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Recognizing and Resisting Pan!

By Maria       Maria #613 CM/FM 3401 2/02


       Stay true
       Stay on fire and alive for Me
       Too much questioning and too little accepting
       Pan seeks to get in during the interim
       Pan's enticement of knowledge
       Seeing the true value in others
       Don't let doubts pass
       Resenting correction
       The spirit of contrariness
       Open-mindedness--Pan's old tune
       Dad on open-mindedness
       Relearn the art of fighting the Enemy
       Knowledge from Heaven
       Close your mind to Pan's garbage
       Pan minimizes the Word
       Don't let in the distortions
       Negativity and depression
       Victory over life-threatening depression
       Bind Pan's hopelessness through the keys
       Unite your forces and fight
       Stay free
       Dwell in the shadow of My wings daily
       Memorizing helps keep Pan out

Dearest Family,
       1. I'm really proud of each of you who are hearing from the Lord and putting His counsel into action in your lives. I hope you've found the prayer and prophecy questions included in many of the recent GNs helpful. The Lord can give you so much specific personal shepherding if you ask Him. I realize that it's a struggle to find time to fit it in, as we're all very busy, and the Enemy fights hard to keep us from having the time to spend with our Husband and Shepherd. But it's really worth it, and it is in fact pretty much the only way to know how to apply all that the Lord is pouring out and benefit from it to the extent necessary in your personal life.
       2. In this GN I want to share with you some excerpts of the Lord's answers to individuals when they asked Him about the influences of Pan and Bacchus in their life. (The messages in this GN are about how to recognize and resist the influences of Pan, and the ones in Post-it GN #4 are about how to recognize and fight Bacchus.) These are compiled from our WS Homes, as well as some that were sent to us from field Homes and other Service Homes.
       3. The Lord said that we were set free from Pan and Bacchus and Selvegion and Lethargy when we unitedly asked Him for deliverance during the fast. However, He also said that we would need to continue to be on guard and learn more about how these evil beings found entrance to our lives and Homes, so that we can keep them from gaining entrance again. Specifically about the influence of Pan and Bacchus the Lord said, “Pan and Bacchus are a very real presence in the spirit world at this time. They are part of the Enemy's increased attack. They have been granted greater power, and they are out to kill. My children of David are an especially prized target because of the great damage that they do to the kingdom of Satan and the souls that they steal from his grasp. So My children must be warned, they must be aware.”
       4. Please ask the Lord to speak to your heart as you read His counsel and the exposé of how these demons operate and the ways they try to find entrance. After you've read the Lord's counsel, please take time to ask Him to speak to you personally regarding what you need to be most aware of, or anything that you haven't understood clearly that relates to your personal life.
       5. The picture that most of these excerpts paint is not a pretty one. It's an exposé. Please see it as such and be thankful for the Lord's honest shepherding and how much He has revealed to us, so that we can be aware and on guard.
       6. Precious Husband, open our hearts and minds right now to receive Your truth. We call on the power of the keys against Pan and anything he would do to try to prevent us from receiving Your Words of truth. We want to see these two minions of Satan through the eyes of the spirit, and become more aware of how they fight us and how we can be more effective in resisting them and staying free of their influence. Make us receptive and open to You and Your voice of conviction and wisdom. Help us to become wiser through Your Words and more aware of the Enemy's devices, not only for our own sake, but for the sake of those who You want us to bring to You. Thank You, sweet Love.

Stay True!

       7. (Jesus speaking:) The main area in which you've compromised is not only by not holding to My Words closely enough, but also through not rejecting and casting aside all that goes against My teachings, which is equally as important to Me. Have I not said, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you”?
       8. The Enemy is always looking for a way to get you to compromise in order to weaken you, your beliefs and convictions, with the goal to ultimately render you useless to Me. One of the tactics he's using most these days is that of compromise in what you believe and accept, trying to trick you into thinking that you can believe and do My will and what I say, but at the same time rebel against being what he likes to call “narrow-minded,” and getting you to accept beliefs, doctrines or lifestyles that go against My Word--or at least not actively shunning and rejecting them.
       9. The spirit of so-called “open-mindedness” and “anything goes” that is so prevalent in the world today is a ploy of the Enemy; it's the spirit of compromise, the spirit of Pan. My Word is clear and remains true and the same: You cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot do both. You cannot please both Me and the world, for we are at great odds with each other.
       10. Pan is viciously attacking you, My children. He seeks to blur the lines of good and evil‚ right and wrong‚ with his lies and half-truths; this is his mission. He is the spirit of confusion. He is a liar seeking to ensnare and trick you into accepting just about anything and everything, thus causing you to compromise.
       11. You must be more vigilant, more on guard, more wary, faithfully measuring everything by the yardstick of My Word. You must walk more circumspectly. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way‚ which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
       12. As time goes on I will be calling you‚ My bride, out more and more that you might be separate unto Me‚ clean and pure. I'm calling you out from the world. I'm requiring you to shun the things of the world‚ to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, to follow My example.
       13. Was I accepted by the world? Was I politically correct? Did My sayings and teachings sit well with the world? Did everything I said make perfect sense to everyone? Was it all understood and accepted by others? Was I understood, respected, and loved by all? No! Did it matter? No! I had a job to do, I had the truth to give, and I was determined to give it no matter what. Many of My sayings were hard sayings that cut people to the heart, and many walked with Me no more because of them. I was despised, rejected, and hated of men, and so will you be.
       14. As the days grow darker and iniquity abounds, you, My children, and the world will be increasingly unable to reconcile with each other. There will be no two ways about it. You have the light of truth, you know right from wrong, you have My commandments. Let not the Enemy confuse and deceive you into compromising.
       15. You must be more vigilant and careful now. You must begin readying yourself now by holding to My Words of truth ever so closely and by guarding your heart and mind. You must be committed to believe and obey all that I have said, even if you don't understand it all.
       16. Stay true to My Words of truth and be committed to stand by and up for them no matter what. Even if you don't understand everything, even if some things seem a bit extreme or even strange, you must be committed to follow Me where'er I lead. Your highest desire must be to please Me and to obey, even if you don't understand it all, for understanding is the reward of obedience.
       17. Hold to My Words of truth and be not deceived, but be prepared. And you will be if you are faithfully living in My Words, for then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free from the great confusion that is falling on all the world.
       18. Stay dropped out. Stay vigilant in spirit. Be My dropped-out disciple, one who follows My teachings closely. Stay clean and pure through receiving, believing, and obeying My Word, and so shall you be prepared to do all that I would have you do.
       19. In order to pass the big tests‚ you must first pass the little ones. In order to be able to stand strong for Me in the big things, you must first stand strong in the little ones. You are My bride, the bride of Christ; therefore be wise‚ be sober, be vigilant.
       20. Keep yourself for Me alone. Stay true to Me in all things. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness‚ but rather reprove them. Keep your heart with all diligence. Touch not the unclean thing, but rather refuse and reject it, and so will I receive you. I love you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay on Fire and Alive for Me!

       21. (Jesus speaking:) You have let Pan deceive you into the age-old trap of worshiping the mind and logic. This is one thing that you really need to fight against, as cold, calculating logic so fights against the freedom and fire of My Spirit.
       22. You recall stories and incidents where you feel wisdom and discretion and a little plain common sense were thrown to the wind due to overabundant enthusiasm, and yes, it is true that there were times when people acted unwisely because they were carried away with inspiration.
       23. But don't let that judgmental logic reason you into a total state of inactivity, which results in everything going to the opposite extreme. Sure, in retrospect there were things that could have been handled more wisely, but don't let Pan come in and tell you that all fire is “out,” and that wise, logical conformity is “in.”
       24. If the Family had started with that calm, cool, collected approach, it never would have gotten anywhere! It was that fire and do-or–die dedication that attracted people. It was that zeal that made the world stop and take notice! So don't ever lose it or you're done for. Don't let Pan deceive you into thinking that cool, carnal reasoning is the way to go. Stay on fire and alive for Me! (End of message from Jesus.)

Too Much Questioning And Too Little Accepting

       25. (Jesus speaking:) Too much questioning and too little accepting! Pray desperately every time you read, and rebuke this arch-demon that seeks to destroy your mind and your service for Me! Pray and call upon the power of the keys for faith, and that I will help you to believe My Word with all your heart. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan Seeks to Get in During the Interim

       26. (Jesus speaking:) The influences of Pan in your life are apparent through the doubts and questions that you have made room for in your heart. Pan has stolen the childlike faith of many--including yours. Many years ago you made the decision to stop taking everything in My Word by childlike faith. You wanted to analyze things. You wanted to see some sort of proof. You knew that My Word is truth‚ but you wanted to be able to prove it to yourself and others.
       27. This is not necessarily wrong. You have a curious mind, and you like to be full of faith for whatever you believe. If you go about getting this conviction by studying My Word and being filled up on the subject, asking others in faith how it has worked for them, that's good.
       28. But Pan seeks to get in during the interim--between the time that you start questioning and the time that you are able to seek Me about your questions, or ask your shepherds, or research My Word. He gets in during that period and sows confusion and mayhem. He poses further questions and tells you not to ask Me or your shepherds. He tries to make you feel that the doubts were always with you, until you forget what was a newly acquired mindset and what was originally placed there by Me through your parents and godly upbringing. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan's Enticement of Knowledge

       29. (Jesus speaking:) Pan and Bacchus, how have they influenced your life? The first things that come to your mind are such activities as reading novels, card playing, and drinking. The truth is that the influence of these demons is far more subtle and widespread, especially the influence of Pan, who is the more deceptive, for his evil deeds are coated with the “good intentions” of pride. The spirit of Satan is the spirit of pride itself‚ and these who are his minions seek to promote pride‚ and Pan has achieved this in the greatest way. He promotes self, self-importance, the bettering of one's self, the glory of one's own mind and ways.
       30. He has sought to entice you with knowledge and higher learning, and in general encouraged an overall curiosity for all that might be new and interesting. He wants you to just take it all in, without discerning or carefully selecting. He wants you to think, “The more knowledge I have, the better.” For he knows that the more he can clutter your mind with his evil or even just useless information, the less you will fill your mind with that which is pure, that which is godly, that which strengthens you spiritually.
       31. He causes you to be interested in that which is “spiritual,” yet which is not of My Spirit, and therefore which he knows is not going to strengthen you spiritually–-but will instead confuse you or weaken you. He seeks to arouse an interest in other religions, in the dark side‚ the evil side, the witches and wizards who worship the spirits of the earth, and tempts you to look for the good in these. This has caused your convictions to be weakened, because you have allowed your mind to be “trained‚” as it were, in looking for the good in other things besides the pure truth.
       32. There is a point to understanding and having a basic knowledge about other forms of belief‚ so that if you are witnessing to someone with such a belief, you have some premise on which to relate to them. But other than that, there is no good purpose--just the evil purposes of confusion and cluttering your mind and heart with that which is false, leaving less room for the pure truth.
       33. You have not thrown yourself into studying these other beliefs, but neither have you seen your curiosity and interest as dangerous. You just think of yourself as wanting to be informed and up on what's going on in the world and being knowledgeable and understanding in these matters. But understanding or knowledge without purpose is dangerous. You should begin to question your desires and interests and curiosities more carefully. You should ask yourself, “Is looking this up or reading about this going to help me? Is it going to make me a stronger disciple or witness? Is it going to strengthen my convictions? Or is it going to bring in compromise or doubt?”
       34. You think of yourself as being stronger than you are, and tend to think that just “surface knowledge” of something, without getting “into it‚” is not harmful to you. Your problem is that you measure things not by My standard but by that of others. You also think to yourself‚ “Well, there are others who are into much worse things, so I'm doing okay.” That's an off-center measuring stick, and one that I want you to stop using. (End of message from Jesus.)

Seeing the True Value in Others

       35. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has caused you to idolize knowledge and people who have a lot of knowledge. You have a much greater respect for those who are intellectual or educated than those who are simple. You admire the simplicity that you see in some, such as your king and queen‚ for example, but overall, when you look at a person in your Home or in the Family, you consider those who have been well educated or who are naturally intelligent or are intellectual as being on a higher level.
       36. You desire to be thought of in this way too, and therefore strive to be knowledgeable about as much as possible‚ to be informed, to be “intellectual” in the sense of being questioning and cynical. One of the things that you look down on more than anything is someone who is too “simple,” who seems to be rather “dumb” or “slow,” or who is gullible or too much of a follower. You tend to disassociate from such people or at least look down on them.
       37. This may not seem to be such a problem, but it is a warping of your mind that affects other areas of your life as well. It can affect your unity because you don't want to work with or listen to someone who you consider isn't smart or bright. It can affect your ability to work with or under others‚ or to be shepherded, if you're just looking at someone in the flesh and not in the spirit. You can miss out on receiving helpful input or shepherding from someone because you see yourself as above them because you're “smarter.”
       38. Last but not least, it's damaging to your own spiritual condition to look at people this way because it ministers to your pride. It's a carnal mindset; it's looking at people in the flesh rather than seeing things in the spirit.
       39. Everyone has been given different gifts and abilities, and intelligence and the gift of knowledge is one of those abilities, but it is not an ability that is superior to others. When you realize this‚ you will see yourself and others in a different light than you have before. It will greatly change your mindset and enable you to be far more spiritually minded, as well as less likely to compare yourself with others, or compare others with others. It will make you less critical of others who you have looked down on, and will also make you more willing to assert your own gifts and talents in the presence of others who you have felt intimidated around.
       40. Mental abilities and talents are just one part of a person's makeup, and your views about people don't need to be boxed in by that one aspect of life. It's very limiting. It's very confining. And it twists and warps so much.
       41. This is one of the main influences of Pan that I would have you pray against, this measuring people by their intelligence and seeing that as superior to all other talents or attributes. Losing this very wrong mindset will change your life in many ways. It will help you to be more spiritually minded, more tolerant, more compassionate, and less desirous of worldly input overall. (End of message from Jesus.)

Don't Let Doubts Pass!

       42. (Jesus speaking:) Pan seeks entrance in your life through your mind to cause you to question and to doubt My simple truth. You have not been as faithful as you should in coming to Me whenever you have a question or whenever a doubt is placed in your mind; instead you have opted to just let it pass rather than going on the attack against such attacks.
       43. You feel that it's normal that you would face doubts at some time or that you would be hit with the filth and lies of the Enemy. Yet on your own you are not strong enough to fight off these doubts just by willing them away or by trying to stay strong and not letting them affect you. These doubts are real and they do have power to affect and to afflict you, yet I am greater and I will not allow you to be hurt by them as you come to Me to receive My cleansing Words.
       44. You have been naïve in your thinking that these were just random attacks or just a scattershot attack, for it was an all-out attack on your soul by the arch-demon Pan. Wake up and see these attacks for what they are! They are the very attack and attempt of the Evil One to destroy your usefulness to Me and to stop your service to Me and the Family. It is not just a little freedom here or there or a little wanting to try this or that, but it is an all-out attack on your heart and mind to forsake your calling and to drop out of My Endtime army‚ to become a deserter!
       45. I know you didn't see things as such, but this is the end goal of Pan--to take you out of My service. This is why I have said that you must stay close to Me and to My Word or else you are doomed to defeat. However slowly it happens, this is the end result. It has happened even to the strongest top leaders when they lost their connection with Me and chose to follow their own arm of the flesh rather than stay desperate and dependent upon Me.
       46. The secret is to stay desperate and nothing in your own sight, to constantly acknowledge your need for Me and your inability to do anything without Me. Don't make a move without My guidance or counsel, and stay humble by confessing your need for Me and others. It is the road of humility that will keep you on the right path, close to Me and out of the clutches of the Evil One. (End of message from Jesus.)

Resenting Correction

       47. (Jesus speaking:) Pan, as the demon that has dominion over the mind, can influence what you say and how you react to certain situations. For example, when you receive correction or something happens that makes you upset, Pan is the one that whispers in your ear to snap back with a nasty comment or to grow very angry.
       48. He is the one that tells you to feel spite toward correction, to not receive it and to resent it. You must realize that it is the voice of Pan, and therefore the voice of the Devil. You must resist him. He has no power over those who openly claim My Word and command him to flee. He is puny. He only appears to make himself look big and powerful to those who yield to his mindsets.
       49. But rebuke him and resist him! Call on the power of the keys to cast him back to where he came from! Pray desperately and ask Me to rid you of him completely and forever. Then you can begin to do better in those areas that Pan has inflicted damage upon. Remember, you have complete power over him through Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Spirit of Contrariness

       50. (Jesus speaking:) One of Pan's avenues of entrance that works on you is the spirit of being contrary. You champion unpopular views, just to be contrary and “not the norm.” Some may say that being contrary and rebellious in those ways is just a simple trait of youth. But you must be aware that Pan is the enemy of youth‚ especially you of the children of David, and his netherworld power is enhanced when he fights against the young. He fights you hard and will use anything possible to turn you away from Me, and one of the ways he does this is through encouraging you to be contradictory and contrary about the standard and the things which are in My Word.
       51. When you were younger, and even now to some extent‚ you let him in by speaking his thoughts and letting his contrary spirit make you say things that you didn't even believe, simply to be contrary. You would make comments justifying bad movies‚ bad people, bad attitudes‚ bad thoughts, bad decisions‚ bad music‚ just because you wanted to be different. This is Pan's hand in your life, that little rebellious feeling like you want to say something contrary, just to contradict. That's him trying to use you as a tool of the Enemy's thoughts and words. (End of message from Jesus.)

Open-mindedness--Pan's Old Tune

       52. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has worked to try to get you to open your mind to him. You have listened to him as he has piped supposed sweet music to your ears, and you have opened your mind to him and have been afflicted with his “open-minded” trip. Oh, this is an old trip, for there are many examples in My Word of Pan playing the same tune to those who watched and beheld My servants following and speaking the things I gave.
       53. It wasn't very open-minded of Noah to build the biggest boat anyone had ever seen, on dry land‚ and not heed the cries of those about him that it was foolishness and folly‚ was it? It wasn't very open-minded of Elijah to call down fire from Heaven to oppose the ideas of the priests of Baal, was it? It wasn't open-minded of Elijah to tell Jezebel that she and her followers were doomed to years of famine and pestilence because they served a god other than Me.
       54. This attack of Pan has been around for many years, and My prophets have had to defy him through the ages. He's been piping the same tune for generations upon generations. He's an old piper and his lies have been circulating for many a year. Why do you think he's such a powerful demon? It's because his methods have had success, and Satan keeps promoting him to where he now sits on his council and is a god of this world. The world worships him because they worship the mind of man. This is his domain, and while he dupes the world with his open-minded crap, he fills their open heads with his lies and garbage. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dad on Open-Mindedness!

       55. (Dad speaking:) There is no such thing as open-mindedness when it comes to receiving or rejecting the truth! You either receive the truth of the Lord and reject the Devil's lies; or conversely, you receive the Devil's lies and reject the Lord's truth. You cannot hold on to both because they are in continual conflict. Whatever the Lord says, the Devil must say otherwise. Whatever the Devil says, the Lord has already said the opposite. So you cannot serve two masters; either you will hold to the one and despise the other, or you will hate the one and love the other. There is no middle of the road!
       56. This open-minded trash makes me furious! Oh, this makes me so angry I want to strangle the Devil! God damn Pride! God damn Pan! God damn Lucifer and his minions! I am worked up and angry about this! Why aren't you? God help you to wake up and see the error of your ways!
       57. The Family is duped by Satan's chief imps, and he is laughing as he packs more shit into their heads! God have mercy on us! I want you to wake up! I want you to close your mind! Forget all this “free your mind” nonsense! It's such rubbish, how can you believe it?
       58. Where's your do-or-die spirit? Where's your all-or-nothing-at-all heart? Huh? The Lord made you a fighter! Why the hell are you in the shit pits of Satan mulling over and eating his garbage? The Lord has called you out of those cesspools, but you insist on swimming in them, thinking that just because you're keeping your eyes and mouth shut that you're safe.
       59. God damn the idiocy of the Devil! He's the biggest idiot! Do you know where that word comes from? It comes from being ignorant, and in his case, to become so diabolically ignorant he had to ignore the truth and foster lies in his own heart. Oh, God deliver us from these attacks of the Devil! (End of message from Dad.)

Relearn the Art of Fighting the Enemy!

       60. (Jesus speaking:) You can fight Pan by rebuking him in the spirit and telling him that if necessary, you are willing to believe My Words even without fully understanding them. This is exactly the opposite of what Pan wants, and it frustrates him greatly! But as you rebuke him and as you take steps to resist the temptation to analyze and nitpick My Words, you can expect to be fought even harder! So don't be surprised if you're tempted to analyze even more, and are hit with doubts you never thought of! When it comes, instead of getting discouraged about it, realize that it's an outside attack of the Enemy and that some good old-fashioned rebuking the Enemy will throw a serious monkey wrench into Pan's plans!
       61. You must relearn the art of fighting the Enemy! You must learn to rebuke him with indignation and in a very specific way! This is part of becoming revolutionary once again. The Enemy will fight you tooth and nail, because the last thing he wants is for you to be on fire for Me and on guard in the spirit. But that's exactly what you need to do. So go for it with full force! (End of message from Jesus.)

When you lose the revolutionary spirit, you are open to the influence of the spirit of the modern world.

Knowledge from Heaven!

       62. (Jesus speaking:) You must stand strong and claim the Word and cling to it. Pan will try to get you to throw away your faith and your crown by letting in a host of other outside opinions. He will try to get you to accept that the System has a great deal to offer, that you must follow in some of their ways, that the Family is cutting itself off from success by being so closed. But that is not the case. I bring the Family to different points at different times, and if I show the Family to adopt a practice or method that has been in use by the System for some time, that does not mean that the Family should have adopted it long ago. You must just believe My Word and the prophets, that they are following My timetable, and that I know what is best.
       63. This is the main battle that you must fight: To not let Pan into the corners of your mind with his subtle persuasion of being open-minded, of being apt to learn, of not being so sheltered and isolated, not so closed off. This is a deadly attack, and one which many young people are falling for. It is a hard one to resist‚ because the natural pride of man wants so much to be all-knowing, understanding, to not appear to be cloistered or secluded from knowledge, especially not to cut oneself off from it purposely.
       64. But My way is the opposite. Seek to keep yourself pure in My sight, and all the goodly, godly riches and knowledge from Heaven will be opened unto you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Close Your Mind to Pan's Garbage!

       65. (Jesus speaking:) Open-mindedness is common to youth‚ especially some Family youth, and this is due to a direct assault of Pan. He tries to belittle the strong beliefs that come with discipleship and instead tries to get you to be worldly, open-minded, and tolerant of evil.
       66. He likes to make you think that you're being fair, just‚ willing to learn and not so brittle and stuck in a mindset, but really he cheats you because he doesn't open your mind to everything, only that which he wants to allow. If he had his way he'd open your mind to the world and shut out the godly things of the spirit!
       67. Look at that word‚ “open-mindedness.” It means your mind is open. And who controls the principality of the Devil's attacks on the mind? Pan does. So nothing would please him better than an open mind--an open mind just ready and waiting to be filled by him. Ugh!
       68. Resist him, steadfast in the faith! Close your mind to the Devil's garbage and sink your mind into the waters of My Spirit! Don't listen to Pan's lies and confusions that tell you that you need to be open to various System opinions, thoughts, mindsets‚ and lifestyles. Don't let him tell you that it's uncool and conservative to be so “religious” and “closed-minded.” Thank God that you can be closed-minded to the wrong things! Close your mind to Pan and his deviltry, and open your mind to Me and My Heavenly wisdom, truths, and insights!
       69. As with all of the Devil's kingdom, Pan is‚ at best, a pretender. He knows this‚ and is inferior. At the heart of each demon is the knowledge that they are inferior to Me, to the real thing. Why else do you think he wishes to overcompensate by coming in such a fair form, bejeweled and gold-encrusted? He hopes to dazzle you so that you will not look closely to see that his wisdom is paltry sticks and mud compared to My treasure storehouses of truth. He is nothing, and I have much, much more to give you! A mind that is yielded to Me can be so much more powerful and enlightened than one that is yielded to Pan. So do not allow him entrance. Accept Me fully! (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan Minimizes the Word

       70. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has tried to cause you to gloss over the importance of My Word in your life. He has sought to cloud your mind, to cause you to lose sight of the magnitude of My Words and their paramount importance in your life. He has not been able to cause you to outright doubt or analyze, but he has caused you to belittle My Word in your mind and to not give it the due respect and importance in your life that it deserves.
       71. When you think that other things are more important than My Word or spending time with Me, this is Pan influencing you. He is playing with your mind, making you think that whatever else you think you need to do is more important than swimming in the waters of My Word. When you read something that should spur you into action to change, or motivate you to grow or progress, but then you don't, or you minimize it, or you put it off‚ this is Pan influencing your mind. He twists and distorts the truth. He minimizes My Words and makes you think that you know better. This is one of his tricks to try to draw you away from Me and My Word. (End of message from Jesus.)


       72. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has influenced your way of thinking in that you feel that you have to be brainy, you have to try to be and sound intelligent, and he seriously makes you compare your intellectual attributes with those around you. He makes you belittle the gifts I have given you. He makes you look at all that you don't have and wish to have in the way of worldly knowledge, saying cool things and being in the “in” crowd.
       73. When you boil it down, what it basically is, is compromise. It's letting go of all that you have learned and all the standards that you have previously held, in order not to sound self-righteous or condescending. Of course, you shouldn't be those things either, but there is a basic Family standard that you have to live up to if you want to be a Family member. You need to stop and ask yourself, “What is my standard? What is the standard in the Word that I want to live up to?” And then live by that, stick to it, and in a loving‚ non-self–righteous way try to help those who you live and fellowship with to do the same.
       74. Don't let Pan have control over you through his spirit of compromise‚ through his telling you that you won't be cool or accepted, or through his power over the mind and his worship of the mind which makes you feel like everyone is so much more knowledgeable in the ways of the world than you. Fight him and rebuke him and seek to please Me‚ and I will take care of making you fit in and helping you to feel a part of things, and I will take care of all your needs. I am much better able to do that for you than Pan is, believe Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Don't Let in the Distortions!

       75. (Jesus speaking:) Pan can influence your life through movies, through fashion, and through thinking that these things matter. It's nice to have fun clothing, to enjoy the movies, but the mindsets that come along with it, that “thin is beautiful, chunky or plump are ugly‚ and nothing else but thin will do” is certainly an attitude of the Enemy.
       76. Don't let Pan come in with his lies, deceit, and distortions of the truth and the way that you really are‚ which is beautiful in My sight, to make you think that you're ugly, fat, and all his horrible lies that make you so sad and depressed, almost to the point of wishing to give up on life. (End of message from Jesus.)


       77. (Jesus speaking:) It's good that you've been bringing your mindset about children before Me, for this was one very big way in which Pan has influenced your life. He is against love, marriage, children, and all of these things, so of course he used his subtle means to cause you to have a very strong wrong attitude about such things.
       78. Children are a gift from My hand, and as you do what I have shown you, as you step out to help care more for this little one in your Home and offer to take him for parent times or whatever, this will certainly help to change your mindset.
       79. As you strive to not think badly or pity the parents because they have a child, this will also help. Pray for them, but they need no pity, for they have been blessed with a priceless possession--a child--and this is something that they are proud of. I have blessed them. I have given them a love gift like none other, and this is something to rejoice over.
       80. So rejoice with them! Care for their child and love it as if it were your own, and then you will feel the parents' love that they have for this child‚ and you will see that even if it gets sick, cries all night, or is naughty sometimes, it is still a gift of My love, and the joy and love far outweigh the pain and tiredness. (End of message from Jesus.)

Negativity and Depression

       81. (Jesus speaking:) Now that Pan's bluff has been called and his name revealed, cast him away by name by calling on the power of the keys of the Kingdom! Pan is the main demon who's been attacking you for so long. Rebuke Pan by name‚ in My Name, and he will have to flee.
       82. Pan has attacked you with strong negativity. This has been your long-standing NWO and it has almost snuffed out your light and your usefulness so many times. Lately you've gained major victories in this area, but you have many battles yet to fight.
       83. Pan has been the author of the times in your life when you have been under the heavy cloud of depression. He's found that this one has really worked with you. He's taught you to love the comfort of self-pity and has fought hard to make you feel like I don't love you.
       84. Pan has taunted you by telling you that you're a big rotten sinner and useless in My Kingdom. Though you have sinned and come short of My glory, you are a chosen instrument. It's not because of your good works that I've chosen you, but because I love you and have ordained it that you will bring forth much fruit. But how can you do this if you don't actively believe it? And so Pan makes you doubt your place in My heart and in My Kingdom.
       85. Pan has tempted you with the wrong things and then has condemned you for thinking these thoughts. He's brought a fierce, heavy battleground to your mind. It's Pan that has pestered you much. Because Pan knows how much I love you and need you, he has actively set out to cloud your mind with the plague of analyzing and with distorted confusions that even you had no clue as to their origins. He's attacked you time and again with doubts about My love for you, and that has put a strain on and at times rocked the very foundation of your faith and trust in Me.
       86. Pan has tried to get you to hide from the water of My love for you by trying to get you to despise Me for the dark clouds in your life. These are the very clouds you have needed most‚ for they have carried the water to your cracked heart and have softened you. It's My loving rain in your life that has kept you clean and soft and malleable. Pan hasn't wanted you to recognize the water of My love from the rain clouds as the protection that they are. The clouds have shielded you from the hot sun that would parch your heart and harden it.
       87. Pan has been the biggest thorn in the spirit in your life. The only way you can get rid of him is to defy him, resist him, rebuke him, refuse to listen to him, and quit fearing him! Through My Name you have power over Pan, and you can command him what to do. Pan can't stand My Name, for there is such power in it. So when you rebuke him, do so in My Name. Like the Devil, Pan can't win unless you surrender. (End of message from Jesus.)

Victory Over Life-Threatening Depression!

       88. (Jesus speaking:) Pan wants to depress you and make you sad, with his ultimate goal being to pervert you and turn you away from Me. His power gets stronger and stronger over you if you let him in for one moment, because once he can get his nose in, he starts taking hold and wraps his arms around you and starts squeezing harder and harder.
       89. That's why you find such difficulty in shaking the depression once it sets in. It's not that you can't fight. It's not that you can't wield the weapons. It's just that he has been very strong in your life with depression and schizophrenia to where you almost are two people–-the one that wants to rise above, and the one that is in the throes of severe‚ life-threatening depression.
       90. You should specifically ask for prayer against the stronghold of depression that Pan has in your life, for it is serious, and if not kept in check, can ruin your life, cause you to die, or to wish you were dead. That is a horrible, horrible way to live. You want to be free, but the biggest blockade to your [spiritual progress] is this awful seed of depression that he has planted in your life. It must be rooted out through strong prayer‚ the laying on of hands, and a full and firm conviction in your heart to let it go.
       91. Seek Me more about how you can fight it on a daily basis, for this is not just a simple negative-thinking problem--this is severe depression that you feel. You don't want to speak doubts, lies‚ or attacks of the Enemy and thereby sound totally out of the spirit–-plus, you know the answers that will be given to you, so you don't usually tell the full extent of how bad you really feel sometimes. Having a stiff upper lip is good sometimes, but then at other times it can really keep you from availing yourself of the full power there is in united prayer together. So add this to your list of things to pray against and avail yourself more of the help that you need to overcome this. (End of message from Jesus.)

Bind Pan's Hopelessness Through the Keys!

       92. (Jesus speaking:) Pan is an oppressor in your life. He is good at bringing a feeling of hopelessness. You've often found yourself feeling hopeless and wondering what you're even trying for--that's him.
       93. It's beyond discouragement--this hopelessness and confusion. It's a full–throttle attack on your life to get you to give up. When he first began this oppression, it was minor, but slowly it gained more power over you, to where he could quickly throw a deep depression over you whenever he wanted to. This was in your mid-teens--a time when many people are most susceptible to Pan's oppression via depression and confusion. Teens have very unstable emotions as it is, and are usually going through many difficult things during this period. For that reason, Pan attacks hard at this age. In the System he is able to lock many teens into his grasp. He turns many under his power toward drinking, drugs, anorexia, self-mutilation, and suicide. He tells them that that is the only way.
       94. Much of his message comes through music--the music that softly and subtly says, “Life is not worth living. There is no God. There is no truth. Nothing is worth fighting for anymore. Don't strive‚ just be.” It also comes in the music that is frantic, pushing rock, screaming and head beating. The message that kind of music brings is that of mass confusion, mental torture‚ schizophrenia, anarchy, and murder.
       95. In recent years, Pan has not had as big a hold on your life as he did in your past teen years. You have learned to overcome and resist his cloak of depression. However‚ he is always still there--ready and waiting for a chance to get on your back. So you must beware. You have to be on guard and recognize these attacks as soon as they come so that you can fight them with My Word of truth. Give no place to the Devil. Resist the Devil and rebuke him and he will flee. The same goes for his arch-demons. Resist and rebuke them. Bind them through the keys, and they will have no power over you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Claim the power of the keys and in My Name Pan shall be no more in your life.

Unite Your Forces and Fight!

       96. (Jesus speaking:) Whereas the influence of Bacchus is often more outwardly visible and sometimes even blatant in its scope, the influence of Pan is much more subtle. He creeps into your mind softly so that you don't even realize he's there, and then he sets to work‚ again very gradually and subtly. He'll plant a thought or two here or there--a question about something you read in the New Wine, a thought of, “I just don't see how that would work for me” or anything he can think of to feed the “this doesn't apply to me” attitude.
       97. With your personal times of hearing from Me, he knows he can't convince you that they don't apply, so he tries to minimize their importance by lulling you into a sense of complacency that it's really not that important to hear from Me all the time about every little thing, or even to come before Me first before you start your day.
       98. Anything that keeps you from the Word and from seeking Me is the influence of Pan in your life. In that light, you see that he has influenced you more than you thought at first. But that is how he works-–secretly, insidiously, subtly–-where you start thinking it's yourself and your own thoughts, when really it's this spirit slowly working to tear down your spiritual defenses and bring about your ultimate defeat.
       99. He often works hand in hand with Bacchus‚ who uses his allures, distractions, and tentacles of temptation to divert your attention from the spiritual infiltration of the Enemy in your life. It's the old “Stand in the Gap” story‚ where he gets you so busy with other things that you neglect to see that the walls of your spiritual defenses are crumbling and being carried away brick by brick when you're not looking.
       100. Because the attack is two-fold--the distraction on one hand, and the tearing down of your defenses on the other--you must be aware of both and take steps to counter them at the same time. If you just go after the distractions but fail to rectify the fact that you are not getting the Word time and time with Me that you need, you will only win half a victory, and will soon find yourself in the same predicament again. If you strive to combat the lethargy that keeps you from hungering and thirsting after My Words, from stirring yourself up in spirit and depending wholly and utterly upon Me, but fail to resist the worldly influences and distractions that Bacchus will keep throwing at you, that victory will elude you.
       101. The Enemy knows just as well as I do that in unity there is strength, and so his forces are united as well--united against you. You must unite against him. This requires not only your personal prayers and efforts to fight him, but the strength and force of your brethren in prayer, the power of My angels and helpers, and the guidance of My Word and your shepherds, to combat the Enemy's concerted campaign to destroy your service for Me.
       102. Half a victory will be no victory at all. Nothing short of right is right, and anything short of total victory is defeat waiting to happen unless you keep pressing on and keep fighting.
       103. The Enemy has established strongholds in your soul and weakened you and your service for Me. But it is possible to evict him, to claim those places of compromise and turn them into bastions of strength for My cause. You have to rally your forces, focus your efforts, and go on the attack to dislodge him from every place in your heart that he has infiltrated, to uncover all his hidden bases, to clear away the landmines of fear and hesitation that have kept you from going in after him in full force.
       104. Pan will not be easily evicted, but he is no match for My strength and My power, and the power I give you through the keys. Use the keys to let the light in‚ and his darkness will flee of itself. That light will be to fill yourself with the tenets and truths of My Word, to make them a part of your being; to appropriate to yourself the spiritual weapons of prayer, praise, hearing from Me and coming to love Me intimately, knowing that by using them you cut the Enemy to the heart; to give no place to the Evil One when he seeks to enter in with this little thought, or that little hesitation, or any distraction he would use to keep you from seeking Me in all things you intend to do.
       105. Turn your eyes toward Me, toward the light of My crystal, and as you are drawn in closer by its power, those insignificant globs of darkness that seem as if they wield such a strong grip will loosen and fall away‚ and you will be wholly Mine once again, ready to fulfill the destiny and calling to which you were born, for which you were prepared from the foundation of this world. (End of message from Jesus.)


       106. (Jesus speaking:) Pan often influences you by making everything seem more complicated than it needs to be. He plays on the complexities of the mind and of human emotion, and uses this complexity to completely discourage you. You can attribute many of the sleepless nights throughout your life to his influence--his causing you to think a thing through a hundred times in a hundred ways until you feel completely at a loss and hopeless, or until you feel that you've figured everything out--as in, on your own, without Me.
       107. He hinders you from asking Me everything because he's convinced you that it's often better to think it through yourself--or at least to think it through first before asking Me. He has wasted a lot of your time and mental energy through this--time that you could have devoted to hearing from Me, or doing your work for Me, or sleeping so that you'd have the energy the next day to get up and hear from Me and work for Me!
       108. It's time to regain control of the battlefield of your mind, through My power! It's time to take it back completely. No more Huddersfields! You don't want Pan to be able to say, “Well, Jesus, You own most of her mind, but a bit of it still belongs to me.” No‚ you want to kick him out and kick him out good! I want you to become a new person–-a person who sees things simply‚ clearly, and as they truly are, whereas until now you've been someone who sees almost everything as complex, confused, muddled, and distorted.
       109. That's a bit of a shock, I know, to think that you've seen most things from a distorted perspective--but it's true. Once you get over the initial shock of that and start praying about specific things in your life‚ looking at them from this perspective‚ everything will change. You'll want the simplicity of My Spirit. You'll realize that it's “wise to be simple” and that if you didn't spend so much time and energy hashing out this or that in your head, you'd get a lot more done and be a lot more effective--in your job and in your life overall.
       110. Sometimes you spend so much time trying to figure out your life that you leave little time or mental ability to actually live it! You can make such an issue out of simple things that they lose their beauty. I want to give you back this gift you have lost--the gift of simplicity, of appreciating the beauty in the things that, though they may seem small‚ are real--far more real than the delusions which seem so grand but are based and founded on nothing. I want you to live more in the reality of what your life is, and dwell less in the realm of what “could be” or “might have been.”
       111. You have tried and tried to let some of these things go--these thoughts or fantasies that you entertain of how things could have been different‚ or how they could become different--but you haven't been able to let them go because you didn't realize who was behind them. Now you do. You know his name. You know what he has done. You know how he has lied to you. Now you can resist him, rebuke him, cast him out through the power of the keys, and demand that he haunt you no more! (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay Free!

       112. (Jesus speaking:) I broke the hold of strong negativity and over-analyzing in your life, the power of Pan, and you are now free of his clutches. But you must fight to remain free, for his power reaches into the most obscure places, and unless you bathe all your mental wanderings in My Spirit, you will find him trying to seep back into your life. Pan cannot withstand the power of the Word, so your greatest protection against his insidious devices is to bathe yourself in the Word every single day. Drink it, shower in it, soak in it, and let it fill every part of your spirit, every day. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dwell in the Shadow of My Wings Daily!

       113. (Jesus speaking:) They that dwell in the shadow of My wings have nothing to fear from these. Pan and Bacchus prey upon the straying ones. When you get weary and cease to fight, when you get bored and begin to roam outside My protection, then these are there to entice and suck you in.
       114. Resist and rebuke them in My Name, and seek desperately to stay within My hallowed protection! As you daily call to Me, you will be more aware of their influence and know how to rid yourself of it. It is a greater problem when it goes on for months and years before you begin to realize what is going on, and then you have a big problem to deal with. Daily cleanse and shower yourself in the wonderful cleansing waters of My Words and hearing My voice. These things refresh and invigorate you, as well as cleanse you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Memorizing Helps Keep Pan out!

       115. (Jesus speaking:) One thing that will really keep the Enemy out and keep you on guard is to memorize! If you're memorizing, there is no place for Pan to come in with his playground equipment, no place for him to set up shop! (End of message from Jesus.)

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