicians to work alongside them to learn all they can about producing such music from scratch.

Pasta, anyone?
(From Gideon and Mary:) One of our friends who heads up an Italian multinational company here had us sing for Christmas at his company, and gave a $1,000 gift to sponsor videos for various institutions. As his company is winding down their personnel, they have extra stocks on hand. As a special little gift, he sent over a truckload of imported Italian pasta, 200 kgs. in all! Mama mia!

Movie ratings

Movies Rated for Senior Teens and Up

Jodie Foster, Matthew McConnaughey
       Drama about a y oung scientist who devotes her life to making contact with extraterrestrial life. Explores the conflict for those who require scientific "proof" in order to believe in God, and contains good lessons on accepting things by faith, not sight. Some underlying stabs made at religious fanatics and apocalyptic cults.

Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves
Intense, traumatic drama about an ambitious young lawyer who joins a very unusual law firm. Shows clearly the origin of worldly t emptations, and gives a revealing look at the horrors of the Devil's devices. Will not be to everyone's liking. Beware of some horrific scenes.

Matt Damon, Claire Danes, Danny DeVito
       A young, idealistic lawyer is recruited by an unscrupulous law firm and soon discovers the behind-the-scenes world of lawyers and judges. Interesting exposé of the American legal system. Subject matter of spousal abuse may be sensitive for some viewers. Beware of one violent confrontation with the wife-beating husband.

Movies Rated for Junior Teens and Up

Salma Hayek, Richard Harris
       Realistic adaptation (drama, not cartoon) of the classic novel by Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Follows the original story more closely than does Disney's animated version. Somber and heart wrenching in parts, especially in its portrayal of the evil priest and the Dark Ages. Not to everyone's liking.

Movies Rated for JETTs and Up

S am Waterston, Colleen Dewhurst
       Drama/ghost story about a young girl who sets out to discover the secret of why her parents separated when she was a baby. Based on the book by L.M. Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables). Not suggested for those who have battles about separation situations.

Non-Recommended Movies

       ANASTASIA (Animated; 1997)
       LOLITA (Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith; 1997)

movie reviews

The Devil's Advocate

       (Dad speaking:) I've said many times that I don't like to advertise the Devil's kingdom and his powers. The Devil's just so evil that we don't want to give him any inroads into our very spiritually sensitive people's hearts and minds. But in this case, I feel it might be good to make an exception. This movie is exceptionally well done and can clearly show the Family, especially our young people, not only the power and the attraction that the Devil has, with all the glitter and wealth and goodies and lust and greed, and how powerful he can make a perso n, but it also clearly brings out the effects of these things if you yield and sell yourself to the Devil. There is also a clear message that, as the Bible says, "there is no discharge in this war." You don't just defeat the Devil once and then not have to worry about him anymore; it's an ongoing fight. (End of prophecy.)


       (Jesus speaking:) The positive point of this movie is the window of insight it opens into how the world views this conflict of faith versus scientific proof. It is a springboard for witnessing, and can give an illustration of how faith in something unseen or unproven is a matter of belief, but once you believe, then you can experience the effects and benefits of your faith. And it shows the devices of the Enemy in grouping together those with sincere faith amidst those whom the Devil has set up as red herrings and detours from Me--the Way, the Truth and the Life.
       Warn My children of the negative religious slant, but fear not that they will be affected, for they have received much Word on this subject, and they know that in the Last Days, as the times shall wax worse, yet more ungodliness shall come upon the world, and these things are only the beginning. (end of prophecy)
       (Dad speaking:) This movie is well made. It has good acting, it's interesting, and had millions of dollars invested in it, but it's part of the Antichrist plan to prepare the hearts and minds of the people, and to portray fanatical Christians as weird, as people that can't be trusted. It's important for our Family to discuss movies like this so they can learn to discern what is truth and what is just the lies and slop of the Enemy. (End of prophecy.)


       (Jesus speaking:) This movie is about a sick and perverted mind that became obsessed with a young girl. There was no true love or altruistic motives in this man's thoughts. His desire was not to help and share his wisdom with this young, immature girl, but rather to live his sexual perversions and fantasie s with this child. The fruits in the life of this man and of this young girl were bad. It led the girl to be more and more selfish, and to feel ostracized from those of her own age range. It caused her to be more and more perverted, driving her into weird and demonic behavior, and eventually causing her to be very apathetic, discouraged and demoralized. This obsession also resulted in this man going completely mad through his lust and desire to have this young girl--so far mad, in fact, that it resulted in a cold-blooded, torturous murder of another individual, with no sense of remorse or guilt.
       This movie should be avoided by all, young and old alike. It gives a horrible, discouraging, disparaging picture of supposed love. This movie is the furthest thing from My true Law of Love, which is not based on lust and selfishness and greed, but on giving and loving and sharing and helping. Do not allow yourself to be dragged through the discouragement, the despair, and the morbidity behind this sick mind. Stay with the pure, the giving and gentle love of My Spirit, and of My children. Avoid this darkness of the Devil. (End of prophecy.)

Studio News


       (From Ben G., for the Euro studio:) We have 14 new songs finished--hopefully coming your way soon. Here are the titles we have sent in recently: "Outlaw," "You Are My Companion" (on "Shangri-La") and "What You Are." For the "Wild Wind" (Praise song tape), we contributed: "It's a Good Thing" and "Oh, Praise the Lord." And fo r an upcoming Loving Jesus song tape: "Time with You," "Always and Forever" and "Kiss Me." For future FTTs we have another seven songs which are: "World of Uncertainties," "Anticipation," "Feed My Sheep," "Heaven Send the Rain," "My Heart Belongs to You" and "On Line."
       We also localized one Christmas CD (Christmas Treasures) and a children's Christmas tape into Hungarian.

Tape trivia

       (From John Listen:) Grapevine #28 contains the announcement of Free Zone, the new tape for Christians, whi ch is comprised of songs off the FTT tapes. Since this tape is a compilation, our folks might appreciate knowing that on the song, "I'm Going Walkin'," the "rap/skit" part has been replaced by a short keyboard solo. The Christian world will have to wait until the Millennium to hear Bunny Bigword say, "Sexless Sin," ha! But there are enough other radical concepts on the tape to keep them listening intently! (A BMT of this edited version is available, if any local languages need it.) Also, the son g "Fade Away" (originally on Flying High) was re-mixed, as there was a technical problem on the original mix.
       Phillip's song, "No More War," (originally released on Uncharted) has also been edited, having had about one minute neatly (digitally) sliced out of various sections to help it fit on the tape.

Your Views on Issues

Telephone nonsense
(Name and phone number withheld for security:) You know that saying about common sense? "Common sense is not so common after all." Perhaps the same could be said about common courtesy in phone conversations, especially the first few lines. Here are a couple of examples:
       Hurried souls: They skip saying hello or any greeting at all and go right for it: "Is Pete (or whoever) there?"
Secretive ones: They ring until the right person answers. If the "wrong" person picks up the phone, they simply hang up. Sometimes answering those calls is like playing charades; the whole Home participates and we all get a turn.
       Curious kind: "Who' s this!?" (With a note of disgust in their voice, as if they were expecting someone else to answer.)
       With so much variety, it was hard to decide which first-liner is my favorite. This was all happily resolved the other day when I picked up the phone. "Hello?" The voice on the other end asked me, somewhat bewilderedly, "Is that you!?"

Is this you?
(From Philip and Meekness:) While provisioning on the road we heard a few comments like, "Oh, I helped missionaries once, but the towel s disappeared from the room." "Last time we helped missionaries, they cooked in the room and left it messy." "We helped some missionaries with food and the boss asked them to stick to burgers, but when he left they ordered something else." They didn't say these people were missionaries from the Family, but it's something to ponder while on the road!

Challenging sheep
(From John Listen:) During Praise Time, I was thanking the Lord for all the wonderful things He's brought into my life during my years in the Family--a multitude of loving friends, beautiful children, travel and adventure, seeing lives changed, a way to use my talents to benefit others, being part of the Endtime avant-garde, and above all, having Jesus for my Best Friend.
       I suddenly realized how different the last 25 years of my life could have been if some witnessers hadn't challenged this insignificant 18-year-old student to drop out and serve Jesus. I'm thankful that they didn't just give me a pat on the b ack and say, "Enjoy your studies! Have a good life! Pray and read the Word!" I thank the Lord they didn't think, "Well, we won't say anything that would make him feel 'uncomfortable.' We don't want to confront him with the concepts of leaving home, dropping out of his band, leaving his girlfriend, or changing his goals in life."
       Those witnessers were out to "make disciples of all nations." They were willing to let me suffer a momentary crisis, the heavy decision-making process and the trial of forsaking former friends and family. But because of their willingness to give me the full counsel of God, I've had a blessed life. God bless those guys! Lord help me to offer the same to the sheep.

Sheep etiquette
(From an FGA lover of sheep:) Wouldn't it be expected that when someone passes on a sheep or contact's address to a Home in another country where the sheep is moving to, that the Home would drop a little note to let us know if the meeting happened and how it went? After all, we might have "nursed" our babies and ministered to our contacts faithfully for a length of time and feel responsible to see they'll continue to be taken care of; it's relaxing to know they're in good hands.

Needing nationals
(From Jason:) Last month we brought three Mexican nationals into our Home, young people who have recently rejoined the CM Family. We are really thankful to have more of a national representation in the Home. They have helped to give us another way of looki ng at things, seeing that they have lived here most of their lives. It has also been good for us gringos (foreigners) to put a check on our American habits, speech, etc. It's helping us to become one!

If you don't have it, ask!
(From an adult man, VS:) One Home we visited was facing a few difficult situations. They had had a few car accidents; the main witnesser was going through a lot of battles with discouragement; they were having problems with their young people, financial probl ems, etc. No one in the Home had the gift of prophecy. Nowadays, not having anybody with the gift of prophecy makes a Home a bit handicapped. After praying with the Home and asking the Lord for the gift of prophecy, the Lord came through beautifully. A lot of people received prophecies, people who had never received anything before.
       Taking time to hear from the Lord for the different situations we are faced with as we visit Homes sure makes our job easier. The Lord gives us encouraging prophec ies for different folks in the Homes, which also is a blessing to them and encourages everyone to want to hear from the Lord too, not only for personal encouragement but for the answers to the many problems or difficulties that they are often faced with.

Visit your neighbor
(From Jason:) Last month two lawyers came to the door and politely inquired about who we were. They said that our next door neighbor was suspicious since she had seen so many different people coming and going. We told them we are missionaries and they seemed satisfied with our explanation.
       Right away I went with my son to visit our neighbor, who seems to be one of the wealthiest women in our community. We gave her a Christmas tape and apologized for not coming over to present ourselves earlier. She explained why she had felt uncomfortable, but was very happy with everything we shared, and in closing said that if she could be of assistance to our missionary work to please let her know. We are now makin g a push on visiting all of our neighbors this Christmas!l

CVC Questions and Answers

       Q: This week I had an interview with the Social Department as I will have to start looking for a job. When the lady saw that I don't have any diplomas except for my high school one, she looked a bit puzzled, like, "What have you been doing all these years?" I explained all I've done over the years, and she was quite impressed and realized I was definitely an "on the ball" person, although I have no papers to prove it.
       My question is: Is there a way that the Family can help me with some diplomas or certificates to show that I have been an active member and have helped on childcare, translating, kitchen overseeing, etc.--Dove (FM), Holland
       A: Yes! This is exactly what the CVC can do for you. The CVC is not just for teens--there is no upper age limit! Any Family members (CM or FM) who complete the requirements and submit the forms can qualify for any number of certificates. Please take the time to look through a CVC manual and see what you qualify for!

       Q: In the CVC intro it says to get a high school diploma, one of the requirements is that you need proof of an 8th grade education or a junior high school diploma. It mentioned you could take the GED or CAT, etc. My question is whether or not the CLE Diagnostic test is good enough. If so, does that mean that once you finish book 809 in each subject you don't have to do the rest unless you want to? Also, does the CLE test form count as proof of an 8th grade education?--Jewel (of Aaron), Japan
Yes, for the Junior High School diploma or the Vocational High School diploma, it is sufficient to successfully complete book 809 in each of the main CLE scholastic subjects. The CLE Diagnostic tests are not exactly the same as achievement tests. However, if a student takes those tests, and the results show he or she should be placed in grade 9 on all subjects, then we would consider that acceptable proof of their having completed grade 8. Learning gaps that show up through taking the CLE Diagnostic tests would need to be filled in through successfully completing CLE requirements before a CVC Junior High School diploma could be granted.

       Q: In the listing of review courses for those taking the Junior High exams, under the Social Studies section on page 1.ACD4, it lists World History III as JH. However, on page 1.ACD.14, it lists World History III as HS. Is this a JH course, and thus to review before taking the test, o r is it an HS course?
       A: Sorry! This is a mistake. This course should be listed as JH (Junior High) in both places. Thanks for pointing it out.

       Q: In the certificate requirements for Baby Care (page 3.EDU.9) the course SURFA-04, Caring for the Sick is 2 credits, but in the Survival Section on page 9.SUR. 3 the identical course is 3 credits.
       A: Sorry--our mistake again! This course should be 2 credits in both places.

       Q: Is it okay for 13-year-olds who plan to continue with the CVC cou rse once turning 14, to study for and take the tests for the Junior High School diploma, and also receive a diploma? Since this diploma covers the 8th grade, many of our 13-year-olds are ready to take the test before turning 14. They do have the option of doing the CLE test for this grade, but if they're planning on taking the CVC course, it might be worthwhile if they had the option of taking the CVC Junior High test.
       A: Yes, THIS IS A CORRECTION THAT SHOULD BE MADE IN YOUR CVC MANUAL. It is fine for under 14-year-olds to study for and take the CVC Junior High School tests, and they also can receive their Junior High School diploma before they turn 14. Page xi of the CVC manual currently says:
       The CVC program is for students age 14 years and older, and CVC Certificates are not available to those under age 14.
       This statement should be corrected to say:
       The CVC program is for students age 14 years and older, and CVC Certificates (other than the Junior High School diploma) are no t available to those under age 14. Students younger than 14 may study for and take the CVC Junior High School examinations, and may be awarded a CVC Junior High School diploma if they qualify.

       Q: I am writing an essay on photography, which is a compilation of all the different things I've learned since I began taking the CVC course. Would I be allowed to get some form of credit for it? Also, how am I to get tested on something like photography when neither my CVC Supervisor nor anyone else i n my Home knows enough about photography to test me?
       A: The section "Evaluating Student Progress" (CVC pg. xvi) explains: "There are many different practical and easy ways to determine if someone knows enough to pass a course. These one-on-one methods of evaluating progress may seem quite simple, but they can actually be far more accurate than the customary way of testing a large group of students through a written test." It goes on to give a few examples, but one of them is similar to the ess ay you've been writing. "Have the student write about the things they have learned, or give (or tape) a talk on what they know about the subject."
Another possibility is to have someone, perhaps a skilled System photographer, evaluate your general ability: e.g. check on how you operate a camera under certain circumstances, the results of your film developing, etc. In addition, since a portfolio with your photographs is required, through it you will be able to prove how skillful you are in phot ography. Have the person evaluating you write up their findings. If you cannot find anyone locally, you could send in your essay and samples of your work to your FED office and they will do their best to find someone qualified to evaluate your work.

CLE hot tips
>> Please round the funds you send [when ordering] up to the nearest $5.00 above the total cost. Sadly, many people make errors in their orders, and items need to be dropped. CLE faithfully sends refund checks for any amount ov er $2.00, so you won't lose by sending extra funds. These refund checks can either be cashed or signed over and credited to your next order. Using a credit card makes ordering much simpler, and in a far away field, all the Homes in one country could use the same credit card and repay the credit card holder.
       >> CLE now has e-mail! (Use of these addresses should mainly be for those on Full Program, or for general inquiries. Those ordering CLE through our Family CLE distributor should make their inquiries through the distributor.) CLE's e-mail addresses are:

       ORDER DEPT -

       >> High School Credits for Stage Performing: Someone sent a form for high school credit to CLE, but was at first refused credit for stage performing. The head of the CLE Home School Dept. explained that conservative Mennonites don't get into drama as we would. Basic stage performance, dance and ch oreography wouldn't give them a problem, although the way they are described could make a difference in approval for credit or not. We explained using skits to portray a message to witness to youth, etc., and he said this could be approved if explained in this way. The student mentioned above did eventually receive credit for drama.

From Mama

Dear Family,
       I love each of you very much and want to thank you for your prayers for my health and let you know that in answer to these the Lord ha s gradually been strengthening me. The bleeding has stopped, which is a real miracle, and I'm getting stronger and am now able to resume my daily exercise. At Christmas time I was even able to spend Christmas eve with the Home when we enjoyed a nice meal and fellowship together. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for me and for calling down healing from Heaven. I feel like the miracle motor that runs on prayer power, and I know it's due to the faithful sincere prayers of each one of you.
       Thank you also for your Christmas prayers and greetings, all of which were very special to Peter and me. Most of all, thank you for giving us the gifts that we love the most because they're the gifts that Jesus loves the most, and that is souls for His Kingdom, which have been won or witnessed to throughout this Christmas season.
       Anything and everything that you've done to win a soul--either in giving out the lit or personally witnessing or making it possible for others to be a witness--has b een the most wonderful thing that you could do for Jesus and for Dad and for Peter and me. Those are the Christmas gifts that we value the most and which thrill our hearts the most--your love and loyalty and dedication to Jesus and His work of winning the world.
       Thank you, dear Family, for your continued love for His lost sheep around the world. We can't tell you enough how much we love and appreciate each one of you, how much both Peter and I appreciate your prayers for us personally, and how thankful we are to be able to enter another year together in service to our wonderful Husband.

Much love and gratitude always,

Special offer!

Loving Jesus CD set
       (From the DC Home:) Open for Love and Desiring You are now available on CD! This Loving Jesus set of two CDs (which are adorned with gorgeous artwork and come in see-through jackets) can be ordered from the DC Home. They are sold only as a set.
       A limited amount of Dropped Out CDs are available. Now selling at $5 each, plus shipping. Please specify clearly how many of each title you are ordering.

Loving Jesus CD set

       Price:       $10 per set (+ shipping costs) $1.75 for First Class mail (within North America)
       $3.50 for Priority Mail
       $4 International

Send your orders to:
CD Project
       5223 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Suite 170
       Washington, DC 20015, USA

       Make your check or PMO out to: The DC Family
(Cash in US $ is okay; send at your own risk.)

Legal and Media

(From Rachel:) I attende d the INFORM conference on NRMs and the Media to give a speech on how persecution has changed our relationship with the media, and gave some personal examples of our interaction with them. The representatives from the media were well-respected reporters who described the difficulties they encounter, such as not knowing whether to rely on the mountains of information supplied by the ACM, or on the NRMs themselves.
       The only anti-cultists in attendance were antagonistic towards the Scientologists , and it was obvious that the media representatives were not impressed by Scientology's tactics of threatening legal action and hounding ex-members. It was rewarding to again realize that the Lord has taught us a much more open and loving way, which has led to academics, the media and our ex-members reacting in a far more positive way towards us.
       Generally, most people commented that The Family is an example of how the media should be handled. A member of the Unification Church came up to me a nd said that he wished that Reverend Moon would follow our example with the media!

Letters to the Editor

Re: Four Magic Cloaks

       Living in Turkey, it was fascinating to read about Moonlight and the "Four Magic Cloaks" (see Heaven's Library #13). In particular, it was interesting that her name was Moonlight, which is a common name here, Aynur. To this day, Konya is the center of the Whirling Dervishes, who are Islamic, but greatly emphasize love over all the rules of Islam. Perhaps it is du e to Moonlight's influence that there is such a gentler type of Islam in that area even today!
--John Trust, Turkey

Re: Young people becoming one

       While on outreach we met an interesting man who liked our work and took some tools. One observation he made really stood out to me. It was directed to my partner, a 17-year-old American girl who has lived in Asia for several years. After asking her where she was from, he said very thoughtfully and respectfully, "She seems very different, not lik e normal Americans. She doesn't have an intimidating spirit, but is well-mannered, soft and motherly. She has a calm spirit; she's more like us."
       To hear that from someone we were witnessing to was encouraging and showed me how much our young people have really become one with the people in the countries where they're staying. As Peter said during his visit to ASCRO, that deserves high commendation.
--Lydia, Indonesia

Friendly Factoid
--from the Grapevine editors

       Just a reminder that t his is your mag, and we are very open to your contributions. Send us your articles, yes!--But we also appreciate any good "think deep" contributions, "tips of the day," edifying comic strip ideas, etc. The Grapevine is what you make it! Thanks!

Thoughts on College

       (From Matthew, WS:) When I was young, I thought a college education was the only way to go, because it was drummed into me from childhood: "You can't get ahead in the world without a university degree!"
       In high school it was eas y enough to be an honor student, so I figured I'd breeze through college, get a great job and be set for life. Well, it didn't work that way! I found I had to study hard--write reports, research, memorize formulas, tables, etc.--Endless! It was tedious, boring, and I felt I wasn't learning much more than I had already learned in junior and senior high school.
       One young Family man said to me: "It's not that I enjoy the thought of going to college for years, but the idea of having a college degr ee is a nice thought." Ha! To get my college degree, I had to put in eight hours every day at a System job, go to classes for an additional four or five hours, and drive two hours a day back and forth from work and classes! Including a two-year stint in the Army, it took me seven long years to get my Bachelor degree. I was 25 by the time I was out of there! What a long haul! I nearly killed myself to get that degree! In the end, I didn't even go to my own university graduation as I was so sick o f the whole scene by the time I was done.
       And guess what?--I've never used my college degree once! I graduated with a three point average (B), but due to downsizing in many major corporations and a huge glut in the job market I couldn't even find a decent-paying job with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. I ended up doing carpentry work and framing houses, working as a shoe clerk, etc. And it wasn't just me, I ran into many people who had college degrees that were doing them no good in their search for a job, and even if they had found work, it didn't have anything to do with what they studied in college. So I eventually ended up dropping out of the System to become a hippie, and, thank God, I eventually found the Family!
       I'm convinced that technical and vocational schools, such as our Family CVC program, are where you can advance most quickly. The hands-on training and experience that our young people have in a variety of areas in the Family--data processing , computer programming, operating audio/visual equipment, singing, dancing, childcare, teaching skills, carpentry, public speaking, group management, etc.--are just not acquired in college. If you're interested in a mountain of head stuffing--college is the place. But if you're looking for qualities that make you valuable to the Lord, the world and even secular employers, the Family has got it all!

* * *

       (From Neil, WS computer programmer:) From talking with many young people in the Family, i t seems there is a mystique or allure, and a very, in my opinion, big misunderstanding of what a "System education" really is, what it means and what you get from it.
       High school was easy for me. I basically did the minimum to get okay grades. When I graduated, I did what all my other friends were doing and what my parents expected me to do, which was to go to college, which they paid for. In college I basically tried to continue doing as little as I could, and just have a good time. But it wa s harder in college to keep up the same level of grades.
       Every single semester (I went to college for eight years), without fail I would be excited! "Oh, this semester I've got this class and that class lined up, and they sound really neat, man. I know I'm going to learn something; it's going to be exciting. This semester I'm going to apply myself. I'm going to get something out of it; I'm going to advance myself, and hey, here we go."
       So I would start the semester (which is about four month s long) real excited. For the first month I'd go to every single class, I'd read everything that the teacher assigned, do all the homework, take every test, etc. But after a month I was totally bored with it and I wasn't learning anything. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. A month into each semester, I'd be thinking, "What am I here for? I'm not learning anything."
       Semester after semester I repeated this same pattern. After a while I'd finally decide that maybe I wasn't majoring in the right thing, so I'd switch my major, hoping to find something more interesting and challenging. That's why I went to college for eight years! I started out in Civil Engineering, switched to Pre-Veterinary Medicine, then to Art Education, and finally to Business with an emphasis on Computers!
       I don't think college is what most people, both in the System and out of the System, think it is. In the System it's held up as a great big thing, too, but once most kids get there, they realize that i t's just something that they've gotta get through; you have to learn to play the game. But you very quickly find out that you're not learning very much. I finally ended up majoring in computer programming after wasting lots of time, but even in that I didn't get any real programming experience or learning until I graduated and got a job after college.--That's when I learned everything--hands-on experience, just like in the Family!
       A college degree isn't the only way to get a good job either, a nd it's certainly no guarantee of a good job! Most of the time when you apply for a job, they usually either require a certain level of education, or a certain number of years' experience. I used to hire programmers, and our minimum requirements were either a college degree or two years of programming experience. If someone met either of those minimum requirements we could consider them for an entry-level position.
       If you are looking for a job and have certain skills and you can present those skills in a satisfactory way, those will very often be as good or better than a college education. We would have looked at someone with two years of programming experience before someone with a college degree. Even if their degree was in programming we would have known that they really knew very little about programming from college, and the person with two years of experience would probably know a lot more.
       I don't think our young people need to worry that at some point in their life they mig ht need to get a job but they won't be able to because they haven't been to college. The best skill that you can have for landing a job is being able to sell yourself, and our young people can certainly do that!

Cute Kidz

       Marie Rose was reading a story to Sean (2), but Sean was distracted by his toy. Marie Rose took his toy away temporarily, and after the story was finished, Sean asked, "Can I have my distraction back, please?"--courtesy of Pearl (of Simon), England

Mama jewels on... pra yer for projects!

--jewels from intercom conversations
No matter what project you are working on, it wouldn't hurt to ask others to lay hands on you and pray for your project, even if it's redecorating the kitchen, inaugurating a new mailing list procedure, or whatever might be the case. It's a sign of unity to bring everybody in and get their prayer power behind you. Of course, to get people's prayers you don't have to have them lay hands on you, but if it is something that you are particula rly responsible for, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have them lay hands on you. We don't have to make this a requirement, but united prayer is very powerful and if we had more of it in our Homes, I think our Homes and the individuals in them would be a lot more fruitful. Plus, it's a good way for everyone to keep abreast of what the others are doing.

thanking …

--for your spirit story contributions
       Peter Shepherd (Mideast), Claire (of Matthew, China), Joy (Europe), Christian (Bucharest), Me ekness (Namibia), Tom (of Esther, Slovakia), Peter Picture and Esther, (HCS, Japan).

Grapes of Thankfulness

       Special thanks to the Home in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, for being a good sample of an affectionate Home. Everybody is super sweet and loving. The kids are a sweet sample of love and are good witnessers and soul shiners. GBT!
--Joy Fighter

There's one little Home in a certain country with only three adults, two teens and two JETTs, but they do so much to help others. They serv e as a reception Home/border base for visa trippers and teams going overseas; do all the translating, proofreading, and preparation of their lit; do shows, CTPs, humanitarian aid, witness and give Bible classes, school the teens and JETTs, and teach English for support! They have been a very big blessing to sooooo many people, so we want to say a big "THANK YOU!" to Tim and the Home in Korea! You guys are fantastic!!
--from those who know, Japan

I'm Wondering …

       Q: I've seen several adve rtisements for CD offers from the DC band (via the Grapevine and ABM messages). Is this an official Family offer, or is it just a Home in the US trying to make money from other Family members, when they could be out on the streets getting out the Lord's music and message to raise support? I'm not against the fact that they have a nice product to sell, but when it appears in so many Family pubs, it gives the impression that it's a WS-sanctioned project. Is it?--Male FGA, Former Soviet Union
(From WS:) We've asked the DC studio to start offering the FTTs (or compilations of "hit" FTT songs) to the Family on CD, which is why we printed their appeal in the Grapevine. We wish we could give these to the Homes for free, but since we're already giving the Homes two cassette copies of each tape, we can't afford to send them a CD as well. However, the DC studio will be offering them as cheaply as possible.
       The proceeds from the CDs will go to cover the production and shipping costs and th e time involved in handling orders, etc., with the remainder going into a WS fund to assist all of our studios with equipment upgrades or repairs when necessary. We hope that in this way we can benefit the Family by offering these productions on CD, as well as benefiting our studios and enabling them to keep pumping out more music for you! God bless the DC brethren for their pioneering and initiative in compiling and making these CDs available to the Family worldwide.

       Q: I've been told that when Peter went to the HCS he showed the Family there pictures of Mama, David, Techi, etc. Is this true? If so, why can't the whole Family see them?--Curious in the Pacific
(From Peter:) Yes, it is true. In my travels during the past year, I've shown pictures of Mama to the Family members I've met or held meetings with. The reason for this is because we want every Family member to be able to see their wonderful queen. If security were not a concern, we would gladly publish Mama's pictures f or all to see. However, if we were to do this, our enemies would no doubt get ahold of these pictures, which would jeopardize Mama's security.
       We realize that I won't be able to meet every Family member and thus show them Mama's picture, and we're sorry about this. Please know that the places which I visit, and which thereby get to see Mama's pictures, are no more special than you are! We hope that you can understand why we are unable to make Mama's pictures available to all, and we pray that as many Family members as possible will be able to enjoy seeing her picture. We love you!


       -- Jonny Bravo wants to contact his aunt Jebadissa, last seen in NY. E-mail:
       -- Claire (of Eman) would like to get in touch with Catherine (who joined our Home in Tunisia in 1980) E-mail: Add: G. Olivier, Vilsbol, BP1, 57220 Boulay, France.
       -- Sharon (SGA), please contact Lauren via S.E.E.C. ABM, Oasis Home in Croatia. We lived together in Rome Combo in 1994.
       -- Felicia Michelle wants to contact Alison Flame, Marie Lluvia and Anna Belen (Colombia). E-mail: KenLara@online.RU. Add: 630058 Russia, Novosibirsk - 58.
       -- Anne (of Juan and Maggie) would like to contact Claire (of Simon and Vicky, Italian), last heard of in Bulgaria. E-mail: Add: Anne Carol, BP 8370, Yaounde-Cameroon.
       -- Samara (Brazilian, in the USA), I've lost your address. Please write again to: Angela Boetius c/o Martinelli, CP.22-516, Buch arest, Romania.
       -- Santiago and Sherry (Norway) would like to get in contact with Colombian Lucas (mated to French Anita). Contact us via EURCRO.
       -- Cephas, Sapphire (formerly Solo and Sujatha) and kids (formerly in India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka since 1976, now in Holland) would like to hear from old friends. Add: H. de Poel, 20 Kerkeboeren, 9873 PH Gerkesklooster, Friesland, Holland.

Ideas and Tips

Advertise CTP
If you have a regular CTP program, it can be helpful to let y our local newspaper know about it, if the Lord confirms it when you ask Him. They love this kind of news and it helps also with fund raising and provisioning.
--Mary, Rejoice and Mark, USA

Clown's cards
It has really helped to pass out business cards while clowning, as 90% of Genty's calls have been from people who met her before while clowning and kept her card. They or their friends inevitably need a clown sometime for birthday parties, special entertainment, etc. We even get calls from people who met our teen clowners a year or two ago.
--Micaiah and Genty, USA

CD for items
If you are selling tools shop-to-shop and the person doesn't have cash to pay for a CD, you could ask him to donate some article that your Home needs in return for a CD or tape.
--David, Madalena, Francisco and Joana, Brazil

Paper mache trash
       One way to recycle [non-sensitive] selah trash is to wet it, turn it into mush and use it for paper mache projects with the kids.
       --Nehemiah, Sara and Jonatan, Mexico

Now that's funny!

Household Rules for Young Children from the Old Testament (paraphrasing of Hezekiah 4:4-46)

Laws When at the Table:
If you are seated in your high chair, or in a chair such as a greater person might use, keep your legs and feet below you as they were. Neither raise up your knees, nor place your feet upon the table, for that is an abomination to me. Yes, even when you have an interesting bandage to show, your feet upon the table are an abomination, an d worthy of rebuke.
       Drink your milk as it is given you, neither use on it any utensils, nor fork, nor knife, nor spoon, for that is not what they are for; if you will dip your blocks in the milk, and lick it off, you will be sent away.
       When you have drunk, let the empty cup then remain upon the table, and do not bite it upon its edge and by your teeth hold it to your face in order to make noises in it sounding like a duck: for you will be sent away.
       When you chew your food, keep your mouth closed until you have swallowed, and do not open it to show your brother or your sister what is within; I say to you, do not so, even if your brother or your sister has done the same to you.
       Eat your food only; do not eat that which is not food; neither seize the table between your jaws, nor use the raiment of the table to wipe your lips.
       And though your stick of carrot does indeed resemble a marker, draw not with it upon the table, even in pretense, for we do not do that, that is why.
       An d though the pieces of broccoli are very much like small trees, do not stand them upright to make a forest, because we do not do that, that is why.
       Sit just as I have told you, and do not lean to one side or the other, nor slide down until you are nearly slid away. Heed me; for if you sit like that, your hair will go into the syrup. And now behold, even as I have said, it has come to pass.

Laws Pertaining to Dessert:

       For we judge between the plate that is unclean and the plate that is cle an, saying first, if the plate is clean, then you shall have dessert. But of the unclean plate, the laws are these: If you have eaten most of your meat, and two bites of your peas with each bite consisting of not less than three peas each, or in total six peas, eaten where I can see, and you have also eaten enough of your potatoes to fill two forks, both forkfuls eaten where I can see, then you shall have dessert. But if you eat a lesser number of peas, and yet you eat the potatoes, still you sh all not have dessert; and if you eat the peas, yet leave the potatoes uneaten, you shall not have dessert, no, not even a small portion thereof.
       And if you try to deceive by moving the potatoes or peas around with a fork, that it may appear you have eaten what you have not, you will fall into iniquity. And I will know, and you shall have no dessert.

On Screaming:

       If you are given a plate on which two foods you do not wish to touch each other are touching each other, your voice rises up ev en to the ceiling, while you point to the offense with the finger of your right hand; but I say to you, scream not, only remonstrate gently with the server, that the server may correct the fault.
       Likewise if you receive a portion of fish from which every piece of herbal seasoning has not been scraped off, and the herbal seasoning is loathsome to you and steeped in vileness, again I say, refrain from screaming. Though the vileness overwhelm you, and cause you to faint, make not that sound from within your throat, neither cover your face, nor press your fingers to your nose. For even I have prepared the fish as it should be; behold, I eat it myself, yet do not die.

Concerning Face and Hands:

       Cast your countenance upward to the light, and lift your eyes to the hills, that I may more easily wash you off. For the stains are upon you; even to the very back of your head, there is rice thereon. And in the breast pocket of your garment, and upon the tie of your shoe, rice and other fragm ents are distributed in a manner wonderful to see.
       Only hold yourself still; hold still, I say. Give each finger in its turn for my examination thereof, and also each thumb. Lo, how iniquitous they appear. What I do is as it must be; and you shall not go hence until I have done.
--courtesy of Peace Jubilee, USA

       cute kids (peanuts 'n' raisins) illustration
       newdayz comic strip
       shine on

TEAMWORK       Per Adult       Total

Cefas/Anita, Mexico       4,869       9,738
Samuel /Rosita, Mexico       3,750       7,500
Pedro Amanecer/Magdalena Atardecer, Mexico       778       8,567

Pablo E., Chile       579       1,738
Belen Sierva/Estie E., Mexico       500       1,001
Steven/Claire/Daniel/Crystal, India        472       2,359
Gabriel/Jemima/Maria Rosa, Brazil       400       1,200
Aaron/Eliz/Oli/Marie/Josh/Kat/Eve, Nigeria       349       2,797
Nehemiah Tea/Sara Lynn/Jonatan Teac, Mexico       335       1,006
Tiago/Priscila/Josue, Brazil       330       1,650

Peter/Hannah, France       3,583       10,750
Michael/Maria, Japan       2,163       4,326
Ste ven/Mercy, Japan       1,900       3,800

Andrew/Lily/Franz/Mary, Kenya       1,601       9,610
James/Claire, Japan       1,469       7,346
Francis Mountain/Joanna Rose, U.S.A.       1,113       6,683
Abner/Esther/Andrew/Katie, So. Africa       1,100       5,500
Peter Servant/Crystal Servant, U.S.A.       993       3,975
Jeremias/Tiago/Brook, Brazil       962       5,774
James Gospe/Sam Thankful/Abi Thankful, U.S.A.       937       7,502

Pedro/Michael/Paciencia, Chile       489       2,937
Sam L/Brian/Vas/Joni/Spring, U.S.A.       250       1,254
Josue Siervo/Luz Sierv o, Mexico       174       349

Pablo E., Chile       152       456
Sam/Flor/Lilly, Brazil       136       410
Felipe/Victoria, Colombia       126       252
Pedro Fisher/Maria Fisher, U.S.A.       125       251
Joao/Maria/Andrew/Tamara/Paula, Brazil       121       364
Josue M/Abigail M/Santiago E., Costa Rica       120       846
Tim/Vicky/Rebecca, Chile       102       821

Mateo/Katrina, Colombia       79       159
Jesse/Joy/Angie, Brazil       47       189
Jose/Ester, Colombia       41       83

Joao/Clara/Aichan, Brazil       31       252
Timoteo/Crystal/Heaven/Maria, Brazil       31       186
David/Es peranza/Santiago, Peru       30       90
Gabriel/Jemima/Maria Rosa, Brazil       30       90
Jimmy/Joy, Taiwan       30       60
Simon/Cristal, Ecuador       28       143
Matthew/Micah, Taiwan       25       126


Michael/Catrina, Latvia       2,934       5,868
Moscow DF--John/Jessica/Sveta, Russia       1,901       19,010
Gateway--Paul/Peace/Tim, Russia       1,900       11,400
Players--Abner/Elisa/Mary/Mercy/Snezhana, Ukraine       993       7,950
Oasis--Peter/Esther/Jeremy, Kazakhstan       854       4,270
Joshua/Consuelo/Lily/Karen/Aichan, Russia       76 1       3,807
Omega--Luke/Mercy/Patience, Russia       753       3,765
Candle--David/Rose/Pearl, Russia       732       8,789
Michael/Christie/Lydia, Ukraine       722       6,500
Lodge--Cephas/Joanna/Lisa, Russia       722       5,055

(End of file.)

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