Post-it GN #14
Mama's Visit to Central America

By Maria       FD/MM/FM 3509 10/04

My precious Family,
       1. How I praise our dear Husband for each one of you, and how I thank Him for the faith and love that you manifest each day in your service to Him. I'm so proud of you and the way you're each yielding to the Lord's will in your life during this renewal, and, as a result, being changed in wonderful ways. I know the ride may feel pretty bumpy at times and you may wonder how you can hang on one more day, but if you were able to see things from the Lord's perspective, it would be so much easier.
       2. Here's something that He gave us the other day to share with you that I think will help you to see things the way our dearest Love sees them.

Use the Lord's Vehicles and Weapons to Obliterate the Enemy!

       3. (Jesus:) My dear, beloved brides of all ages, I am so happy to have this special time of renewal with you, this time away from the world. It's like our secret place where we can run and hide out together. We get to have special times together, and this makes Me so happy.
       4. But some of you are wondering why you're facing some of the most intense battles of your life at this time. Well, the answer is really very simple: You've gone over the top. You've hit the Enemy head-on, and he's furious. That's the simple truth of the situation. The more you attack him, the more he freaks out and runs and tries something bigger to stop your onslaught.
       5. You've made a major drive into his territory, and he's running and grasping at everything he's got to try to overcome this huge attack. He can't stop you, and it just terrifies him. He's trying so hard to stop you, but because you've got Me on your side, it's like trying to stop a tidal wave! We're going to wash right over him and capture so much territory back from his clutches.
       6. I know you may see his trebuchets and his catapults, his spearmen and axe men and his mounted hordes, but don't let that scare you! It may look to you like he's never had such a gathering of his forces against you. But what you've got to realize is that all of his weaponry is obsolete. You're looking at it all wrong. You're looking at the Enemy's forces rather than at your own. Let Me open your eyes in the spirit. Close your eyes and come with Me and let Me show you exactly how I see it.

       7. (Vision:) I see a dark, cloudy sky; the sun's light can't penetrate it. Where I'm standing, it's bright, but I can see the clouds and storms in the distance. The Lord gives an order to start walking forward, and as I begin to walk, it's as if my steps are empowered by an outside power. The ground begins to move rapidly beneath me and I'm running at an incredible speed.
       8. The picture zooms out and I see that this isn't just me running, but rather there's a huge army running in a wedge-shaped formation headlong into this darkness. There are shouts of victory and banners waving as we run. It's a victorious charge into the Enemy's territory.
       9. Now I'm seeing it from the other side. I see myself in the ranks of the Enemy. I can see the Devil's forces nervously fingering their weapons‚ their swords, their shields, their spears and axes. I see them shaking, looking around at each other, completely terrified.
       10. It's amazing the difference of feeling I experience. When I'm in the Lord's army I feel an incredible sense of victory, as if the victory is already won and we're celebrating. In the Enemy's camp there is a very oppressive fear and panic.
       11. I'm watching now as the forces around me begin to drop their weapons and run. I can hear an evil commander shrieking out orders to stand their ground and hold the ranks, but his forces are deserting their lines in panic.
       12. The scene continues to unfold, and I see the Enemy hovering above his forces. On his face is a panicky expression. He's waving his arms, and over the hill I see the catapults and trebuchets begin to fire. I can see the fireballs coming. They fall on his own ranks and cause further panic. The Devil then‚ in a fury‚ orders a fresh volley, which seems like it's going to hit the oncoming army of light.
       13. The scene changes to the onrushing "good guys," and I see that they're all rushing toward squadrons of powerful and heavily armored vehicles. These are their vehicles‚ not the Enemy's. They're all diving into their tanks and armored vehicles--and these vehicles look huge. The troops are climbing up ladders to get into them. The shouts of victory continue as I hear the incredible roar of the engines of these massive machines. The only way I can describe them is that they're like the massive earthmovers that often stand about two to three stories tall that are used in mining operations.
       14. These vehicles are so big that the sound of their engines is deafening. Mounted on them are these cannon-like weapons, which look absolutely overpowering. They fire a volley of light at the Enemy and it hits his first line of defense, which disintegrates into ashes. I hear the shouts again, the cries of victory, as the vehicles rush forward at amazing speed. I see the scene from above again, the same wedge formation, and it's now completely washing over the Enemy, crushing him without mercy.
       15. It's like these monster machines don't even notice anything is there beneath them. There are no obstructions. The power of the engines of these huge vehicles is so powerful that nothing stops them. Their size is overwhelming the midget-like catapults and artillery.
       16. I hear a continuous roar of the engines and the thunder of the cannons firing. Then I see a host of heavenly air power swooping down and bombing in front of them. The clouds are being driven back as if by a forceful wind, and the light is shining everywhere.
       17. The Enemy's forces turn to dust or ashes as they are destroyed, and I see the wind blowing their remains away before the force of the attack. The Devil is turning and running. It's such a funny picture because he's waving his arms and screaming‚ "Stop them! Stop them! Aaaaaaaa!" as he is driven back. Then I see something grab him and begin to suck him in. He's grasping at anything to try to get out of its grip; it's sucking him in, almost like a cartoon. He's stretching, and suddenly--pop!--is gone into this huge vacuum-cleaner-like scoop.
       18. Now the monstrous vehicles are thundering over the mountains and chasing down the enemy. The scene is of total obliteration, complete annihilation of the enemy; they never stood a chance. Their attempts at stopping the oncoming forces of the Lord were almost pitiful. Before the whole scene unfolded, there was definitely a massive enemy force standing against the attack‚ but now there's nothing left--nothing, not even the remains of the enemy. It doesn't even look like a battle took place. The destruction of the enemy is so complete that their ashes are just blown away in the wind!
       19. I see the ash being blown away and the grass appearing beneath. The grass is bright and green and obviously strong and healthy. It was completely covered before. Now the scene is bright and I see the heavenly aircraft sweeping overhead with a deafening roar as they spiral and twist in a display of power. The enemy is routed and the victory is won! I just want to glorify our invincible Lord and proclaim His magnificence!

       20. (Jesus continues:) So do you see how I see it now? The victory is ours! The day is ours! We haven't been defeated! We're so powerful that I don't really care if the Enemy pulls out some "big guns"--they're harmless and ancient compared to My superior firepower. They're going to be blown away in front of you.
       21. The problem you're having is simply one of your perception. You're looking at it like Elisha's servant in the Bible. He was looking at the armies of Syria round about them, completely cutting them off from any help, when suddenly his eyes were opened to the firepower that was on their side, and then he was really scared! Ha!
       22. The armies of Heaven are at your side, aiding you‚ rushing alongside you, overwhelming the Enemy for you. You've just got to keep pace with them. Don't lag behind. The fight is right up here at the front of the charge–-don't hang around in the background or you'll miss all the fun and see no action.
       23. It's time to launch that offensive, rally the fighters, and launch the attack squadrons! Get on board the latest of My monster Satan-crushers! Get up to date with your key-empowered attack vehicles and completely overwhelm the attacks of the Enemy!
       24. Sure, he'd like you to think that he's got a massive army at his disposal. And, yes, it may look like that if you're thinking that you're standing alone against it. But you're not. You just need to ask Me to open your eyes to the overwhelming force of spiritual power that you have around you. It's basically a non-contest. What more can I say? If you want to quiver and shake in fright, I pity you, because the power you have available to you is so invincible that you shouldn't even consider this a battle.
       25. You want an easy victory? Then for goodness' sake, mount up, get moving‚ and take it! This is as easy a victory as you're ever going to have over the Enemy. He's practically defeated already. He'll be wiped out before you get to him. All you have to do is claim the day, claim the victory over him, and it's yours!
       26. I don't know what more I can say. Get up, get moving, and win the victory! Quit hanging around in the service depots! Use the vehicles I've given you! Get out there and take it, please! Stop quivering and shaking in fright at the attacks of the Enemy--use the power you have and take the victory from him. Take it, please! It's just pathetic that you'd be so frightened‚ considering the power that is available to aid you.
       27. I've sounded the charge. The battle is one you will win if you simply will get on board the vehicles I have made available to you and take the victory. You're a born winner. You can't lose with Me on your side; you can't help but defeat the Enemy--you're destined to! You've seen movies where the good guy is destined to take control of some power and defeat the forces of darkness? Well, you're just like that. I ordained it so that you would be destined to win.
       28. The Devil sees that you are his doom, his defeat, his downfall, and that's why he's trying to convince you that you can't take ahold of your weapons of death to his power. He knows that the moment you start using your weapons to the full, you'll be possessed and filled by all the power of My magnificence, and he will be defeated.
       29. He's there desperately telling you not to use your weapons, begging you not to get in touch with the power, because he knows his evil empire is doomed the moment you do. So what are you going to do? Heed that sniveling weasel?--Or use your weapons of the Spirit and destroy the Enemy's power, ending his reign forever?
       30. You are at a crucial point in your history. You are about to inherit the Kingdom, and the only thing that stands between you and your rightful place is the Enemy–-this impostor, this shadow of darkness and his fabrications. He's all that stands between you and the throne. What are you waiting for? Why quit now? Having come so far, why cop out now?
       31. Can't you see that it's the Enemy lying to you and telling you that you can't beat him? All the while he's nervously eyeing your weapons. He knows that the instant you begin using your weapons‚ he's defeated. All he can do is try to convince you not to attack him. Grab your weapons of the spirit with all the fury of My power within you, cut the Devil to the heart, and take what is rightfully yours. Let his screams of horror spur you onward as you defeat him.
       32. Overcome him by the power you have available to you! Why can't you see that you are an overcomer? Will you abandon your heritage? Will you deny your place at My side? Will you deny yourself the satisfaction of having defeated the Devil? Will you quiver and run in fright at his words? That's all they are--words--empty nothingness, lies, half-truths, deceptions‚ poisonous pills that you have to decide to swallow.
       33. Stand up for your calling! Stand up for what you are destined to own and govern. You are destined to win–-you cannot be defeated, because you have Me on your side. For goodness' sake, stop quivering and start fighting! Start attacking away at the Enemy! Start destroying his power, start vaporizing his garments of darkness, start ripping away his cover-ups, and let the light of My Word utterly destroy him!
       34. Let today be the day you decided to claim your throne. Let the courts of Heaven rejoice as they see you making full use of your spiritual weapons and challenging the Devil with such fury that he cannot withstand you. Are you a warrior or a wimp? What is your heart made of? Are you a power–wielding overcomer or a sniveling coward?
       35. You must grab ahold of that weapon and defeat the Enemy--it is your destiny! You are predestined to defeat Satan and all his wiles--why doubt it? All you have to do is take hold of My power and use it!
       36. Don't let the annals of Heaven say, "Here is the record of a warrior who could have been, who could have defeated Satan, but he or she ran in fright when faced with the opportunity." What a horrible testament that would be. Instead, let this be the inscription next to your name: "Here is recorded the tale of the undefeated warrior of David. Within this record is an example for all time of an overcomer. The halls of Heaven proudly salute [your name here]."
       37. Wouldn't that be so much better? Wouldn't you rather go down in heavenly history as an overcomer? If you would, then take hold of the keys‚ take hold of the weapons of the Spirit, start the engines of your massive war machine and move out to crush the Enemy, and claim your place beside the greats of all time.
       38. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death." They were overcomers! Take your rightful place among the greatest overcomers of all time. Now is the time to act! Today is the day of salvation--all history awaits your decision. (End of message.)

       39. (Mama:) Now that's reality! That's the way things really are! When His Word lights our path, things look a lot different, don't they? It's the difference between the darkness of night and the brightness of day. All the depression and gloom and discouragement that sometimes accompanies the night is gone, and joy and gladness comes with the light of day. Seeing things the way our Husband sees them is always a positive experience‚ and we can't help but feel better--and do better, and take action––when we see things through His eyes.
       40. I love to give you the Lord's Words because I know that they strengthen and encourage you and motivate you to continue fighting our Adversary. I have some other fascinating messages that I want to share with you‚ but I need to preface them with news of some trips that Peter and I recently made.

Mama's Mission in Mexico‚ Trip to Guatemala, and Message to Costa Rica

       41. During the second half of July and the entire month of August, the International VS Board meetings were held in Mexico. The Lord showed us that both Peter and I should attend. This was an important time, during which much was accomplished. Peter was able to video hours of classes for the COs worldwide, and discussions were held on how to raise up and train new leadership. The weeks that we spent there were an essential step in the restructuring process of the Family, and preparation for the strengthening.
       42. These meetings were hosted by one of our dear Homes. While we were there we were able to have some interaction here and there with the Home members. I was able to meet each one, including the children, and I got to know them all by name. Peter and I were also able to have a fellowship time with just the Home members one evening. It was tremendously gratifying for us to see such a beautiful Home where the older ones and the younger ones alike were all committed to serving Jesus and doing their best for Him.
       43. During our time at the Home, I was also able to read on video some very special promises that the Lord gave for our brethren in Mexico. I'm so happy to say that I will now be able to share them with each of you worldwide in this GN, so that you can pray for Mexico, and pray that our Family members there will fulfill the Lord's commission to them so that He can pour out the abundant blessings that He has promised.
       44. On the last day of our stay at our host Home we had the privilege of attending a witnessing performance by Margie and Jerry's Home. This was only my third time ever seeing our Family children and young people outside WS perform live, the first time being at the office in Thailand several years ago at the end of Summit 2000, the second time being in Mexico after Summit 2003. Our children and young people are dynamic and so full of the Spirit, and it's a wonderful experience to watch them share Jesus through their smiles and songs and dances!
       45. At that same event I was able to meet about 45 or 50 Family members from several Homes who I had not met before, all in one afternoon. This was a thrilling--and very touching--experience for me.
       46. After this very intense time of meetings, Peter and I began our planned rest time in a hotel in another part of Mexico. During the second day of our break, the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me if I would be willing to go to Guatemala to visit the Homes there. I had heard from Sara (VS) about the young people in Guatemala and had seen some of their pictures, and, because we were just "next door," the Lord said that this would be the best time. Peter and I were both very tired, but he was especially exhausted because of the many days and hours of videoing and other classes that he had given. Although he greatly desired to go with me, his exhaustion and the fact that he had pressing engagements at home prevented him from accompanying me.
       47. The Lord provided a team, however. James, one of our WS shepherds, who had been at the meetings was still there and was able to join me for this trip, as was one of our WS secretaries, Julie, who had not yet returned to WS.
       48. Peter returned home and I traveled with James and Julie to Guatemala, on my first mission with the purpose of actually visiting field Homes. When the Lord had first called me to visit Guatemala I had told Him, "Yes, Lord‚ I'll go, but I'm just Your messenger girl, and I can't go without a message." Whereupon the Lord gave beautiful messages through our WS folks for me to share with them. Some of these messages I will also share in this GN with all of you.
       49. My mission to Guatemala was twofold: to encourage the precious young people there who had gone through many difficulties, but who had drawn close to the Lord and were now being greatly used in His service‚ and to strengthen the older ones as well. The second purpose was to deliver the Lord's message to them that "this is Guatemala's hour," and that Guatemala is just as important to the Lord as any other place in the world.
       50. We spent a week in Guatemala meeting the folks there and being inspired with the wonderful work the Lord is doing and our beautiful Family members who are being used so greatly.
       51. There are four FD Homes, one FM Home, and no MM Homes in Guatemala. The FM Home consists of an FGA single mom living with a daughter, a son, and a five–year-old granddaughter. I would have invited the members of this Home to our meetings except that they spoke very little English and would have had to have a running translation. Instead, I arranged to meet them one afternoon and fill them in via a translator on what I had shared with the FD Homes. These folks are wonderful, so loyal and faithful, daily going out witnessing and getting out the tools in spite of the fact that they live on their own and quite far away from the other Homes. I love them so much and am so proud of them.
       52. At the end of our stay, I dictated a message to the brethren in Costa Rica, to be delivered by Sara (VS), who was about to make a trip there. I want to also share this message with you below.
       53. In sharing all these messages I am soliciting your prayer power for the lost sheep in these wonderful countries, and for our Family members there who have been given the commission to reach them.

Wherever Your Field of Service, It's Important

       54. As you can see, each of these countries is very precious to our dear Love‚ as are all the countries worldwide in which you, our Family, labor in service to Him. There are lost sheep in every country, and even though some of the countries in which you labor are more stubborn and hardhearted as a whole, there are many lost sheep that Jesus has there waiting for you to reach. Although not all countries will be as blessed by the Lord‚ nor havens in the Endtime‚ that doesn't mean that they're not each very important to Jesus. This doesn't mean that the work on your field is not important. You must not compare, but you must be certain that Jesus wants you where you are and that you're in the center of His will, because that's where you can do the most for Him.
       55. Just because the Lord led me to be in Mexico and to visit Guatemala and to make a personal tape to Costa Rica, this doesn't mean that these countries are more important than your country. Nor does this mean that the Family members in these countries are more important than you are. This just happened to be the Lord's time for some special attention to be given to these folks. If you go through the Letters you will see that different countries were given special attention at different times, and different areas of the world were highlighted when the Lord knew the time was right.
       56. Please, dear ones, go to Jesus and make the place of your calling sure, and ask Him to confirm to you that you should be on your particular field. When you know for a certainty where the Lord wants you, then pour your whole heart and soul into it. Give it all you've got. Ask the Lord to show you how important your field is and how much He loves His dear lost sheep there, and then do not waver.
       57. Wherever your field of service, whatever it is‚ it is important to Jesus--and to us! You are important to Jesus!--And to us! So find out where He wants you. Get it in writing--from Him!--And as Dad said, "Work as though everything depended on work–-for it does!–-And pray as though everything depends on prayer--for it does!"--And I might add, "Claim the keys as though everything depended on claiming the keys--for it does!"
       58. Don't look back. Don't compare your field with another's--for the Lord can do great things right there, right where you are! He can do great things for any man or woman who is greatly yielded to Him, and how much more can He do through several men and women who are greatly yielded and working together unitedly!
       59. So, dear ones, keep praising, keep loving, keep giving, keep praying, keep claiming the keys, keep making the right choices!––And you can't fail, for He can't fail! Hallelujah! You're each wonderful--and Peter and I love you very, very much, and pray for you and are so proud of you!--And we send you much love in the power of our wonderful Key Giver, our Lord and Husband, our dear Jesus.

       60. P.S. I also want to say a special thank-you to each of you for the birthday love you sent my way. I was touched and encouraged by the letters, prophecies, and gifts you sent me. And most of all, I was so thankful for your birthday prayers for me, as well as the prayers you pray for me all throughout the year. I consider your prayers the very best gift of love you could give me. Like our Husband says, "Calling on the keys for someone is not the least you can do, but the most."
       61. This recent trip I made to Mexico and Guatemala came right around the time of my birthday, and I consider it a very special blessing. It's not every day that I get to meet some of you, my precious Family, so this trip was certainly a first in many ways--a wonderful first. The precious Family members I met reminded me of each of you dear ones all around the world who are serving Jesus with all of your hearts. It made me so happy and proud of you for your faithfulness. Our Husband said that I can probably expect to see more of you‚ my dear Family, in the days to come. I'm looking forward to it, in His perfect time!

Transcript of My Taped Talk to the Family in Costa Rica

       62. (Mama:) Saludos‚ mi Familia preciosa! Hola, mis queridos amigos! Mando mucho amor a todos. Mis amores, estoy orgullosa de ustedes. (Greetings, my precious Family‚ my dear friends‚ and lots of love to you all! I am proud of you‚ my loves.) To you who have labored faithfully, to you who have sacrificed tirelessly. To you who have laid down your lives daily for Jesus' lost sheep. To you who are true missionaries, I say, gracias por tu fidelidad! Gracias por hacer tu parte. (Thank you for your faithfulness! Thank you for doing your part.)
       63. It means so much to Peter and me when we hear that you have put aside the weights that so easily beset you; that you are fighting with all your might against the disunity that threatens you; that you are claiming the keys to rise above the cares of this life that would drag you down; and that you are setting your face like a flint to do the job that He has for you.--The job of winning Costa Rica for His Kingdom, winning souls, winning Active members, winning disciples, winning labor leaders to help you in the huge job that Jesus has given you to do.
       64. As you have probably heard, I was able to come to Guatemala to visit your brethren here, to number one, encourage them for the wonderful job they're doing, and number two, to ask them to increase their faith, expand their borders, and press forward like never before to do even more--to win more souls, get out more Activated magazines, follow up even more faithfully, win even more kings and supporters, and to bring in full–time labor leaders to help to reap the great harvest, for now is Guatemala's hour.
       65. Our Husband has also given a very important message for you, My loves, in Costa Rica, and I want to share it with you on this little tape. It was my desire to visit you in person‚ but after seeking the Lord earnestly and repeatedly, He showed us that for several reasons now is not the time. I don't want you to feel bad about this or compare, because our Husband's love for you is just as great as for your brethren in Guatemala. But, as you so well know, He has His times and His purposes and He works in all of our lives in different ways.
       66. I was in Mexico before coming to Guatemala. Peter and I were involved in international board meetings and CO meetings there. These meetings lasted several weeks, but we were only able to visit the one Home where the meetings were being held. We know that all of the Homes in Mexico would have been very appreciative of a visit, but it was not possible at that time.
       67. The great miracle is that I was able to travel at all to attend the meetings in Mexico, and then to travel to Guatemala. Your prayers for me over the years and the months have been bearing great fruit, and the Lord is strengthening me little by little as time goes on. My eyes are becoming stronger, and indeed‚ in general, I am becoming strengthened and more able to take on new jobs for our wonderful Husband.
       68. So please continue in your prayers for me, which are certainly availing much‚ and continue to pray for our dear king, who during this year of restructuring, and the next year of strengthening, has a tremendously heavy load and heavy responsibility. He sends much love to each of you and wants you to know that you are very dear to him.
       69. Now I'm going to share with you the very important message that our dear Jesus gave specifically for your field, for each one of you. This is a commission to each of you from our King of kings and Lord of lords, the One Who has all power in Heaven and in Earth, yet He needs our hands and our feet and our mouths to do the job for Him. He has sent the Goddess of Costa Rica to plead for her children, to ask that you, His precious Family, take up this commission, this mandate; to lay aside everything else that would hinder you from rescuing His dear young people, and do everything you can to reach them before it is too late.
       70. This message is for each of you-–each of you who love Jesus and are in the Family to serve Him, whether you be FD‚ MM, or FM. You are all our Family, you are all His disciples, you are all His hands and His feet, His lips, His voice, and He wants to use each of you to reach His dear children of Costa Rica. All of you are His disciples. All of you have the Word. All of you have the wonderful riches that He has poured out so abundantly to the Family, and all of you are capable of doing your part to reach Costa Rica with His light and life.
       71. Now, the channel describes the vision:

       72. (Vision:) I'm seeing this beautiful, beautiful land. Very green, very lush, very beautiful--quite a breathtaking scene. Now it appears that part of the scene before me is beginning to move-–the land and the hills and the mountains are moving. Now there's this form and shape that is rising right up out of the earth and the greenery. It appears to be a human form--someone wearing a huge, beautiful green cape that blends perfectly with the vegetation. Now this form is rising into a standing position, and I'm seeing the face of a beautiful woman. She's pulling back the hooded cape from her face. She's striking in every way, but she has these most hypnotic eyes, very deep and very penetrating.
       73. In comparison to the scene around her and the height of the trees, she's very‚ very tall--she must be at least 20 to 30 stories high. I'm guessing that she must be an angel, she's so big.
       74. But now‚ all of a sudden‚ she's the same size as me, though she's dressed exactly the same way in this beautiful cape. Her spirit seems to have changed and she's laughing and running ahead of me‚ calling me to follow her. But it's almost like she's playing this teasing "catch me if you can" game. She's running here and there, hiding behind trees and bushes, zigzagging this way and that way. While I watch her running here and there, her cape is sometimes visible, other times it sort of morphs into the surroundings. All the while she's giggling and calling out to me, because she wants me to play this game with her and try to catch her. She has this very fun, almost mischievous, and quite definitely sexy, playful spirit.
       75. In visions like this, I sort of follow along the best I can, because I'm trying to understand what's happening, and I'm usually just an observer, because while it's happening I'm thinking that of course I can't really follow along and run after her; although on the other hand, it seems I am able to. It's one of those mysteries of the spirit that I don't understand or comprehend, but it does appear as though I'm following her or chasing her.
       76. She's definitely very fascinating. She's playing this teasing type game, but I get the feeling like it's a good game. Even though it has a sexy, playful spirit to it, it doesn't seem to even matter that I'm a woman. I just feel the urge to run after her and try to catch her and play this game with her.
       77. Now she's gone again. And all of a sudden she's appearing in front of me again in her original very big size, and she's bending over and making a very deep and ceremonious bow before me. Her arms are outstretched full length beside her. She lifts herself again and looks at me directly and she's starting to speak, but not with audible words. I just somehow understand what she's saying to me:

       78. "My conquerors, I submit myself to you-–to you who hold True Love-–to you who have conquered my soul and being with the love, words‚ and freedom of Jesus and David! I love and desire your conquering power–-your chasing and seeking after and possessing what is yours. I love the thrill of the chase‚ and you have played my game! I want wild possession. I want indomitable faith that I am yours. I want to be madly possessed, and wildly loved by you. But I fear for my little ones. Will you come and rescue them?"

       79. Then she gives me this look like she's about to reveal something very special, almost like a prized secret. With one of her outstretched hands, she literally lifts a piece of earth below her hand, almost like you'd lift the corner of a carpet or mat to see what's under it. She lifts this piece of earth to reveal all these people--it must be hundreds. Then she turns and does the same thing with her other hand, revealing even more people under this piece of earth she seems to have the ability to lift.
       80. Now she starts speaking to me again:

       81. "I am the goddess of the lost children of Costa Rica. Will you, my conquerors, those whom I desire with a great desire, come and aid me? I watch over these while I wait. I watch over them and shelter them and hide them in the folds of the earth under my cape, but I cannot shelter them indefinitely. They need Jesus. They need you. They need the love and the words and the kisses of David. They need you--the children and fire and passion of David–-for in you is their true resting place and haven.
       82. "They long to be chased and caught and enraptured by Him! Their spirits long to be one with Him! But they must be wooed, they must be won, they must be chased, and they must be earnestly desired and sought after.
       83. "But they are many, and I cannot hide them under my cape forever. I am their guardian spirit‚ but even my cape and my arms cannot extend and keep them forever. My arms grow weary, and I fear that the weight of the earth and what is to come will devour these children completely.
       84. "Please‚ will you come? We are ready for you. In the meantime, I wait, and I wait, and I watch over these that are mine. But I cannot wait forever. We must have the love of David and Jesus or we will perish. The weight of the downward pull of the earth will swallow up my children, and no longer will I be able to reveal them unto you as I have. [The goddess weeps through Mama.]
       85. "Do you not know that we are there? We long for you, David's children. We groan for you; we groan for deliverance. We need your love, we need your embrace, we need your passion, we need your fire, we need your ardent and possessing love! Come, seek us! Come, find us! Come, love us! Come, possess us!"

       86. (Mama:) My dear Family in Costa Rica, how can you not heed this desperate cry? How can you turn away from this impassioned plea of one who calls out for her young people? How can you not put aside all the sins that are besetting you, and all the interests that call for your attention, and run with great desire to the rescue of these young ones before it is too late?
       87. I am not only speaking to the FD Family. I'm not only speaking to the MM Family. I'm speaking to the FM Family. I'm speaking to the Active members. I'm speaking to all of you, because it's going to take each one of you pulling together to win these young ones for Jesus, to bring them into the folds of David, to help them to see and feel the light of Jesus.
       88. Isn't it worth any sacrifice that you must make? You have everything you need for the job. You have the new weapons. You have the power of the keys. You have the undefeatable, all-encompassing, world-changing, marvelous and invincible power of the keys. Con las llaves, nada es imposible! Las llaves son lo maximo! (With the keys, nothing is impossible! The keys rule!) You can do it! You can make it! You can go the distance! You can lift the load. You can uphold the standard! You can accept and use your anointing, for it is not you, but it is the all-encompassing, all-powerful, marvelous, miraculous‚ invincible power of the keys!
       89. You have no excuse. This is the Lord's message to you. It's a desperate situation. You must heed His call. You must come to the rescue of these little ones. Whatever it takes, you must do‚ so that when the time comes you can face your Savior, your Husband‚ your King of kings, and not be ashamed. You will come to Him with many souls‚ many disciples, many labor leaders. You will be bursting with abundant fruit! And He will say to you, "Well done‚ My good and faithful servant, enter into the joys that I have prepared for you!"
       90. You know, I've been away from home for almost seven weeks now‚ and today was supposed to be one of my few rest days that I needed before making the trip home. But the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me to share this message with you. We could have sent it in the mail. We could have had our dear VS, Sara, bring it. But He said, "I want you to do it. Are you willing to sacrifice part of this rest day I've given you to plead for My children‚ My lost children in Costa Rica?" He said, "Even if I ask you to take all day doing it, and all night too, that would be nothing to the great fruit that will be reaped as a result. Are you willing to do this for Me?"
       91. And because I love my Husband, and I love you, dear Family in Costa Rica, and I love all those dear, sweet young people who need Jesus so much and who are so lost and desperate without Him, I said, "Yes, Lord, I'm willing. It's not really a sacrifice. I know You'll make it up to me."
       92. I'm wondering if I can count on each of you to say the same thing to Jesus: "Yes, Lord, I'll make whatever sacrifice You ask of me. I'll do whatever You ask me to win Your children to the fold, to bring them to know the Words of David and the love of Jesus. No matter what the cost, I'll do it, because I know that it's worth it, and I know that whatever I spend, You will more than repay. I'll give my all for You because I know that You will give Your all for me. How can I lose when what I give You is nothing compared to the great rewards that You will give me?"
       93. Please, my dear loves, my wonderful Family in Costa Rica, please hear the Lord's call, hear the goddess' plea for her children, hear my request, and Peter's request, and dear Dad's request. Won't you please fulfill our desires? No lo podemos lograr sin ustedes. (We can't do it without you!) We're counting on you. We're depending on you. We need you desperately! You're the team that Jesus has put there to do the job. Ustedes son el equipo para el trabajo. (You're the team for this job!) Please don't fail us. Please win these victories for Jesus.
       94. Do you know what my wish is? Well, my greatest wish is that you fulfill this commission that He is giving you. But I have another desire, another dream. I want to be able to come back to Central America, with Peter next time, and to visit Costa Rica and to be able to meet not only you, but all the wonderful disciples and labor leaders that you have brought to David's fold, all the new soldiers of the End that are going to be able to fight the battles with us because you did your job.
       95. I'm going to ask Jesus to fulfill this request and this desire, that when the work has begun in earnest, and the fruit is being gathered in‚ when there are new disciples being won in your Homes, and labor leaders being trained daily, and kings and supporters being raised up, when the vision is being fulfilled and the goddess of the young people of Costa Rica is crying tears of joy, that then we will be able to return to Central America to come to see you in Costa Rica and to celebrate with joyful hearts the conquest of Costa Rica.
       96. Will you help our dream come true? Can we depend on you? Can we see you soon? El Señor, Peter y yo les amamos muchisimo. Ha sido un privilegio hablar con ustedes. Ustedes estan en mi corazon siempre. (The Lord, Peter and I love you so much! It's been a privilege to talk with you. You're in my heart forever.)

Messages for the Family in Guatemala
Being in My Highest Will

       97. (Jesus:) I look only on the heart. I've been digging in each one of your hearts lately too. If things have been feeling a little tough for you, if you've been battling with your place of service, if you've been feeling left out, or looked down on for being in a small and simple field, if you've been hurting with personal matters of the heart, don't worry or feel tempted to give up. I'm simply mining in the deepest crevices of your heart, culling out the jewels of the greatest worth.
       98. Each one of you is right where I need you to be. Each one of you is on this field because I've called you here. Each one of you is fulfilling, or will yet fulfill, the calling and purpose I have for you in this needy mission field. Each of you is an arrow in the bull's–eye of My will, and I'm proud of you for accepting My call.
       99. I know that often you can be tempted to look on other fields that seem more exciting‚ more enticing, more overloaded with young people and fellowship, that you can tend to feel that you're missing out on a lot and really out of the loop in your small area. You can be tempted to look at your physical surroundings and compare with your peers in the States or Mexico, or other more "first class" fields, and feel inferior and simple in comparison.
       100. While they say the grass always looks greener on the other side, I want to encourage you to look more closely at the "grass" on your side of the fence, because you'll find that it is even greener and richer and lusher than the grass you hope to find anywhere else!
       101. If you're in My highest will, then the "grass" right where you are will always be greener and richer than anywhere else you could be. Other places may look better or more colorful in comparison, but in reality, the absolute very best and most colorful place you could ever be is in the center of My will--and that's where you are each at right now.
       102. So what if your field isn't deemed as "cool" in other young people's eyes, or in the world's eyes? I've told you to be not conformed to this world‚ but to be transformed! I've called you to come out from among them and be separate. So though you're on a poorer field and may not have all the gadgets and trinkets and opportunities as those in some other countries, see it the way I do, that because of this you have a greater opportunity to be even better missionaries for Me.
       103. You almost have a head start on some of your peers. You don't have so many physical things around you to hold you back and keep you from progressing like I desire. You don't have so many pulls of the world in your field. You don't have the intense spirit of materialism and mammon in your field as do those in richer fields. You don't have as many distractions of the world vying for your attention. In some ways you can be almost purer in spirit, as these things of the world are not so easily accessible to you. You can have an easier time keeping your heart and mind clean from the enticements of the flesh.
       104. In not having some of those other "cool" things, or even desirable things in your field or area, I am able to trade these in for things of greater worth. Because you're each giving up so much to serve Me, your sacrifice merits reward and honor and blessing. Because you've willingly sacrificed some of the pleasures of this life for a season to be where I've called you‚ I'm able to give you the treasures of Heaven for eternity! The treasures that I have to give you are not only spiritual gifts and blessings, but very real, tangible, noteworthy, physical‚ can-see-with–your-own-eyes kind of blessings.
       105. Some of the blessings that I have for you are spiritual blessings, that when manifested in the flesh only serve to make your life happier and more fulfilled. These blessings are the gifts of greater unity, greater oneness, and love one with another. You will grow in friendships, in loving relationships‚ in togetherness with your Home, in closeness with your families, in oneness with each other. You may not have all the fellowship that you would like to have, or that you see other areas have, but the fellowship that you do have will be spiced with a greater infilling of My Spirit, and you will find that through Me you lack for nothing.
       106. I want to give you the gift of supply, of more miraculous answers to prayer. Whatever your need, whatever your desire, whatever your request--state it in full faith, claim the keys, and let Me show you My power. I want to love you in this way. I want to give you the gift of fuller happiness, increased fulfillment, heightened inspiration, joy without measure. I want to give you the gift of change. Anything that you've wanted to be or do or grow in, you now have enhanced power at your side to help you change in this way. I want to give you the gift of dedication so that you can be even more fiery witnesses for Me, emboldened with the fervor of My Spirit!
       107. I also want to give you each personal gifts of My love from My heart to yours‚ special expressions of My gratitude to you personally for giving your life to Me. I want to give you new experiences, new thrills‚ new enjoyments, new pleasures and wonders. I want to show you that life for Me is more exciting than you ever dreamed possible, and not only in a "spiritual" sort of way, but in physical ways you can experience with all five senses!
       108. So please don't look down on your place of service, or your ministry, or your field‚ or yourself personally. Know that each one of you holds a high rank in My army-–that of elite troopers, the avant-garde, My frontline soldiers. I look up to you and salute you and honor you. I hold out My hand to give you the badges and medals of honor you deserve because of your faithfulness. So what if man looks on you as simple or belittles your place of service? I and My Father and all the hosts of Heaven look at you with great respect and admiration. You've each been dispatched to the most privileged place of service of all-–My highest will. Treasure it. I have found in your hearts the jewels of greatest value--loyalty, faithfulness, dedication, devotion and love. This is what I will honor. This is what I will bless.
       109. My friends, My loves‚ My brides, because you have been found faithful, you will never be found wanting. I call you to enter into My joy, that you might be filled! I need each one of you, and this Family needs you. Yes‚ you! Don't shake your head or question why. You are essential to this Family because I've drawn you into My plan for the future. I need you. I'm counting on you. I'm hoping in you. (End of message.)

Reap the Harvest

       110. (Jesus:) To My brides in Guatemala I want to say: Continue to cast off the garments of lethargy, of pride, and of worldliness. Stay separate from the materialism of the System. You have the advantage of living a distance away from the slime pits of the Whore, so use that advantage and continue to take not the unclean thing unto you, into your Homes, or into your hearts.
       111. Stay My revolutionary, dropped-out ones, with the focus on reaching My lost there. There are so many who are hungering, so many who are dying to receive My love. Please don't fail them and make the mistake of getting focused on the carnal, earthly plane. Keep your eyes on the heavenly vision, and on the eternal fruits that are only borne through My love being poured out like water over the thirst-quenched lands.
       112. Soon there will come a time when Satan's darkness will cover every land, even creeping into the remotest countries and towns throughout the world. But use the hours of daylight now while it is still light to reap the harvest. Take the time needed to sharpen your sickles daily by spending time in the bed of love with Me, but then go out and reap the fruits that I have promised. There are so many that I have waiting and ready to hear My voice through you. Work while it is yet day, for the night is coming that will be so dark, that no one will be able to work.
       113. You, My loves‚ are My bright and shining brides to the people of Guatemala. Shine out, shine out, and don't let pride or lethargy hold you back from giving them your all. Now's the time to give it all you've got. I know you have it in you, because I'm in you and My key power is in you ready to boost you to new levels of fruitfulness, joy, and excitement.
       114. I love you, My dear and faithful ones. There is nothing that stands between My heart and yours when you are faithful to throw off your garments and cover-ups, and put on My cloak of humility. Thank you for being My wild, naked Bride, ready to do whatever I have for you. I've made you all a great team, and with Me and the keys we're an unstoppable force that will prevail even against Hell, and win many lost souls into My Kingdom. (End of message.)

Give Me the Glory

       115. (Jesus:) I am pleased with the young people in Guatemala, and I want to commend them for their decisions and the right choices they have made, and for dedicating their lives to Me. I have allowed them to go through a lot already. They have tasted of the System and drunk of that poison, and they no longer want to taste of it again. They've been disgusted with what the System offers, and are fed up with it, and they only want the pure‚ sweet wine of My Spirit.
       116. Because of their dedication and commitment and wholeheartedness, I have been able to use them to be a blessing to each other and to the work. They've seen the good effects of positive peer pressure‚ and have experienced the negative effects of peer pressure as well. They've seen that when some of their friends have experienced or tried drugs, or have read certain novels that talk about the dark side, that they have been influenced by this, and they've had to fight that negative influence and peer pressure. But they've also seen that when their friends decide to make changes in their lives and leave behind the ways of the System‚ and decide to give their all to Me, then that has had a positive effect on them.
       117. So you, My young warriors of Guatemala, must strive to have that positive effect on one another. You must be careful about what you say and the things you do, for I have made you a close–knit team, and each one of you has influence and an effect on each other. And not only do you influence each other‚ but you have an even greater influence on the younger ones who follow your sample. So you must make sure that you're following closely and not afar off. You must make sure that you're living in My Word and using the new weapons I give you, and being the right kind of sample you need to be.
       118. You must not lean to your own understanding and try to do things in your own strength or in the arm of the flesh. Your flesh will surely fail‚ so you must not go there. This work in Guatemala is a work of My Spirit, and in order for it to thrive and grow and bear the fruit that I wish for it to bear, it must continue to be a work of My Spirit, and you must work in My Spirit as well.
       119. You must look to Me and ask Me everything--where I want you to witness, what kind of outreach I want you to go on, what activities I want you to do, what areas you need to improve in‚ what to feed your sheep, etc. You cannot try to do these things in your own spirit; you must let Me do the work through you.
       120. You have done well, and there is yet much in store for you. But I caution you to strive to do the humble thing, and never for a second think that this work is of you, or of your own doing, or due to your own good works. You must continually give Me the glory and realize that I am the One Who is doing the work through you.
       121. If you allow anything to go to your head or if you allow it to minister to your pride, then I will have to take away My blessings, and I will not be able to accomplish the work that I wish to do through you. Even the fact that your queen came to visit you should not in any way minister to your pride, but it should humble you and lay upon your heart the seriousness of the responsibility that I am giving you, that more is expected from you.
       122. For not only do I want you to get out My message to the lost here, and win souls and disciples for Me, but I also wish to use the work as an encouragement and a sample to My Family as well. I wish for them to see your unity, and the good fruits of working together and positive peer pressure, and how much fun and excitement you have in serving Me and being on-fire witnesses. I wish to bring others into your fold, so that you as a team can be a strength and blessing to other young people.
       123. There is yet much in store for you, beloved; this is just the beginning. But again, you must be careful not to pat yourselves on the back and give yourself the glory and think this is of you. For if this work be of man, it will come to naught; but if it be of Me and My Spirit, it will flourish and bring forth much fruit!
       124. So remember to give Me the glory for anything good that happens, and to ask Me everything, and to lean completely and wholly on Me and My Spirit. Do not make a move without hearing from Me first, and continue to be in prayer and to look to Me each minute of the day. Pray against pride and against leaning on the arm of the flesh, and let this be a work of My Spirit.
       125. I'm pleased with you‚ My loves--you've done well and made much progress. I'm proud of you for the right choices you've made and for your love and dedication. But this is a godly pride that I have for you, and it is not meant to minister to your pride; it is meant to humble you and to make you even more desperate to stay close to Me and in My Spirit.
       126. It is as if you are coming before Me in the spirit and kneeling before Me, and I am giving you My commendation and blessing; and I am also giving you a commission to go out and continue to fight My battles as My Endtime soldiers and prophets! But these are spiritual battles that have to be fought and won through My Spirit.
       127. So keep going, My loves! Keep going to the light of a brighter day, and be all that you can be for Me. (End of message.)

The Potential of Guatemala

       128. (Jesus:) The potential of this field is immense. It's a smaller country, unheard of by many people‚ yet it's brimming with possibilities. There's so much more to this field than meets the eye.
       129. The Family in this land can expect that all of their toiling in the fields, all of their labors of love in reaching out to the sheep and in sowing the seeds, will pay off. There will be a great reaping in this land if the seeds continue to be sown, if the message continues to be preached, and if the Family there remains strong and united.
       130. They, as a Family, have all of the makings and gifts and talents for the future ministries I have in mind. And it's not like their future ministries will be so different from their present ministries. They will be more like a continuation, an expansion, and an amplification of what they're already doing. The Family in this country is already winning disciples‚ but in the days to come it is My plan to win many more disciples--a huge crop of new blood for the Family.
       131. This land, this country of Guatemala, is a land filled with potential labor leaders. It is a land filled with hungry sheep! And not just sheep who want to be involved with the Family or who want to know the Family, but those who have the potential to give their lives to Me in full-time service, as My full–time disciples. The harvest of disciples in this land is huge, and as My Family obeys and follows Me and seeks out these disciples‚ great will be the results.
       132. Many of the potential disciples that I speak of are young people–-the youth of this land. That is why I have allowed this field to be so rich in dedicated young people within the Family, so that they can be a part of the harvesting team. But I say that the new disciples will not only be young people. There are those who are no longer considered youth who will join, so My Family must not limit Me. The people of this land are young at heart and free in spirit, so even some of those who are older are not deeply steeped in the world and its ways; many have the potential to be disciples, not just the young.
       133. This is My commission to the Family in Guatemala: to continue to feed the sheep, and to focus on winning disciples. They have already won disciples, but that is just the beginning. There is so much more to come if My children will have more faith to challenge those they meet with the call of discipleship.
       134. As I said, this land will also be a haven of some kind in the days to come. As such, the Family should minister to as many people as they can in their local communities who are influential, who hold responsibilities within their communities‚ who are merchants, or a part of the infrastructure of the country. The more contacts, friends, and supporters the Family there feeds and pours into and strengthens, the safer this country will be in the days to come. It will be a haven from the storm if the conditions are right, and if the Family begins now to build strong support on every side from those who are without, from those within the System.
       135. The Family in Guatemala has been fruitful and is prospering, but this is only the beginning. I will not stop with the fruit that has already been harvested. I see not only what has been accomplished, but what has yet to be accomplished. I see not only the present fruit‚ but I see the future potential. I see not only the present unity, but the potential of even greater and more powerful unity.
       136. This land, though small and poor in the eyes of the world, is rich in many ways--it's rich in labor leaders, it's rich in potential disciples, it's rich in spirit. My Guatemalan Family must realize what I'm saying clearly and have faith to believe that the potential of their country is so much more than they presently see. I commend the Family for their faithfulness, yet I urge them to look forward with even more faith for what I wish to do through them in the future. (End of message.)

       137. (Dad:) The Family is going to have to ask the Lord for an anointing of greater faith. In order to fulfill the Lord's commission for this land, the Family needs more faith. They can't worry about how they're going to be able to care for the new disciples, or how they're going to feed them, or how they're going to house them, or anything else. They can't worry about the repercussions of their obedience. They must simply obey.
       138. Like the early days of the Family, when we were winning disciples practically every day, that's a bit of a sample of what the Lord wants to do. But He never would have been able to help us reach so many people if He hadn't given us the faith to open our doors to the multitudes. Sometimes we didn't know where that new disciple was going to sleep, or how we were going to feed them and take care of them, but for every additional mouth‚ the Lord provided.
       139. Where the Lord guides, He always provides. If He's telling the Family that He wants them to win more new disciples, to have a disciple-winning revolution, then He'll take care of the details. Worry about the details only squelches faith. The Family must simply move forward and obey‚ stretch their faith, and trust that the Lord will take care of what they can't.
       140. Guatemala is bursting with fruit, and there are disciples out there just waiting to be found and challenged. Let the young people take up this torch. They have the fire and the energy and the gifts. The Lord's challenging them to not just be disciples themselves, but to make disciples of their nation. If they're willing, God's more than willing. If they will ask for the gift of faith and an infilling of the Holy Spirit, God will pour it out in great abundance, just like He did on the day of Pentecost. (End of message.)

Olé: Mama's Spirit Helper

       141. (Olé:) Olé! Olé! I am Olé!--I am the true spirit of Olé-–of conquest, and of victory! And I am your queen's Olé!--Your queen's fighter who goes forth with her and before her into the ring of battle for the conquest of Guatemala!
       142. I represent those who fight for her Guatemalan children. I love to enter the ring of battle‚ for I love to boldly face the Enemy, to take charge in the spirit right from the very beginning, and to enter the ring in positive declaration of victory and conquest, all the while shouting the cry of victory‚ the shout of conquest, the shout of "Olé!"
       143. And so you hear the shout of "Olé!" for "olé!' it is! "Olé" now as this battle begins, and "Olé" it shall be as each day passes until the conquest and victory cry is uttered! Great shall be the victor's cry as the legions of Heaven do enter the ring with your queen.--For we enter the ring not just for the children of David within Guatemala, but we enter the ring for the lost children of Guatemala!
       144. For the cry of the lost children of Guatemala has entered the courts of Heaven, and great has been the love of our Savior and Redeemer for the souls and spirits of His Guatemalan children. For many Guatemalan believers‚ followers, and disciples are predestined and predetermined to enter His gates, and yet much swings in the balances, and much swings in the balances of the choices of the youth of the children of David.
       145. For your youth--the children of the children of David-–have been preordained to reach the youth of Guatemala, these whose spirits cry to be released and freed to fulfill their destiny and calling as being part of the fold of David. Only your youth can reach them, for none other than Jesus and the Words of David can satisfy the longing and desire of the spirits of His Guatemalan children. But haste is required, and pressed in spirit, I deliver this message from the throne of my Savior, Who knows all and sees all.
       146. So enter the ring, we must!! But we must enter as one!-–One in heart, one in unity, one in spirit, and one in purpose! And that purpose is to win His Guatemalan children and claim them as ours!
       147. So now you release me. You release me to fulfill my commission beside your queen. And "Olé" it shall be through your unfailing prayers! "Olé" it shall be through your faithful calling upon the unconquerable keys! And "Olé" it shall be through your indomitable faith! (End of message.)

Guatemala Is a Ripe Field

       148. (Dad:) Guatemala is a ripe field waiting for labor leaders to go in and reap. There are many places around the world that seem like small fields where not much could happen. But look at Tenerife and the mighty explosion that the Lord brought about as a result of our obeying what He showed us to do.
       149. There is no field, situation, or ministry that is "too small" for the Lord to work in. If He has called you to be there, then you need to get down to business and find out what He wants you to do. Even if you never see any mighty results from your labors, even if you're just winning souls and getting out the tools, following up on the sheep and starting an active following, you are doing great and mighty things.
       150. The Lord will go to any length to reach one of His children, to save a soul that needs Him and that is crying out to be reached. The hearts of the youth here in Guatemala are crying out to be liberated from the stranglehold of materialism. So many young people in the System in Guatemala think that they must leave in order to accomplish anything great; they feel that they live in a backwards country that no one even knows exists, or at least couldn't find on a map. Some ignorant people think that Guatemala is a part of Mexico, and this causes many in the country to feel overshadowed by their richer, more well-known neighbor.
       151. This attitude has crept into some of you Family young people too; you feel you must accomplish "great things" or make a big splash in order to feel fulfilled or to be doing the Lord's highest will. But there is so much that can be done here. There are so many that could be saved, activated, set on fire, and turned loose to win their fellow Guatemalans. I tell you that each country, each generation has their time for the Lord to woo and win them, when their hearts are ripe and in need of His truth, and, beloved, now is His time for Guatemala!
       152. The Family is where it's at! In the Family you have people from all nations, all backgrounds, and all religions, who‚ because of their love for the Lord, are united in body, heart‚ and soul to accomplish one purpose--to win the world for Jesus! The Family is it, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will go out and win others and ignite their fire too! All it takes is one person who is on fire to set many others ablaze for Jesus.
       153. It will take time for some, but the more they see your fire, the more they see your dedication and burning desire to serve Him, the more they will want to give their lives to Jesus. This is the day to reap the harvest‚ to activate and change the country of Guatemala so that it will never be the same again.
       154. This will be an explosion that will be heard around the world, and this will draw many more to come and help you reap the harvest. So don't look at the size of your field or the small force that you have to reap with; just look at the Lord and the mighty hosts of angelic forces that wait to aid you. Great will be your harvest, and great will be your reward as you obey and reap the harvest that He has prepared! (End of message.)

       155. (Jesus:) Many here need to see the field as I see it, to hear the heartcries of those around them and know that they can do something about it. Many of My brides feel that they cannot change things or the way that they are, and they are content to just do a little here, a little there‚ and feel that they're doing some good. But they must wake out of this lethargy, this spirit of complacency, and see that revolution is possible and that they can be the ones to start it! All it takes for a revolution to start is for one person to believe that it can happen, and to spread that same idea and desire to another.
       156. The Enemy will fight My brides from stepping out and starting this revolution here with all sorts of things--from opportunities to make money, to long-awaited hearts' desires, such as a loved one in another field finally "coming around" and encouraging them to come join them. There will also be hard times in the beginning. As with all new moves of the spirit, it will require great effort and determining not to give up. Those who stick it out, who decide, come hell or high water, they will make this revolution happen‚ will reap the rewards and the blessings, and those blessings will be great.
       157. You will see the active Family grow like never before. You will see miracles of supply, protection‚ and healing. You will see fruit borne from the witness that you have been giving to your friends and contacts--all this as a result of your obedience and determination not to give up. (End of message.)

Keep Moving Forward and Doing More

       158. (Mama:) Although Dad gave the following message originally for the Family in Guatemala, the Lord made it clear that the message it contains is not just for this country--it's for every single Home worldwide. So please don't read this thinking about how it applies to the Family in Guatemala; apply it to your situation and ask the Lord what more you can do for Him in order to reach the lost and needy who are longing for His truth and love and salvation, how you can do your part to reap the mighty harvest in your land.

       159. (Dad:) There are those who are in high places who are waiting to be won. Don't hold back your message, but give the meat of the Word in love and wisdom. Don't pull your punches or compromise your conviction. We are a radical, revolutionary Family, and there are those who are waiting for our radical‚ revolutionary message--those who are not cold, nor lukewarm, but hot! They're waiting to hear about the fire of David's flame that the Lord is sending to lead His people out of the darkness of the world and into His light. You are my fire‚ beloved!
       160. You have been doing a lot in your witnessing ministries and I'm very proud of you--each of you--for doing your part. Yet there are still oceans awaiting you that are crying out for you to come and swim and find the lost treasures of the Lord. There are many waiting, creatures of beauty and splendor and uniqueness. There are seahorses, and dolphins, and starfish and whales. There are a variety of fish of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are waiting for you.
       161. The Lord is calling you to go out and catch them‚ beloved. It will be a fight to bring some of them in, for there are also the predators of the ocean who prey on them for their food. There are the sharks and barracudas and poisonous fish and the dark creatures of the deep that stalk about to use them as food for themselves.
       162. Don't be afraid to go in and catch them. The Lord has given you the keys of the Kingdom that will defy and destroy any who would try to prevent you from bringing them in. You will be clothed with wet suits that will keep you warm as you dive deep where His treasured fish live and swim about. Through the keys you will be protected and be impervious to any attacks made upon you.
       163. How do you bring in this harvest? To get your foot in the door you will need to sow the seed, the Word, through the tools the Lord has provided. Then follow up immediately. Feed your sheep faithfully, not holding back the meat of the Word. The Lord is seeking faithful men and women who are strong and ready to follow. You must look for the worthy, wait for the witness, and "catch" them for His Kingdom.
       164. There are those who will not be shocked by our doctrines. There are those who have been waiting for this message all of their lives. Finally, they will meet those who will share the truth of God's Word without the cover–ups of the church, without lukewarmness or watering down the power of the Spirit. Keep on sowing, keep on following up, and reap!
       165. Don't be intimidated by the Devil's obstacles that tell you that it can't be done. Those sharks and killer whales and creatures of darkness are not to be ignored, for they are there and they are real. But they are subject unto the power of the keys. Take the spiritual weapons that you have been given and start honing them. Use them. It's through use that you become proficient. It's through using these weapons that you will destroy the power of darkness and the evil foes that threaten you. You cannot destroy them, but the power of God in you can. The keys can. All power is given to you in Heaven and over Hell through the keys of the Kingdom. Do you believe it? Then use this power, beloved!
       166. You have the potential to be amongst the forerunners of God's advance to begin the final reaping. Don't put it off. Don't delay. Do it today! Obey today! Yield today! Put aside all the sin and weaknesses that so easily beset you and run with patience (with prayer and asking the Lord everything) the race which the Lord is setting before you, looking unto Jesus‚ Who is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He will give you the faith if you will follow and obey Him. Now is the hour. Tomorrow will be too late.
       167. I love you, my children. I am calling you to take up the challenge the Lord is presenting you with. I am calling you to be my mighty men. Will you heed this call and take up the challenge? There are masses awaiting the message. I, your Moses, am on the mountain calling you to bring them in! Bring in the sheaves! (Channel: I hear music in the background of people singing "David's Mighty Men!")
       168. (Dad continues:) Those are the voices of your brethren here in Heaven singing. They are encouraging you that it's time to march forward and claim the land‚ the lost for Jesus! They are many who have been trained to help you in your witnessing‚ those who have fought the fight of faith and come Home and received training to help you to witness!
       169. Call on them and they will come. Call on your Cathar helpers and they will come. Call on those the Lord has given you in the spirit to fight for you. Call on Tola and Tor. Call on Natalia. Call on the spirits who were created to defeat the demons of darkness.
       170. Take up the white-hot sword of the Spirit of God and cut the Devil to the heart! Free his captives. Proclaim the truth! Break the bonds from amongst yourselves that are holding you back from uniting, and then unite and fight! Go in and claim the land, claim the lost‚ and bring in the sheaves. I love you! (End of message.)

Prepare for Persecution

       171. (Jesus:) My darling brides of Guatemala, I look out into the fields of your country and I see a mighty harvest. You have been faithful to sow My seeds. You have been faithful to water My crops. Now is the time to thrust in your sickles and reap.
       172. I look upon your Homes and I see the Spirit moving upon each heart--changing‚ melting, molding each of you. There have been great forsakings in order to fulfill your commitments to Me. I have seen the tears. I have heard your prayers. Now I will answer your longings to be set free from your former bondage and to bring in the harvest.
       173. I say to you, My brides of Guatemala, lift up your eyes‚ for the fields are white and ready to harvest. Pray to Me that I will send you laborers, new disciples, to help you reap the souls that are waiting.
       174. Do not doubt. Pull out your keys. Command them to be turned to swords, and reap this field for Me. Establish the national churches. Secure the faith. Let go of the old, conventional ways of the past and embrace the new and radical ways of today. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.
       175. Unite and fight, My loves. Let not your good be evil spoken of. Let all men know you are of Me because of your love for one another. Come together in love. Commit to yourselves and to each other that you will not allow the Deactivation Demons of bitterness, division, pride and disobedience to break your cords of unity and love. Call on the Activation Angels. Command Me concerning the works of My hands, and see if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour down all that you need, that there will not be room enough to hold it.
       176. Become known for putting My Word into action. Become known for being obedient to Me. Become known for your love for one another. Forsake your worldly garments and do not seek to wear them again. Rather seek My Kingdom and righteousness first and foremost, with all of your hearts, all of your souls, and all of your minds, and I will supply all of your needs. I know what you have need of before you ask. I know what is good for you spiritually and physically. I know how to care for you better than you know yourselves‚ for I am He Who created you.
       177. Prepare, My loves. As you gather in the harvest, prepare for the coming persecution. This persecution will not be because of disobedience, but will be the persecution that is coming to those of My children who preach My message and who love Me. It will be persecution for righteousness' sake. Be ready. Fortify your Homes, that you are strong in My Word. Be vigilant. Know that your adversary is seeking to devour you, so prepare practically and spiritually. Don't think it's a time far off in the future and allow Lethargy to trick you. Call on Styrian to keep you stirred up. Pray, discuss, and set practical goals. Fear not, neither be afraid, for I will help you prepare. Be sober in spirit. Take heed to My Words. If you obey, I will bless and protect and deliver.
       178. Do not hold back My Words for fear of persecution, but preach My Word. Be instant, in season‚ out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine. Be My frontline fighters. I am with you, to lead you in this fight. Don't be weary, My loves, for you will reap if you faint not.
       179. Take unto you all the new weapons and study to show yourselves approved unto Me, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing My Word. Use the keys! Call on them! Claim them! Memorize them! Embrace the weapon of praise and use it, not just once in a while, but every day, at every opportunity. Focus on the power. Seek to be fully possessed by Me. Think My thoughts. Let My ways be your ways.
       180. Lay aside the sins and weights that so easily beset you, and run this race before you with patience, looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. And in all these things, My brides, let patience have her perfect work that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. May all men know you for your love, as My people of the keys of the Kingdom. (End of message.)

Goddess of Latin America

       181. (Goddess:) My lovers of David, the lost are waiting to be found. They need you. It is time to push forward to reap the harvest. Don't be weary in well doing--you who have sown, you who have watered–-thrust in your sickles and reap! Strengthen and stablish the work. Use the music of David to woo them! Use Conéctate to feed them! Use your sample to win them! Witness like everything depended on witnessing-–because it does. Feed the sheep like everything depended on feeding them--because it does. Follow up like everything depended on following up--because it does. Bring in the sheaves!
       182. Cleanse your hands, my loves. Purify your minds, those of you who are double-minded, and unite in this fight for the lost of Guatemala! Many are waiting for you. They will provide your needs. They will provide your protection. They will stand strong for David if you will obey. Reach the lost. Secure the church. Prepare for persecution. Viva la Revolución! (Long live the revolution!) (End of message.)

Messages for the Family in Mexico

A Commission for Mexico

       183. (Jesus:) Mexico is ripe! I have spread My people abroad in over 100 countries, with nearly 10 percent of the Family in Mexico, with more soon to come. I have prepared the ground. I have set Mexico next to the epitome of the Great Whore‚ where she has been forced to live in her shadow and smell her stench in the spirit. Many have seen the evils next door, and they have made a conscious decision not to partake of them.
       184. Her ground is now ready, but it is parched and dry, for no one has poured My waters into her. There are many people with pots and containers waiting for My fresh, clean, pure waters. Everywhere you go you see receptive people. Everywhere you go you see empty pots and dry wells. Or you encounter other pots and wells filled with polluted waters-–the old, dead, stale waters that do not satisfy nor quench the thirst, the old leaven that crumbles and does not give the sustenance that is needed for strength and growth.
       185. But I have given you‚ My children, the new, fresh living water. I have given you meat and the bread of Heaven! You eat from My table every day, absorbing My food into your spirits, and you grow stronger daily. You drink fresh water straight from the springs of God and your thirst is slaked, and yet there is more for you day after day after day. You stand under the waterfall of My eternal Word and you are washed and cleansed daily! You live in the abundance of My strength and sustenance. I ask now that you burst forth into your neighborhoods, throughout Mexico's highways and byways, and bring those who are hungry to the feast!
       186. I have nurtured you and grown you up, and even purged you to make you into the men and women of God that you are today. Do you realize that there are hardly any of your stature and spirit in the world? You are amongst the few in the world who are in the army of David, who have the strength of the mighty men of David of old, who are able to shoot arrows with both the right hand and the left, and who hurl stones with both arms-–skilled marksmen whom I've raised up and trained with the weapons and skill of fighting in the spirit.
       187. The weapons I have equipped you with are unstoppable. I have given you the strength and sinew of spirit to be able to overcome all the power of the Enemy. I have cultivated within you the faith of Abraham, and have nurtured it into the perseverance of Jacob, who would not let go until he received the blessing.
       188. I tell you now to grab on to Mexico and refuse to let her go till she blesses you, until she recompenses you for the blessings that you have poured into her. I have put it in her heart to do so. She is there, waiting for you to come‚ so pour out your waters without restraint; let them gush forth now! Go to the highways and byways where the outcasts are; to the palaces and mansions where the kings and queens are; to the airwaves and broadcast centers where the media moguls are; to the events and forums where the rich are. Go to all of these places and fling out My message to all who will hear, and into the air where it will take on a life of its own!
       189. I tell you, My loves, that he that has the faith to cast My message into the sky will see it grow wings, take off, and fly. For in the spirit world this day, massive contingents of spiritual warriors are lined up ready and able to grab all that you send them and take it where no man can go. I have opened up the passageways to the heart of Mexico‚ and they will take your message there. The kings and administrators will see and understand that it is good food, that it is solid nourishment, and that it will slake their thirst too.
       190. I wish to make Mexico Mine. I wish to steal her away from the Great Whore that she has sat next to, and I can only do it through you. So rise up, fill her with My seeds, and she will be faithful to give you of her fruits. I have given you the keys to the kingdom of Mexico, and this land will be My land. I have claimed it!
       191. Don't say that you can't do it. Don't say that there aren't enough of you. I have given you the spiritual power to take over the land! The land is full of milk and honey, but you have not gone in and taken it! What stops you? Why do you fear and hesitate? What hinders you? Think about it. Pray about it. Ask Me about it. Search your hearts.
       192. Take all of your fears and all of the things that hold you back and put them into My hands, where I will crush them into powder and throw them to the four winds, where they will vanish! Ask Me to take each and every one of your fears and hesitations out of the way, so that your faith will be boundless and uncontainable, and will burst out of you with joy and with force!
       193. Call on the keys of trust and obedience, and I will put in you the explosive force of faith unstoppable. I will ignite it‚ and stand back to watch it blow you into the hearts of all in Mexico with great joy and great power. Nothing will be able to stop you. You will march through doors that you thought could not be opened, and through doors that you knew you should walk through but didn't have the faith for. I have removed all the blockages in the spirit. Walk in where you will and start pouring out your water like mad, for now is the time and I see a great explosion in the land of My dear bride, Mexico.
       194. I have given you power over all the power of the Enemy, and nothing will by any means stop you. The power that is within you is greater than the power that resists you‚ for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
       195. You must realize that you have the true faith of God in you--the living waters. The people of Mexico have old, dried-out, empty wells, while you have water coming out of your bellies that never runs dry. Don't you see, My loves, that each and every one of you is a fountain of actual living water that never runs dry? If you believe, you will go from empty pot to empty well and you will fill and fill and fill. For I have put within each of you rivers that never run dry. I have given you the true waters, the living waters of My Word.
       196. I remove the hindrances and the blockages so that you can pour freely and unhindered and without end. Fear not, because I surround each of you with spiritual warriors and guards who will react with vengeance against any spiritual force that opposes you. Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world.
       197. So prepare yourselves now. In your Homes and your cities, counsel together and prepare for the season of great pouring. I only ask you to pour and to pour and to pour. Wherever you go and whatever you do‚ pour out what I have poured into you. You will see that My water never runs out, that you are always full to the brim and ready to fill whatever vessel stands in front of you.
       198. You will also find, My loves, that this is the key to supply. As you show that you are willing to take up the ministry of pouring and make this your priority, you will find that I will take care of you as I do the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field, and you will not lack. He that does My bidding, I will do his. She that yields to My will, I will yield to hers. We are one and the same. I dwell within you. My Spirit is wrapped around yours, and where you go, I go; and where I go, you go.
       199. As you yield, obey, and place yourselves in My hands, there will be no stopping you. I will take you up and bring you into the kingdoms of man with great joy and satisfaction as My servants, those who do My bidding and those who feed My sheep. You are the water bearers. You are those who pour out to My thirsty sheep, and I will let no one take advantage of you‚ for you pour Me out to them.
       200. Pour well‚ for it is Mexico's hour and you have less time than you think and you must prepare. If you pour well and if you pour diligently, I will make this land a refuge from the storm and a haven for many of My loved ones in the Time of the End. Its earth will swallow the flood which the dragon casts out after My Bride in the wilderness‚ and she will be safe. My Bride will rise up and confront the man of perdition. This is what I am preparing for, and this is where I am leading‚ and this is why you must walk through the doors now and prepare the way. See that you do your jobs well.
       201. I have given you the spiritual weapons you need. I have given you the spiritual food to nourish yourselves and others. I have given you overcoming faith through My Word. I have opened up the land. I have set you in the direction you should go. Mexico needs My children, and My children need Mexico, and as you go out to reach the hearts of the people of this land, I will open them up to receive My brides.
       202. So do not hesitate or hold back. For this is the time of pouring‚ and afterwards shall be the time of refuge and of reaping that which you and I have produced. Go in, My loves. She is waiting for you. (End of message.)

No Limits!

       203. (Jesus:) The field of Mexico has great potential, and that potential is growing greater. Each of you, My Mexican brides--whether you are native to Mexico or not--are like fireworks just waiting to explode and light up My sky. Each one of you is unique, each one of you is different, but you all have the potential to explode for Me in new ways, in a powerful manner, and with a brilliance that the whole world will notice.
       204. But unlike earthly fireworks that explode once and then are of no use anymore, you are fireworks that will keep exploding as long as you keep drawing fresh energy and strength from Me. You won't just have one brief moment of glory; you'll have many moments of glory as you shine for Me, as you win the world for Me, as you step out to do new things, revolutionary things that you've never done before. The more you explode for Me‚ the more powerful and brilliant and beautiful your explosions will become.
       205. Right now some of you are a bit like backyard fireworks. But every time you choose to yield, and every time you choose to forget yourself in order to explode for Me, you get stronger, your sparks fly higher, and your power is seen more strongly. Until, in time, you will be like a spectacular aerial display--the kind of fireworks that light up the whole sky and can be seen miles away!
       206. These are the days of instruction, of cleansing, of renewal, when I'm outfitting you for the future. These are the days when you are choosing to let Me make you into the disciples and Family members that I need you to be. These are the days when you're letting Me take off the trappings and distractions of the world‚ so that you will be more useful, more pure, and more powerful for Me in the days to come.
       207. You might wonder where all of this power is that I speak of, and whether you truly will be part of My fireworks‚ one who will explode for Me in great ways in the days to come. But I promise that each of you have the elements within your spirits that are needed. You're disciples at heart, you're revolutionaries at heart, and you're world changers at heart. You just need to learn to let these attributes and parts of your lives flourish and explode and be seen. You need to learn to hold nothing back.
       208. For too long you have kept these spiritual qualities hidden, for fear that you would attract too much attention, and that others--both those within the Family and those in the world-–wouldn't like what they saw in you. But you can no longer be shy and hidden, no matter what your reasons for doing so--whether it's because of fear of man, fear of failure‚ fear of wildfire, fear of problems, or fear of the future. I want and need you to be attractions. I want you--each of you-–to be the kind of disciples that others--those in the Family and those in the world--can't help but notice. I'm not talking about you drawing attention to yourself, but I'm talking about you being fiery and dynamic with the power of My Spirit.
       209. Your natural strength and abilities and ideas and inspirations will only take you so far. If you work in the arm of the flesh, you will remain backyard fireworks. But if you let Me fully empower you and strengthen you and anoint you and drive you and infuse you, then you will be like the fireworks that the whole world comes out to see. You won't be like a blaze of glory that just fizzles out. You'll keep shining‚ you'll keep exploding, you'll keep the attention of the world, as long as you allow Me to work through you, to move in you, and to possess you, for this is your destiny.
       210. The difference between how I can use you when you're leaning on your own strength, and how I can use you when you're fully depending on My strength, is like that between night and day. That's why you must depend on Me, My loves. You must never think that you know better than Me‚ or that you know how the work should be done, or how the message should be gotten out, or how to best reach the field of Mexico. You must depend on Me, because I am the only One Who knows what's best. My ways are radical and unconventional and aren't always accepted by the masses, nor are they always even welcomed by you. But My ways always work. My ways always bear the most fruit. My way is the only way.
       211. Don't let the Enemy fool you into thinking that minimal progress or fruit is sufficient or acceptable. Don't let the Enemy convince you to be content with your little explosions of power--that, while good, are not the best. At times you do experience minimal victories and reap small amounts of fruit when you're depending on the arm of the flesh more than Me, because I love you and I want to bless you as much as I can. I know you mean well, and you're depending on Me a little, and of course I want to get the job done--and you're some of the only ones on Earth that I have to work through. So I help you as much as you will let Me, and I bring little victories whenever possible, and you explode in little ways for Me. But compared to what could be taking place in the spirit, My hands are tied and you are so limited. Your efforts are so hampered and insufficient compared to what's needed.
       212. There's so much more, My loves. There's a whole other realm of power that you will experience if you will but learn what it means to let Me work through you. You allow Me to partially possess you, but I want full possession. That's how you'll do great things for Me. That's how the field of Mexico will be reached. That's how you'll see awesome miracles performed. The prayers you have been praying for so long will be answered if you learn fully what it means to let Me shine through you.
       213. All of you have talents and gifts in the natural. You are powerhouses, even on your own without My Spirit. You're zealous and you have drive and determination. This does take you places‚ but only so far.
       214. Take a peek into the future, My Mexican loves, and see the vision I have for you! Your talents and gifts will be magnified a hundredfold. Your flocks will increase. The fruit you bear will be more than you can gather, and the harvest in this land will be great. But it will only come about through your complete, total, and unwavering dependence on Me, your unconditional obedience to My plans and direction, and your uncompromising faith in My ways, however unconventional, humble, or radical. Your plans and programs, although they work to a certain extent and I allow you to bear a measure of fruit through them, are nothing compared to My great plans and My revolutionary programs and ways of doing things.
       215. If you are willing to attract the world with My revolutionary and unconventional ways‚ then you have what it takes to be one of those firework displays I talked about that will light up the sky with My unprecedented power. If you're willing to do‚ not what looks best to your mind or the ways of the world, but instead do things My way, even if they're downright crazy, then you have what it takes. If you're willing to be a doer of every part of My Word, and let the faith you receive from obedience to My Words propel you and move you, then you will work miracles for Me. If you are willing to step out on a limb and saw it off, I will catch you, and thrust you into previously undiscovered realms of fruitfulness and service.
       216. Believe Me, you haven't seen anything yet when it comes to My power and My abilities! My full power runs through the veins of those who are fully yielded, fully submitted, fully obedient, and fully dependent on Me. I'm so proud of you who are working toward this, and you are beginning to feel My blessings as a result. Trust Me, it's just the beginning. Things will only improve for you, your family, your Home, and the whole field of Mexico, as you give more of yourselves to Me, as you learn what it means to be fully possessed by Me.
       217. Thank you for being willing to explode for Me whenever I ask you. I know it isn't easy. You wonder which way I will direct you, where you will explode‚ and what the results will be. But the more you explode at My command through your obedience to Me, the easier it gets and the more you will desire and even crave it. There's a certain thrill that comes with serving Me on the cutting edge. When you dare to obey My crazy plans and My radical ideas, it's scary at first, but the results are 100 times more thrilling and far-reaching than anything you could have thought up yourself!
       218. Do you think you have an idea of the immense plans I have for the field of Mexico? Well‚ take those plans and multiply them by 100 in terms of power and fruit‚ and that will be closer to what I have in mind. Do you think you know how I want to work through you as an individual and how I wish to use you? Well‚ multiply that by 100 as well, and then you'll have a glimpse of My plan for your future.
       219. There is no limit to what I can do through a man or woman-–even a very young man or woman--who is fully yielded to Me! Do you realize what a powerful statement that is? No limit means there are no boundaries. No limit means there are no walls in the way of My will being performed, if you believe. No limit means there are no obstacles in the way of My plan and program that can't be overcome or removed or destroyed or turned into steppingstones. No limit means that there is nothing in Hell or on Earth that can get in the way of My power. No limit means that My power is unrestrained, unrestricted, and unable to be contained by anything, anyone, any power, or any principality.
       220. You must learn the full scope of these words: There is no limit to what I can do. And then you must learn to allow Me to fully possess you, so that you will have the faith and the spiritual power to let Me work through you to fulfill My unlimited plans. Let there be no limits when it comes to your obedience, dependence on Me, and faith in Me. Then there will be no limits to what I will be able to do for you and through you! (End of message.)

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