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Introduction to the Persecution Testimonies Project

"Rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer for His name!"
By Maria        FD/MM/FM 3527 1/05

Dearest Family,
       1. Peter and I can't tell you how much we love and admire you for your dedication to Him and to the mission He's called us to in reaching the lost of this world. We applaud your resolve, your fortitude, and your perseverance in daily laying down your lives in order to be the disciples He needs you to be. We know it takes great love and great sacrifice for each of you, and we thank you. It's no wonder to us that our dear Husband is always heaping His praise and commendation on you, His frontline troops!
       2. He is also very interested in supplying each of us with what we need in order to make our labors for Him as effective and fruitful as possible. He is our faithful Husband, Commander, Caregiver, Provider, and Protector, and is way out in front, leading us in the way we should go, and in His love and foresight providing us today with what we will need for tomorrow.
       3. One of those needs for today, which He's revealed to us, is taking advantage of these days of relative peace to prepare for coming persecution. And as you know, a large part of that preparation--in fact, one of the most important parts--is building our faith.
       4. To this end, the Lord has asked those in our WS Homes to open their channels to Him to receive specific, faith-building testimonies that will help us to prepare for persecution. We've been working on receiving some of these during our bimonthly prayer mornings, and the Lord has been pouring out a wealth of material! We're working on getting it all prepared for you, so please keep us in your prayers!
       5. The Lord told us that there are many, many Christians in Heaven who were delivered from persecution when they lived on Earth. Some died for their faith, of course, but He wants to encourage us with how many were given a way of escape and lived through persecution--going on to boldly testify of the miracles the Lord performed on their behalf. He wants us to publish a good number of these faith-building testimonies so we can all benefit from these amazing accounts. As we embarked on this project, He told us:

(Jesus:) Heaven is buzzing with activity as so many of its inhabitants prepare to channel their messages to you! Having to recount the miracles that I performed for them while they were on Earth reinforces My praise. There is continual, resounding, fervent praise to Me for such powerful and mighty miracles of deliverance from persecution. They sing My glory as they prepare and eagerly await the transmission of their experiences. They each consider it an honor to be able to share their account so that they might inspire and help to build the faith of the children of David. (End of message.)

(Mama:) We are so honored to receive so many testimonies and accounts from beyond! We are so blessed to be able to partake of the wisdom and counsel of the ages and the sages!--And as you read some of these personal testimonies of victory through persecution, I believe your faith will be "pumped up" and strengthened just as mine was‚ and you'll be awed and thrilled at the many accounts of His hand, which is mighty to save and deliver!
       8. In reading these testimonies, you'll see that there's a great variety in how the Lord chooses to work the miracles His children need. Some miracles are dramatic and supernatural. Other miracles are more quiet or unseen, like the miracle of a changed mind or heart–-which is no less miraculous.
       9. A lesson that is clearly brought out in some of these stories is that grace is as much of a miracle as deliverance. Some of these dear men and women endured for years under extremely difficult persecution conditions. But the Lord's grace was there for them, and they are glowing and happy in Heaven, greatly rewarded and delivered for all eternity! They have come to testify that if they could make it through, you will also be able to make it through whatever our Husband calls you to face‚ as you hang on to Him.
       10. I am simply thrilled with all the testimonies that we have received thus far. We have well over 100 at the time of writing this‚ and I've listened to every one‚ and they're just wonderful. They're very faith-building, as you hear what the Lord has done for our brothers and sisters in the faith throughout time. Some are from the distant past, such as biblical times. Others are more recent. There is a wide range of times and places, and we have even received some fantastic, tremendous accounts from the future, testimonies of what God's miraculous intervention will be like when we need it during the times of trouble to come!
       11. Because the Lord has asked us to get you these stories as quickly as we can, we're not going to spend a lot of time editing them or going over them and asking the Lord for clarifications to try to get them perfect, complete, and polished. We just don't have the time, and you need them!
       12. I wanted to let you know that, as you'll notice that they are very much "personal testimony" style, with some being more descriptive or detail-filled while others are more general. As you might remember when the Lord asked us to embark on the spirit stories project (which became Heaven's Library and has been a huge blessing and feeding tool for our children and young people, as well as the GP), He explained that the storytellers in Heaven would sometimes get mixed up on things, or that there would sometimes be details missing, or that in some cases the person relating their story was just learning how to give messages from beyond, and so sometimes things didn't come through as clearly. The same is true of these persecution testimonies. In addition, in many cases our WS channels were receiving these testimonies for the first time. God bless them for their faith!
       13. In some cases, the testimonies could have more details added, or there might be some missing details in the story, or the presentation is a little rougher than you might be used to in most of the pubs--all of which the Lord could clarify for us if we had the time to go back to Him and ask Him about them.
       14. But you know, that doesn't really matter. These men and women of God are telling their stories so that we can learn and benefit from them, and be encouraged and have our faith increased as we hear what the Lord did for them, and that is a tremendous, priceless privilege! You're getting the opportunity to have a peek into someone else's experiences-–experiences that you might one day go through yourself‚ and need to be prepared for!
       15. I love these testimonies and am so thankful to our Husband for giving them to us, and so grateful to each of the men and women of faith who came to relate their experiences to us, and to each of the channels who labored to receive them. However, I know that some of you tend to be rather analytical and skeptical‚ even after all that the Lord has blessed us with. So for those of you who tend toward picking things apart, I want to caution you against getting hung up on little details or wondering whether it's accurate historically, or trying to fit everything into the box of what you think could or could not have been possible! God works in mysterious ways!
       16. If you let yourself get stuck on something, you'll lose out personally, because you'll be missing the whole point--of benefiting from the experiences of these dear saints of God, and becoming better prepared yourself for what we will each face in the future as God's children living in the Endtime. Persecution is nothing to fear, but it is certainly something to be prepared for. So take advantage of the wealth of what the Lord is pouring out to help prepare and strengthen your heart. Each one who has told their testimony has something special to share, something the Lord has commissioned them to pass on to us.
       17. Remember, these accounts are from men and women who are were just as frail and weak in their day as we are today, and most of them didn't consider themselves giants in the faith at all. But they're stepping forward from beyond for us, to testify of what God did for them in delivering them from persecution and the jaws of the Enemy. What He did for them, He can and will do for you!
       With much love in our awesome Keeper and Deliverer, Mama

P.S. As I was preparing this GN for you, the Lord gave some more encouragement for our dear folks in WS who are pulling down these testimonies from Heaven. They've been doing it for four consecutive prayer mornings now, along with many other assignments, and each testimony they have received is tremendous! Thanks for your prayers for them.

(Jesus:) Make hay while the sun shines, My loves, for the night is coming when the door to get these testimonies out to the Family will close. I have said that persecution will come. Right now I am holding back the tide. This is for many reasons, but among them are:
       1) In answer to your prayers and so you can be more prepared.
       2) So that you can accomplish more and reach a good "stopping place" before your work is interrupted by persecution.
       3) To give the Family time to get out more witness. My Spirit is busy working in the lives and hearts of many, giving people an opportunity to make the correct choices and decisions now before persecution hits.
       4) I want to give you this window of opportunity to pull down these testimonies from Heaven, and not only to pull them down, but to process them and get them out to the Family.

You mustn't look at this project as just a nice idea to maybe get out someday, but see it as I do, as something essential. It's a must, a very important part of your persecution prep. These testimonies will be an integral part of your survival in the coming persecution.
       21. The Family is going to read them and not only be encouraged, but be propelled forward by them. They are going to inspire them and boost their faith to such a degree that it's going to move them to do great exploits, good things, daring and stupendous things as they step out by faith and do My work during the rise and reign of the Antichrist and right up to the very End.
       22. These testimonies are not just interesting stories; they are true accounts of some of the miracles I have performed in defense and protection of My people from the beginning of time. They are amazing revelations and insight into the Endtime and what you can expect, what types of scenarios you will find yourselves in, and what I will do to bring you through. These testimonies are as promises to stand on!
       23. Don't delay, My loves, but continue on with this project. Ride the wave and roll with it until I give you the signal to let up. And that time has not yet come; there is so much more. The spirits eagerly await their turn. There are so many, thousands upon thousands, who want to speak, who want to give their testimony so that it can be recorded, prepared, packaged and sent out to the Family. All the prophets have dreamed of this day, and these faithful departed join them in wanting to do their part to help the Children of David fulfill their destiny in the Last Days.
       24. This is one way they can help and support My children, and so they are eager to give. They know that by sharing their testimonies, they will be able to instill faith and inspire trust and confidence not only that I will come through for you, not only that My presence will always be felt, but that I can perform awesome feats against all odds! Nothing speaks like a personal testimony, and these spirits have a lot to offer, important details to share of the miraculous things I did for them.
       25. There are so many! Those of biblical fame long to tell you details of what really happened; departed spirits of more recent days want to tell you how I delivered them from the hands of their persecutors; spirit beings and helpers long to give you a peek into future scenarios you will find yourselves in, and give you revelations and insight into what you can expect in the Last Days. Those who speak of the future will unveil mysteries of the Endtime, speak to you of how things will operate, how I will protect and keep and bring you through.
       26. I have promised that I would do nothing except I reveal it to My servants the prophets, and this is one way I have chosen to reveal the future to you.
       27. Who can know the future? Not many, for they do not listen to My voice, being encumbered with the things of this world. But it is given to you, the children of David, My prophets of the End, to know. Greater things than I, you will do, and these testimonies will help inspire the faith that you will need in order to claim these greater miracles. (End of message.)

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