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World Currents!--No.103: Hurricane Katrina

By Maria        FD/MM/FM 3562 9/05

Dearest Family,
       1. God bless you! Peter and I love you, thank the Lord for you, and pray daily for you! We're blessed to have such wonderful co-workers, those who have laid down their lives for the Lord, His lost sheep, and their brethren.
       2. As you probably know, Hurricane Katrina recently emerged from the Gulf of Mexico and slammed into the southern U.S., leaving a trail of death and devastation in what may be the greatest natural disaster ever to hit the U.S. Here's an overview we've compiled from the news wires:

       During the last days of August, Hurricane Katrina cut across Florida, leaving 11 dead and widespread flooding, as it emerged into the Gulf of Mexico. There it intensified into a colossal Category 5 hurricane, with winds reaching 175 mph before weakening slightly as it neared the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The mayor of New Orleans ordered the city's 480,000 residents to evacuate in the face of the most powerful storm ever to slam the low-lying city, which is up to 10 feet below sea level in spots and dependent on a network of levees, canals and pumps to keep it dry from the Mississippi River on one side and Lake Pontchartrain on the other.
       On August 28, Katrina, which had been headed directly toward New Orleans, turned slightly and hit to the east of the city, swamping miles of lowlands, turning houses into timber scraps, cutting power to 2.3 million people, and leaving at least 55 dead along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
       New Orleans, which escaped the brunt of the storm, did not escape its after-effects: Two different levee breaches sent a churning sea of water coursing through city streets, threatening the survival of the tens of thousands of people who had not evacuated, most of them poor blacks. More than 25,000 people sheltered in the New Orleans Superdome--with no water, no toilets and no lights--while thousands of others took refuge from the rising waters in their houses or on their roofs or on the nearest piece of high ground. An unknown number perished, with the estimate of deaths ranging from hundreds to thousands.
       The city was not prepared for the disaster. With the waters rising, flooding 80 percent of the city, and food, water and shelter in short supply, massive looting broke out. Looters armed themselves at abandoned gun stores and roamed the flooded streets, taking what they wanted or needed. In the few dry spots, there were carjackings by men wielding machetes. At one hospital, armed looters forced doctors to give up narcotics. Some local police, who had lost everything themselves, resigned rather than face the armed gangs and possibly lose their lives as well. Police and National Guard units were initially overwhelmed by the need, poorly organized and equipped, and hesitant to face the armed citizens.
       New Orleans was a disaster zone. Police and National Guard patrols reported numerous bodies floating in flooded streets. Storm-whipped currents toppled the twin-span bridges over Lake Pontchartrain. An oil tanker ran aground near the city docks. The city's horizon darkened with black smoke from dozens of fires sparked by downed wires and erupting gas lines. Geysers of gas-fed flame burst out of the water. Houses burned‚ but firefighters were unable to get through blocked roads and freeways. A chemical depot exploded in a massive geyser of flame. The flood waters filled with spilled chemical toxins and gasoline. New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin said, "It's a surreal situation, almost like a nightmare. I hope we wake up from it."
       A massive convoy of National Guard moved in after several days, but it remains to be seen how soon New Orleans will recover and what the long-term effects will be. The mayor ordered a total evacuation of the city. It may take months for the water to be pumped out, once the levees are plugged, which means up to 500,000 people will remain refugees throughout the U.S. South during this time. Even when they are able to return‚ their houses may be uninhabitable. Wooden houses and wooden buildings in New Orleans may all be a total loss. Damages in the area could run as high as $100 billion, making it the most expensive natural disaster the U.S. has ever faced.
       The storm is also likely to have a major effect on the U.S. economy. The hurricane damaged several offshore oil platforms and shut down the 10 oil refineries in the area, which produced a large proportion of America's gasoline. Gas prices began rising across the South, with the decreased supply, and even jet fuel stocks were diminishing. Economists warned that the rising gas prices could tip the economy into a recession.
       In addition, the Port of New Orleans is the largest in the U.S.--the fifth largest in the world--and is out of commission for the time being, halting imports and exports. With the harvest season approaching in the next month or so, that means thousands of farmers up the Mississippi that would normally have shipped their produce downriver on barges will have to find alternate routes if they can‚ at a much higher cost.
       It remains to be seen what the long-term impact of Hurricane Katrina will be, but one thing is certain: It was no ordinary hurricane, and its effects will be felt for months or years to come. [Note: For more on the importance of New Orleans to the U.S. economy--and details of the city's "Sodom and Gomorrah" lifestyle, which included a six-day "gay pride" event scheduled after the storm and the city's reputation as "the American headquarters for voodoo"--see the news articles at the end of this GN.]

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are regular events around the world, and their effects wreak havoc on many countries. Our hearts go out to those affected and the Family often helps in relief efforts in one way or another, but we aren't always able to pray about each disaster. However, as we heard about Hurricane Katrina and its devastating effects, we felt the Lord might have something important to say about this storm and its significance. Several of our channels asked the Lord questions such as why this storm happened, what its significance was, what it means to the Family, and how we should respond. It turned out that the Lord had much to say about it. In fact, His messages were very similar in many ways, as the Lord confirmed some points and principles time and again‚ speaking through different people in different units who had no knowledge of what the others were receiving. I've included excerpts of the Lord's revelatory answers in the pages that follow.

Why This Happened
First let's examine why this storm and the resulting disaster happened, and what its significance was, since these two points are related. In the messages that follow, I haven't added much commentary so that we can get this Letter to you quickly‚ God willing.

(Jesus:) America will receive just judgment, My loves. She must, for all the hurt and evil she has sown. America considers this a nightmare‚ but the real American nightmare will worsen in the days to come.
       6. From all accounts, doesn't this sound eerily similar to "Death to the Cities," the dream I gave David?--Disaster strikes, the blacks and the poor left in the heart of the city fighting for survival--the chaos, the filth, the desperation, the anarchy, the death. I gave David a preview of things to come, a forecast of the beginning of the end for America: cities without food, water, lights and sewage systems; people streaming down the streets and highways, people living like animals in the fight for survival. Now you don't have to imagine what happens in a situation like this anymore--or even wonder if it will really happen as David foretold--now you know. New Orleans was yet another fulfillment of My prophetic warnings through David on the downward spiral of America.


(From "Death to the Cities":)

       You can imagine what would happen if suddenly nobody in a city [could] buy their food, or the water stopped running, the sewage stopped flowing and the lights went out. There would be absolute chaos, total bedlam! People will be slaughtering each other for food!
       When the trouble comes … they're going to go out with their guns and their knives and get [food] by force!
       In a vision‚ I saw them streaming out of the big cities … streaming out along the highways into the country and out in the Midwest and the West and all.
       What you sow you reap. What early America sowed in the way of slavery and all the rest of it, she's going to reap. Her slaves are going to take her over.--And because they didn't give them the Lord and salvation, they're going to revert to savagery.
       Without food and water, [a city] wouldn't last a week! How many people are going to stay in a city where they can't get food or water or get rid of their sewage or flush the toilets? Their cities are so vulnerable, so totally dependent on the artificial means of survival, electricity, gas‚ sewage, piped water and shipped-in food and all that, they are going to be the first to go! (ML #373:22,27,28,30,70, Vol.3).
[End of box]

       7. And the Earth?--Her health is failing fast. Scientists the world over fear that the world has entered a period of irreversible climate changes, but this is only one reason why this disaster struck. The Earth's physical symptoms--these alarming climatic changes and natural disasters--are only the surface symptom of the real sickness that lies beneath. As David told you long ago, the spiritual underworld rules the physical world. The "death triangle" of war, business and politics that powers this world is really ruled and fueled from the netherworld--from Satan's seat. And that death triangle has not only set mankind on the path to destruction, but it's also set humanity on a crash course with nature.
       8. America is just beginning to reap what she has sown. The spiritual principle that governs the spiritual and physical worlds plays no favorites; there are no exceptions. America has danced her way across nation after nation, wreaking havoc and destruction with her war machine, and now it's time to pay the fiddler.
       9. She's beginning to feel the sting of Cyclor's tail--the great stirrings of the Earth and the seas and the atmosphere which I foretold. Yet again, Earth is heaving under the weight of sin. When looking at this disaster from the physical viewpoint, it was the direct result of global warming. From the spiritual viewpoint, America has sown the wind and she's now reaping the whirlwind (Hos.8:7). Just as the levees weren't strong enough to protect New Orleans from imminent disaster, neither were New Orleans' spiritual walls. They were weak--as shifting sand--slowly sinking along with the rest of America under the weight of her cumulative sin.


       (Jesus:) On the day of this disaster [the Asian tsunami], December 26--not yet 24 hours past the earthly celebration of My birth--Hell belched and spewed forth Cyclor and his legions. This was no ordinary earthquake from the depths of the sea. On this day there was a great rumbling from the pits of Hell, and in the netherworld Satan opened his cavernous gates and out came Cyclor and his legions of demons. His power has now been unleashed to touch and hurt the Earth and the peoples of the Earth. His time has begun, and so must the Earth and the physical elements be touched in cataclysmic and catastrophic ways before the final end of days will begin for all the Earth.
       Did I not reveal to you what was soon to befall the Earth? Did not the vision reveal legions of demons standing in ranks, square formations awaiting the command from Satan himself, whereby they would be released upon the world? (See "New Spirit World Power," ML #3522:150-154‚ GN 1113.) This day were these legions released, and even the physical earth reeled and moved and opened as Hell spat forth its fury against Me and against My renewed and attacking brides--My Endtime army.
       Cyclor has been unleashed--Satan's underling--who has been given power over the seas, over the earth and over the atmosphere, over all the physical elements of Earth. Now will begin great stirrings of the Earth, for this earthquake--Hell's unleashing--marked the beginning of the physical and spiritual realms merging as has been foretold (ML #3528:218-220, GN 1122).
[End of box]

       10. So what the scientists and weather experts have been foretelling is now coming to pass. But will America sit up and take notice? For the most part, no, for she's too preoccupied with her own supposed invincibility and flagrant arrogance.
       11. The End has begun. This is one more domino down, a domino which has already fallen hard against the next one soon to fall‚ and on and on it will go down the line, heading toward the crash of America.
       12. Even these climatic changes are playing into the Antichrist's hands. What better platform for world domination, adulation and peace could he have than promising to save the world from its imminent natural doom? He'll have the world at his feet.
       13. And oh, how America loves her oil! She's dependent on it, and worst of all, she loves it more than life itself. That oil has taken life--life after life after life. America has built a wicked and perverse economy on luxuries, waste and war, and so I'm taking a collection. The oil she has poured into her war machines doesn't run black, it runs blood red. That's all I see--the innocent blood that oil has shed. So now have I struck at the heart of her lust for power and her blatant disregard of life--her oil industry. Now she will feel just a small portion of the pain that she has inflicted upon others, but great will be the repercussions and pain upon her nation in the days and years to come.
       14. These and many more sorrows must come to pass to usher in the End, My loves. Although it grieves Me, I must begin judgment upon My backsliding daughter for the pain she has inflicted upon others. The cries of those who have been maimed and have been denied life have long risen to My ears, and now it is time that I must begin judgment upon the nation as a whole. Although there are many of My children within that land, many who love Me, because of their general turning away of their faces from their collective sin--and in many cases even flagrant disregard for life outside their own--I must lower My hand of judgment.
       15. This is the beginning of sorrows. Then shall come great trouble and then shall come the end of America as she presently is. What you see now in the city of New Orleans will be just a snapshot--a glimpse of what is to come in city after city across the nation. The time is at hand, My brides, so even now, prepare yourselves, for a time of great harvest is at hand. (End of message.)


       16. (Question:) Lord, You've used the expression "This is the beginning of sorrows" several times in recent years. When did these sorrows actually begin? Is this hurricane more a continuation of them?

       17. (Jesus:) America's sorrows began when she turned away from Me in heart. There are many who draw nigh to Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me, for they have gone after the gods of materialism, selfishness, and war.
       18. When I say‚ "This is the beginning of sorrows" in referring to a number of different events, I speak as I did to My disciples of old. Remember‚ I said‚ "Nation shall rise against nation‚ and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows" (Mat.24:7,8). In other words, all these events presaged greater sorrows to come, greater calamities and disasters. They were all signs of worse to come, even though they did not all occur at the exact same time.
       19. Thus I could say that the Asian economic crash, the events of 9/11, the outbreak of SARS, and now this hurricane with its devastating effects are the beginning of sorrows, for they herald worse to come--more widespread economic crashes, more destructive terrorist acts, more deadly outbreaks of disease, and greater natural disasters. All these things are the beginning of sorrows‚ of greater sorrows to come in the Endtime, which the world will consider an era of sorrows. The Endtime will be an era of increasing iniquity and ungodliness, and thus of increasing calamities for the evildoers and the ungodly. But you, My brides, can look up and rejoice at My protection and at the fact that your redemption draweth nigh. (End of message.)
[End of box]


       20. (Dad:) The situation in New Orleans is a fulfillment of that dream I had, "Death to the Cities." There's anarchy! They don't have enough National Guard, and there's looting and shooting. It shows you what can happen from one moment to the next. They may be thinking and speaking peace and safety, but then sudden destruction comes upon them.
       21. This disaster is part of America's judgment and marks a major step toward the end for the States. The damage and financial loss is the greatest they've ever had. It's one more event that the Antichrist will use to usher in his agenda and his program. First it was the tsunami, and now the land of plenty has been hit and hit hard, and she who has held herself high and mighty will be brought low. The time is accelerating toward the events of the End. (End of message.)


       22. (Jesus:) I have revealed many American nightmares to the Family through My prophet David. This occurrence in New Orleans is yet another one, only this time it's not a dream--the nightmare has become reality. The words and pictures I gave David have come to pass. David saw, he foretold, and now there is fulfillment.
       23. David saw the flood waters. He saw people trapped, traffic jammed, people desperate to leave the city. He saw the fear on people's faces, the violence, the vigilantes. He saw the drastic measures that people would turn to under emergency conditions. He saw the death and destruction. He saw the outages and shortages. He saw the devastation‚ the loss of life, the loss of possessions, the loss of land. He saw the state of the oil-–the problems that would arise. He saw the economic repercussions. He saw America bankrupt. He saw her going to pot. He saw her fold. David saw and he told. I gave him many dreams and visions which he termed "American Nightmares" in which he witnessed her going down the drain. And now the dreams are materializing. This is the foreshadowing of worse to come for that once great nation.


       Some of Dad's nightmares and warning dreams about America include the following:
       ? "The Deluge," ML #339, Vol.3
       ? "Poison in Paradise," ML #366, Vol.3
       ? "The American Holocaust," ML #372, Vol.3
       ? "Grandmother and the Flood," ML #375, Vol.3
       ? "The Last American Nightmare?" ML #381‚ Vol.3
[End of box]

       24. David saw that America was falling apart, that everything was going to pieces. He saw America in shambles. He saw that everything was broken in the once great U.S. of A., even the country itself.
       25. David saw and he told, and his words are true. At present‚ you are well into the era of the American nightmares. It hasn't just recently begun; this current situation in Louisiana and Mississippi is but the next segment, another chapter in the American nightmare saga.
       26. You ask why this happened? It has been foretold, My loves. My Words are fulfilled. America's sins are turned back on her. What goes around comes around, and the time of harvest is here. The reaping is underway. America has sown corruption and is reaping the results. And these happenings, My brides, are because of the choices of the people--because they choose to ignore My ways, because they choose to serve mammon and not Me, because they choose to pollute the Earth, because they choose to tread down the meek and the poor. All this is happening by the will of a people who have chosen to neglect Me.
       27. What is the significance of the New Orleans disaster? It marks the collapse of the red, white and blue. America is falling. She is crumbling and will continue to crumble under the weight and pressure of the repercussions of this mighty blow. The wheels of judgment grind slow, but fine, and this refining will continue on until the end of days as you know it.
       28. A prophet has walked among you, My loves, and My Words are fulfilled. Those who forget Me, those who ignore My warnings and turn against My ways, those who pollute the Earth and wreak havoc on the innocent, those who do not retain Me in their thoughts, those who are driven by the love of money and the pride of life‚ those who persecute My children, will reap what they sow. This is the reaping, the next segment in a long reaping which has begun.
       29. Many in the world already see this disaster as a judgment from My hand, an act of God, retribution for sin. You can look at it this way, but remember, judgment is determined by choices. It is not Me, but the will of the people, that has brought on these results. By the will of the people these things come to pass. In choosing to destroy the Earth, not only ecologically, but through her false doctrines and heavy-handed ways, through wreaking violence throughout the Earth, through polluting the world with her money, her propaganda, her media, her movies, her music and her sordid ways-–America has poisoned the Earth and the time for payback has come. (End of message.)


       30. (Jesus:) What you are seeing is a foretaste and shadow of things that are to come. What has taken place is not a mere storm that has left many homeless and others dead, but it is the beginning of the end of the U.S. as you know it. The house of cards is about to come tumbling down, and with it the way of life that so many in that country have grown used to, what many of My wayward children refer to as "the abundant life." It all came so suddenly for those who had not discerned the signs of the times, those who continued to walk in their pride, a people that had grown fat and opulent--a nation who had said within her heart, "I sit a queen and shall see no sorrow."
       31. This is the beginning of the reaping, the reaping of the death and destruction that the U.S. has sown in the lands of the Earth, and it will not stop here. This "act of God," as many call it, will be followed by many others and will act as the catalyst in bringing down the proud and the haughty, those who call themselves by My name but do not know Me. For had they known Me, they would have done the things that I had commanded and would have brought comfort to those who suffer‚ deliverance to the oppressed, healing to the afflicted. But instead they turned their back on Me and walked in their own willful way, and now My hand is forced to chastise them and bring them low.
       32. The children of David who dwell in this land must prepare for the dark days ahead, for they shall grow darker by the day. You must prepare for the harvest that is to be reaped, the harvest of those who will humble themselves before Me and seek out righteousness and truth. Prepare both physically and spiritually that you may shine as My lights in this crooked and perverse nation, and thereby bring many to Me. (End of message.)


       33. (Jesus:) I never turn My back on those who call on Me. But that doesn't stop My judgments, and these judgments must fall.
       34. America is doomed, and I aimed this blow right at the belly button of their System. It's not a blow that will cause them to topple immediately, but it will have an effect that they cannot recover from.
       35. New Orleans might be a smaller city, but it's going to be the belly button of the whirlpool that will drain America of its resources. This city that has been adored for the wealth it brought into the country will now be abhorred as it drains the country of its wealth.
       36. During the flood in New Orleans, the engineers tried dropping sandbags into the dikes to plug the leaks that allowed the waters to spill into the city. These attempts were futile, because the sandbags were dropped in and immediately disappeared. As America pours in money to fix the problems of New Orleans, the result will be the same. The money will go down into this whirlpool and be sucked away. (End of message.)


       37. (Jesus:) This is a sad and sorry situation, My dear ones, because these who now suffer in New Orleans suffer from the foolishness and short-sightedness of other men. The hurricane was part of My judgments, but in many ways, the floods were their own doing. In building the city of New Orleans where they did, in defiance of nature, on sinking ground in the middle of a flood zone, they dug their own grave.
       38. It has become the grave of thousands, killed not by Me but by their own lack of foresight, their resistance of nature and even reality. They have fought floods for decades, all the while saying, "All things continue as they are." Well, all things have not continued as they are--the waters came in greater measure than ever, and the world that they trusted in and clung to overflowed with water, and they perished, as did those in Noah's day.
       39. While the populace and visitors piped and sang and danced and made merry, while there was revelry and partying‚ they were living on the verge of destruction. New Orleans was known as a party city‚ a decadent city to get drunk in and enjoy life in, but their joy was empty and their revelry and partying was as pointless and discordant as some of the music they danced to. And for many, the lives they led were as pointless and meaningless as their partying, and served only to dull the pain of their existence.
       40. There were also many of My children in the city, and I have either kept them or brought them Home to Me, where there is no more death or sorrow or crying, or any more pain, for all these things have passed away for them. It was because of their prayers that New Orleans was spared even greater destruction at the hands of the hurricane. Their fervent pleas rose to Me as the winds raged, and the storm was turned aside at the last moment, and they were spared its fury. The city did suffer the floods, however, the waters rising over the city just as the level of iniquity had risen over it for years, higher and higher, until it was overcome.
       41. I am a loving and merciful God, and I do care for My Own and will care for them. That is why I turned the storm of sudden destruction aside, the hurricane, and spared the city much greater destruction, allowing My children yet another chance to escape. Yet this destruction is also a warning to America, to those who will listen and heed, that "All things do not continue as they are." It is My merciful warning, a call for people to examine their lives and their values and their way of life in the midst of this tragedy. Will they go on eating and drinking and making merry, while ignoring Me or even rebelling against Me? Why will they die?
       42. I long to gather them under My arms and shelter them under My wings and gather them to My side, and I weep over their callousness and their hardness of heart, as I did My people of old. Yet long familiarity has made many of them indifferent toward Me, hardened to My voice, ignorant or uncaring about loving Me and loving others. Many have long since turned from being a nation that trusted in God to a nation that trusts in its wealth and materialism, and its military might.
       43. America has waged many wars, both economic and military, wreaking destruction in many poor nations. Now the country sees what it is like to suffer similar destruction--a city ravaged and destroyed, anarchy and looting in the streets, the breakdown of authority, the lack of food and water and shelter and the basics of life. There is a lesson here for those who will learn, for those whose eyes are open to see and whose ears are open to hear. The lesson is a basic one, and a principle repeated often in My Word: God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. I give every man and every nation according to their ways and the fruit of their doings. I reward both individuals and peoples according to their works (Gal.6:7; Jer.17:10; Mat.16:27).
       44. It is a just and loving principle, for those who do well are greatly rewarded, some thirty-fold, others sixty-fold, and others a hundredfold or more. And those who do evil are simply rewarded according to their evil deeds, for even My judgments are merciful and loving, as a father who must regretfully punish an errant child, but hopes that this particular spanking will lead to a lasting change in the child's behavior.
       45. So let the U.S. take heed: All things do not continue as they are. As September 11 showed them that they are not impervious to the fury of men, this should show them that they are not impervious to the ravages of nature‚ nor are they exempt from My judgments for their sins, individually or as a nation. A wicked king and an evil government can lead a nation to problems and even destruction as surely now as they did in days of old.
       46. Let those of My people in that nation turn to Me again with their hearts, not just with their lips and with outward show. I can provide peace in the midst of any storm, shelter from the raging of the elements, and protection from the judgments that will inevitably come upon those who harden their hearts and refuse to hear My voice and My Words‚ even while sometimes exclaiming, "Lord, Lord!" Come unto Me, My dear ones, and there find refuge and peace and safety, though thousands fall at your side and tens of thousands at your right hand. (End of message.)

*       Feeling the pain that has been dealt out to others
       47. (Mama:) In the previous message, the Lord linked the destruction America has wrought in other countries to that which this hurricane has wrought on it. In the next message, He gets more specific in answer to a question that one of our channels had.

(Family:) Lord, I've been wondering about the key promise, "The keys of judgment measure the iniquity of the oppressors, and when their cup of violence is full, these keys pour back upon their heads seven-fold the troubles they have sown." American troops have gone into cities in Iraq like Fallujah and have utterly destroyed them. I wondered if You had brought a similar pain on Americans to help them see what they are doing to others.

(Jesus:) Pain and suffering have been poured out on others for years by the Americans. In recent years this has increased, as America struggles to hold on to its wealth. Instead of helping the poor, she conquers and destroys the poor. Yes, I have allowed America to feel some of the pain that she has dealt out to others. But she will not heed.
       50. Woe to those American Christians who have their heads stuck deep in a bucket of sand, the sand of the American dollar! Because they worship the god of money, they do not see My truth. They only see the world through their eyes, which are aided by the glasses that the money–makers put on them. They find satisfaction in viewing the world this way, and then tread down the poor and think nothing of it.
       51. This destruction would not have happened if they were not destroying others. I could have continued to spare New Orleans. But because Americans have wreaked havoc and destruction on others, I have brought havoc and destruction to one of their own prized cities. And this is only the beginning.
       52. Woe to the Americans who view the world through their fist full of dollars! For soon these will come to naught, and their System will fall and they will fall with it.
       53. There is no future for America. It is doomed. And it's time to realize that and act as if it's happening now, for it will fall, and it will be sudden and will create a panic throughout the world for those who have not heeded the signs of the times. (End of message.)

*       The persecution connection
       54. (Mama:) The Lord also brought out the point that one reason for His hand of judgment on the U.S. was because of their vilification and persecution of the Family in the recent news articles, magazine articles, and TV shows. Although there have been articles in other countries, most of the lies and slander have been spread in and from the U.S., and the Lord was not pleased.

(Jesus:) My Family should take heart and be encouraged by these works of My hand. In saying this, I do not mean that you should take pleasure in the suffering of others, but that you should let My working in this way confirm to you the fulfillment of many of My promises, and alert you that the fulfillment of many more is at the door.
       56. This event, and others to come like it, are My hand of judgment on a wicked country that, among its many sins‚ has been the base for those who have rejected you, scorned your work, vilified your messages publicly. The mentality of the American public-–hardened, calloused, violent‚ selfish, bitter, "me-first," spoiled and corrupt--has made it easy for your detractors to sow their lies and exaggerations and find a receptive audience with the media. You can see in this storm My hand of vengeance and judgment, for I am not pleased when a nation maligns My prophets.
       57. This disaster doesn't just affect those whose lives are immediately touched by it. This disaster will affect the entire U.S. in time‚ and it will shake them up and cause them to take stock. The reasons for which I would have to punish that country are almost without number, but one of their prime sins and most recent transgressions has been their treatment of you, My Family‚ in the media.
       58. I have promised vengeance and judgment for those that attack you and thus attack Me, and so I have done it. This is not the only reason for the catastrophe, but it is one of the most pertinent to you. I will take action against a nation that vilifies you in its press and heaps scorn and persecution on you.
       59. I know there are many in that land who have not rejected you. Those who have received you, who have discerned the lies and stood up for the truth, will be blessed by Me. I am a God of judgment and a God of righteousness, and I will care for those who have chosen truth even to their own hurt, who have chosen to see beyond the lies and reject the slander. But that nation as a whole has made the wrong decisions. They have gradually been stooping lower and lower in their sins and their selfishness, choosing to cover their eyes when faced with the injustices and lies. They have not chosen rightly, and I must judge them.
       60. I am also showing that I am again moving many of the children of David to abandon this country to its sins and wickedness, because there are worse calamities to come, both natural disasters and man-made ones. I am moving you to find other places where your work will be received and where you can minister to those not so hardened against the truth and so eagerly willing to listen to lies and defamation of your work. I want to repeat My call in Revelation, "Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins" (Rev.18:4). (End of message.)


       61. (Question:) Is the Lord asking the Family in general to leave the States? Later He says, "For those of you who live in this country, you must be My hands of help and healing in this disaster. You must take the tools I have given you and use them to repair the damage not seen by the eyes of men. You must repair the damage in people's hearts and minds, and take this newly plowed field of the spirit and faithfully scatter and water seeds of truth in the hope that many more will take root than if I had not plowed so roughly."
       62. Is that a contradiction? What does the Lord want the Family in the States to do?

       63. (Jesus:) To some I would say, "Go, abandon this nation, for your work is done and I am calling you elsewhere."
To others I would say, "Stay, for the hour of your greatest reaping is only just begun; I have yet many lost children in this city." There is no contradiction there–-simply a difference in message for different situations.
       64. Many of America's people have mocked the messengers of God. Many have despised My Words--even if not the words you of the children of David have given out, they have wasted and rejected words of truth that came from others, and their hearts are no longer open and receptive. They have been more eager to believe the lies than the truth. This does not apply to all individuals, but the nation as a whole has rejected Me.
       65. So for many of My children, it is time to go. For others of My children, it is time to stay and be the witnesses that I have called you to be in this perverse and wicked land, except with a greater conviction to stay called out from her in spirit, clean in spirit, so that you are safe from being touched by the judgments that will surely fall. (End of message.)
[End of box]


       66. (Jesus:) My loves, the sky is red, red with warning. This event is a warning of what is ahead on the horizon. I know how to humble the proud and those who exalt themselves against Me and who fight My children. You never need to worry that I won't protect you or keep you, or that I am unable to vindicate you. This is the year of your strengthening‚ My darlings, but it is the year of weakening for those who have flaunted themselves as the greatest power on Earth. You will grow stronger and stronger as you continue to obey My Words, and this country will grow weaker and weaker because they have disobeyed. They have despised My Words and misused My prophets, and now there is no remedy. My judgments are being poured out upon that wicked land. (End of message.)

(Channel:) The Lord reminded me of the song, "A Line of Sackcloth."

       (Excerpts of song words:)

       There's a line of sackcloth
       Standing side by side.
       And there is no hidden secret
       That their silence is going to hide.
       For they are mourning the death of a
       Nation that just died.
       And there is no great mystery that their
       Silence is going to hide.

       Death angel coming by,
       Their carcasses are fallen in the street.
       Babylon the Great is fallen,
       The Lord's enemies are trampled under feet.
       Because you misused His prophets
       And their warning you wouldn't hear.
       And when they pleaded with you to listen
       You didn't have an ear.

       There's a line of rods standing
       Up straight and tall.
       They represent the coming judgment that
       Very soon shall fall.
       Because when America forgot God she
       Made a very big mistake.
       And when the Rod of Judgment falls
       America the Beautiful, you're gonna break.

       Turn your eyes toward Memphis,
       The skies are black, black with clouds.
       The skies are red, red with warning,
       You shall soon see weeping crowds.
       Because you misused His prophets
       And their warnings you wouldn't hear.
       And when they pleaded with you to listen,
       You didn't have an ear.

       But they mocked the messengers of God,
       And despised His words
       And misused His prophets,
       Until the wrath of the Lord
       Arose against His people,
       Till there was no remedy‚
       Till there was no remedy,
       Till there was no remedy.
       And there is no remedy.

       68. (Mama:) So as you can see, dear Family, there are several main reasons for this storm and the destruction it has wrought:
       1) America is beginning to suffer severe physical consequences for her spiritual sins. As the Lord said, "Just as the levees weren't strong enough to protect New Orleans from imminent disaster, neither were New Orleans' spiritual walls. They were weak--as shifting sand--slowly sinking along with the rest of America under the weight of her cumulative sin."
       2) She's receiving the Lord's judgments for the pain and suffering and war she has inflicted upon others.
       3) It's another sign of the End for America, that "all things do not continue as they have been."
       4) It's the Lord's merciful warning, a call for people to examine their lives and their values and their way of life and turn again to Him.
       5) It's the Lord's hand of judgment on a country that has despised His Words and misused His prophets.

There are other reasons too, of course--as numerous as the people affected by this disaster. But even when the Lord allows judgment, He's a very loving God, and He only measures out a chastening suitable for the sin, that we might learn to do better and profit thereby. "We have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but He for our profit, that we might be partakers of His holiness. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby" (Heb.12:9-11).

How the Family Should Respond to This Hurricane
The Lord also had a lot to say about how the Family should respond to this disaster, most of which can be summed up in one word: Witness!

(Jesus:) I am a God of love, and My mercy and patience are without end. I make sore, but then I bind up; I wound, and then My hands again make whole. For those of you who live in America, you must be My hands of help and healing in this disaster. You must take the tools I have given you and use them to repair the damage not seen by the eyes of men. You must repair the damage in people's hearts and minds, and take this newly plowed field of the spirit and faithfully scatter and water seeds of truth in the hope that many more will take root than if I had not plowed so roughly.
       72. Although this country has been wicked and vile in their sins before Me, and although they have treated you so wrongly, I am still willing to give another chance to those who have most directly felt My hand of judgment. Each has their sins and wrongdoings, none are perfect before Me, and I have allowed each affected person to be affected for My own reasons, but at the same time I don't want any of them to have to bear the collective blame of the sins of a whole nation and suffer alone for the sins of many.
       73. I have taken from them their ease, their possessions, their peace, their joy, their health, and many other things that they hold dear. Now they are ready to look up to Me. I want you to be My hands to help them replace those things of Earth with My treasures of the spirit. I ask you to be urgent in this task, and to realize that this could be the last harvest in this area. When else will the lives and hearts of the people in this region and city be so open to My truth? When else will they be as sheep without a shepherd, actively searching for meaning and a bit of beauty in these ashes?
       74. This isn't just a chance to get some good CTP experience, or to possibly get some good publicity and see news of your good works spread abroad. This is a serious charge that I have laid on you, to go and to reap the souls that are ready to be reaped before the thick blanket of peace, safety, and self-satisfaction again covers the land. The people of the U.S. South are usually very self-satisfied. They think they are good Christians and they think that they have cornered the market on Me and My hand of blessing. They think that with their church buildings and outward shows of goodness, they deserve the best that I have to give them, and now they are confused‚ because they thought they were My chosen people.
       75. Others have been notoriously heathen and pagan, debauched and fully rejecting any light of My truth, set in their ways of "anything goes" and seeking their own pleasure continually. But now both Christian and pagan are in the same boat. Both have felt My strong hand of judgment in their lives and many are ready to be reaped. Will you, My Family, be My hands to reap their souls in a way that so very few others will?
       76. So many will take this catastrophe and use it to their own ends. Other Christians in the U.S. will proclaim loudly why I have allowed this to happen without ever consulting Me or putting up their antennas to receive even the slightest hint of My Words. They speak for Me as if they know Me, but their hearts have long since gone from Me, and they only seek to promote their own agendas or satisfy their own self–righteousness.
       77. There will be so little truth and so much error. Everyone will jump in, seeking to use what I have done to their own ends. The Christians will blame the sinners, the environmentalists will blame man's effect on nature, the scientists and engineers will blame the construction of the defenses, others will blame the government for its lack of preparedness‚ and many will simply blame each other and descend into anarchy and chaos, as they have already begun doing. There is some truth in all of these accusations‚ but so much will be wrested to serve the agendas of those making the accusations.
       78. Therefore it is vitally important that you in My Family approach this situation in purity of heart, with your attitudes and opinions filtered by My pure words. Yes‚ this is My hand of judgment, but I take no pleasure in these judgments, nor should you. Do not pass judgment in your hearts as to whom you perceive to be just and worthy of your actions and prayers and who is not.
       79. I want you to see this disaster as I see it--an opportunity, perhaps the last one in many cases--for you to reap souls that would otherwise have been too hardened to My message. I want you to wade into the chaos and the messes and the craziness and do what you do best--save souls, preach the Gospel, tell people about My love. Turn many to righteousness, and you will shine as the stars for ever and ever.
       80. Those Family members in the U.S. who can should join in this rescue mission. You will help here and there with the physical needs‚ but overall your mission is one of the spirit, the most neglected aspect in any catastrophe. This will not be a short mission; your work will continue for many months to come as the full weight of what has happened sinks into the hearts of those affected.
       81. In the short term you will have to make sure that the people are comfortable and at least able to hear My message, which they may not be while they lack so many basic necessities. But as things become more settled, they will turn their thoughts from "How will I survive?" to the realization that they have survived, but now must pick up the pieces of a broken life. That is where you should come in and point them to Me.
       82. Do not worry about how you appear in the eyes of man. Do not worry what people will say about your method of going about the salvage work of saving hearts and lives. Don't get discouraged by the physical problems around you and let yourselves get caught up in physically saving the situation when there are so many others who can do this job. Physical help will eventually arrive, but spiritual help is rare‚ more precious than water in the desert. This is the command I impress upon the Family who are able to go and help in this situation.
       83. And for those not affected, you must still pray. Put aside any resentment or bitterness toward this country and how they have treated you and how they have wreaked so much damage in other parts of the world. Now is the time to pray that I will empower My Family to be great reapers of this ready harvest. Pray that I will stabilize the situation physically enough that the Family can minister spiritually to those lost people. Pray that I will work in the hearts of each one affected, to open them to My message and prepare them to receive seeds of truth. Pray that the Family will find those who are My sheep and not have to waste time on the bitter or the negative or those who will only turn more toward darkness as a result. Pray desperately, and then you too will share in the great rewards and glory waiting to be gotten in this endeavor.
       84. However, when I tell you to minister My hands of healing and love, this doesn't mean that the very real aspect of My judgments upon the wicked should be glossed over or not mentioned when you speak about this event to your sheep, or even when those in the area set about their job of salvaging hearts and lives. My judgments are real and cannot be ignored. It is a big part of why I allowed this, and you can and should talk about it and clearly underline what I have done and why I have done it.
       85. Even as you speak to those who have already lost so much, you cannot skip this aspect of My message. They should know that they dwell in a land that is far from pleasing to Me, and they support a corrupt and decadent society and worship strange gods of mammon and fame. They should know that I have spanked them and that I am not pleased with their System, and that all is not well. They are disobedient and backslidden children who worship Me in name only, and who have now been beaten with many stripes to shake them out of their lethargic stupor, because they were those who should have known better.
       86. This is also part of your message, and it will need to be shared with those all over the world, as well as with those right there at the center of the disaster. The key is to have balance, to realize that I do judge and punish‚ but I also care about healing, helping‚ and reconstructing. There is a time and a season for each.
       87. My Family, you will come out the winners and the victors in this situation if you are faithful to take no thought for yourselves or your own plans, but only to seize the day and scatter as much truth, love, and light as you possibly can, and to send up as many prayers as you possibly can that I will get the most mileage possible out of this.
       88. And for you of My Family who still labor in the land of America who do not have My specific permission and blessing to be serving in that field, I ask that you too take this as a wake-up call that the judgments are going to fall because this country has forgotten Me and has persecuted My prophets and has not listened to many calls for repentance. Ask Me whether I will be able to protect you in the wrath to come‚ or whether you should come out of that land for your own good. Ask Me whether I still have many sheep for you to gather, or whether you only beat the air and you should move on to a place that will receive you better, and where you don't have to deal with so much slander and lies on such a regular basis.
       89. Prepare, My Family! Prepare for a reaping of souls! I have given you much time to get your own houses in order through the restructuring, but that time of peace is coming to an end. More action is almost upon all of you, and you cannot prepare and plan forever. Soon you will all need to be ready to act and to reap, because the End is near. Work hard to finish establishing your works and plans so that you can turn more of your attention outwards, ready to reap the harvests that will come about more and more frequently as the results of My judgments of the End.
       90. There is still so much to do, which is why you all must stay so close to Me, so obedient, so connected, so ready in spirit to do whatever I call on you to do. When something of this magnitude happens in your area, you must be prepared to put aside all else and reap the sheep that I will bring along in great numbers. At that time you can't be struggling with personal problems and inside attacks. You must be organized, ready, on guard, in the spirit, and each of your Homes must be a solid base from which to conduct these kinds of rescue missions or you will do no good in all the great events that are still to come.
       91. Prepare! Be ready! Be right with Me! Be on guard! For more is just around the corner. (End of message.)


       92. (Jesus:) This is just one of many disasters to come. First the great tsunami of 2004 hit Asia, and many were delivered from the pain of this world, while doors were opened for My disciples to reach out and preach the truth and to give My love to many who could not be reached before. Now disasters of different magnitudes will continue to increase around the world. And you, My disciples of the End, must use these as the waves I'm sending for you to ride to broadcast My truth and to reach the masses. They are your golden opportunities. Don't let them pass! Get in there and help the lost and confused, and don't be afraid to get out My messages, the radical messages of the children of David that will draw their hearts out of the mud of this world and into the glories of My reality. (End of message.)


       93. (Jesus:) It's a time of sorrow upon Earth, and this is part of those sorrows. The End is here. World events will continue to rush toward the final scene, the final seven years. Man can't stop it. But you, My children, can rise above it.
       94. For you, these events can be much like the powerful waves that surfers seek to ride. You can ride these waves to heights of powerful witnessing, proclaiming My truths, and waving the banner of My love and personal care. You can use these huge waves of disasters to broadcast My full message, My warning messages and My messages of love. You can use these opportunities to let the world know that the spirit world is real. Broadcast the truth. Rise above the lukewarm church, and show the world the true Me. These events can be your waves of opportunity if you will grab your surfboards and swim out to meet them.
       95. For those of the Earth, those who are caught up in their everyday lives‚ these are times of sorrow. But you can reach out to them. You can give them hope. You can give them the truth. You can wave the banner of My love and truth far and wide. You can reach people of all nations and religions who are open to the truth, giving them Me and My fresh Words for the time of the End, teaching them how to seek Me and connect with Me.
       96. There are many you can reach, and many you can reach in a mightier way if you will broadcast the truths that only you, the children of David, are fully blessed with. (End of message.)


       97. (Jesus:) This current juncture in the American nightmare marks the beginning of deeper sorrows. As the nightmare continues with each new scene, the sorrows will intensify for those in the world who choose to keep their faces turned away from Me. In the world there will be tribulation, but for you, My children, there will be overcoming. For the world, it is an era of nightmares, but for you it is the era of greater works.
       98. I call you to stand as beacons to the world. This is your time to instruct many. It is not a time to hide your light under a bushel, but a time to stand up and speak My Words to the nations. You are the ones that understand among the people, and now is the time when My Words will be fulfilled--that you will instruct many (Dan.11:33).
       99. I know you expect Me to tell you to get out My Endtime message in the aftermath of this catastrophic event. Yes, this you can do and must do. And yet I ask you to not only inform people of the signs of the times, but to also instruct the people in deeper ways.
       100. In light of the New Orleans disaster, the doomsday message is already being spread. Many, both Christians and those of other faiths, are recognizing this turn of events, along with prior calamities, as from My hand.
       101. People are beginning to come out in the open regarding their belief that this generation may see the end of the world. Many more have yet to recognize the signs of the times, but many will do so as the events unfold. As things worsen, it will become more obvious to those who are hungry for the truth that the End is near. As these events unfold‚ you will not have to preach as much that this is the End, for it will be obvious to the sheep.
       102. But I ask you, My loves, who will teach them how to make it through the End? You are to give them the words, the instruction that will see them through.
       103. Most of those in the world who know Me are reacting to this disaster in the only way they know how. They are offering prayers, and this is good. They are sending out a call for those who can to send in a check. They are asking for monetary help, so that they may offer their services in the physical, doing what they can to provide food‚ shelter, and medicine. I will bless these efforts, but it is given to you, the children of David, to give people the words of life, to instruct them in My ways, to teach them how they can make it through these troublous times, even in the face of tragedy and loss of loved ones and of all their worldly possessions.
       104. The children of David must instruct them in the ways of My Spirit. You are the ones who can give them the greatest thing that will see them through the dark days ahead--teaching them how to connect with Me. I am the One Who can guide them through this time. You must give them an opportunity to link up with Me. I am not talking about nominally or superficially. I am not talking about just meeting Me and having a casual relationship. You must instruct the people how to get deep with Me. Teach them how to communicate with Me, how to connect with Me, so that I can guide them through these perilous times. You can get them activated. You can link them up with Me.
       105. The children of David must stand in the temple of this world and instruct the people, not in worldly ways, not in how to join a church group, but in the Words of David. You must instruct the people in how to have a real‚ tangible, living, workable relationship with Me. Give the people the Words of David.
       106. As the nightmare continues to unfold‚ the spiritual famine in the world will grow worse. Many will flock to you, seek you out, beg to learn from you. Your best ability in the face of this disaster and worsening world conditions is your availability. I have called you to be witnesses in season and out of season, but now you enter the days where there will be no "out of season." There is only one season now, and that's the season of witnessing. The time to witness is now. The place to witness is on the field I have called you to serve in.
       107. The American nightmare will affect the four corners of the world. Repercussions of these calamities will touch the entire Earth. Troublous times will span the globe. So be faithful, My loves--faithful to speak the truth and instruct the people wherever you are. Faithful to teach the people in My ways. Faithful to give them the meat of the Word. Faithful to give them the Words of David. (End of message.)


       108. (Jesus:) It's imperative to get out the warning message, coupled with My love, to Americans, especially to the youth of America. They are lost, confused, and disillusioned. The youth can't see a future. That's because America offers no future. They feel as if they are reaching for something that will disappear from their grasp before they have a chance to take hold. And so it will be.
       109. Now is the time to give out a message of warning and hope, and many will respond. It's time to sow the seeds for the last great harvest in the U.S. (End of message.)

*       Don't be judgmental
       110. (Mama:) Although the Lord said we are to broadcast the truth, the meat of the Word‚ radical messages, Endtime messages, and messages of warning, note that He also includes messages of hope. And, as He makes clear in the following messages, He wants us to broadcast His love, His comfort, His salvation. Even when we have to mention His judgments, that doesn't mean we should be judgmental when doing so.

(Jesus:) I love all My lost sheep, no matter what their nationality or situation, no matter how obedient or disobedient they have been. I wish to bring them to My arms to love and save them. It is easy for some of you to be judgmental toward those whom I judge in this way-–and yes, make no mistake, this is one of America's judgments-–but yet, as always, everything I do, I do in love, and every disaster is multi-faceted. It is an instrument of My judgment to some and an instrument of My salvation to others. Some I save in the form of taking them from this life and relieving them from worse suffering--though this is not the case for so many in the U.S., it is the case for some. Others I save in the form of bringing them to the end of themselves, making them desperate and humble and ready to receive Me because they have lost what they were leaning on before. (End of message.)


       112. (Jesus:) It is easy to feel uncharitable, even angry and self-righteous, toward the people of that nation, realizing the horrors they have perpetrated worldwide, and feeling disgusted with their selfishness, apathy, and self-centeredness. It is true that these are problems; although it's also important to remember that among a nation of so many millions, there are all kinds. You can't paint with a broad brush and say, "All Americans are like this…" any more than the American government can say, "All Iranians are like this…" All such generalizations are wrong. That is not how I judge.
       113. I do not look on the outward appearance, on the race or the culture--I look on the heart (1Sam.16:7). I know the hearts of those who are Mine, or who I will make Mine, through this tragedy. I wish to speak to those who know Me but who have left My side, and who I wish to challenge to draw close to Me again and to do something for Me. I wish to speak to those who have never had a personal relationship with Me, but in whose hearts I have been working, to show them their need for something more than themselves. I wish to speak to those who I have humbled and shattered through this experience, for the very purpose of drawing them to Me.
       114. I have many sheep in that land. There are many who are hungry and needy. I wish to comfort them, to reassure them of My love and My presence. I also wish to challenge them, to stir them, to show them how to use this incident to learn to rise above in spirit through gratefulness, through praising Me, through acknowledging Me and humbling themselves before Me. I also wish to use it to help them feel for the plight of others, to think more about others, to look beyond their own immediate surroundings and to realize how much worse it could be, and how much worse it is for many others. When someone is suffering loss, it can be considered in bad taste to remind them of the losses of others; but thinking more about others than themselves is something that this nation and its people need to hear. (End of message.)


       115. (Jesus:) I am always foremost a God of love. However, love also includes judgment when it's needed to drive My sheep back to Me or to close doors of wickedness. So there is no contradiction in My call to get out messages of comfort and love as well as those of judgment and warning. The message of comfort is also necessary, for now is the time to prepare many for the judgments still to fall, by giving them hope in My love. (End of message.)

*       Continue to grow in hearing from Heaven, and pass on the Lord's messages
       116. (Mama:) The Lord gave a very stirring call to preach the Gospel and minister spiritually to the needy. Lord help us to help these dear people who have lost all they had, sometimes even their hope. And if you can't be involved in the relief efforts, you can always pray for those who are. You can help multitudes through your prayers!
       117. One more thing everyone can do is to continue to grow in exercising their gift of prophecy, both for the instruction we need now, the insight we'll need in the future‚ and the ability to minister to the masses who will come to us for the Lord's Words and counsel.

(Jesus:) As My elite, called-out troops, you will find yourselves more and more involved with the cutting-edge side of events as the End draws near. You are privileged to receive My Words, and have learned to hear from Me clearly, to receive specific and detailed instruction from Me. This event should spur you to continue practicing and growing in your use of this gift, because it is another sign that the End is almost upon you.
       119. You have My answers; you have a connection with Me that gives you insight and understanding into why things happen, and for what purpose. You know of the Enemy's plans, and I will continue to reveal those to you and forewarn you of his next steps. Part of your ministry in the Endtime will be to be My mouthpieces to the nations, to stand out from among the dull masses and speak My truth‚ and to prophesy in My Name.
       120. This has begun, and your friends and sheep are realizing that you have access to something priceless that they don't have, and cannot get from anyone else. People will begin to flock to you for answers and for My Words and counsel. There are GNs that come out with My viewpoint on some major events, but those should encourage you to go beyond that and to ask Me yourselves about local issues and questions, and then to share My answers with those around you. I am calling each of you to a ministry of greater works, and you must each learn to lean on your connection with Me and on what I tell you. In this way, you will all grow into the role of prophets and leaders of My Endtime Church that you're destined for.
       121. Most of My Family were not directly affected by the hurricane and destruction in New Orleans, but you can all take this lesson to heart, and strive to continue taking on more of My mantle and of My Spirit, so that your destiny can be fulfilled. That's why I say that there are many more things that you could be asking and hearing from Me about that would be applicable for your local situations and your friends and contacts.
       122. Because most of you are not directly affected or involved in the destruction and its aftermath, there is another task I would ask of you: Fight in prayer for your brethren who are‚ and for all the other people involved as well. Prayer is powerful! Prayer can move My hand and cause situations to change. Prayer can alter decisions and consequences, and it is your role as My brides to beseech Me for those who are suffering, as well as for those who are doing what they can to help. Those who knew Me and died are now in a better place, and those who didn't know Me yet are having a chance to make a choice, but there are many people left without their loved ones and families, without homes, who are lonely, depressed, and sad. Pray for them, that they will find My love and My care‚ and that they will discover the comfort and reassurance that I can bring them.
       123. Pray also for those in positions of authority, and those who have the power to make decisions and choices that will affect the lives of so many. Pray against the spirits of greed and of egotism‚ which are strong in the U.S., and are working to influence them negatively. Pray for My good spirits of charity and of compassion to drive them away, and to sway those that have influence in a positive way, one that will benefit the poor and the destitute.
       124. While you are called to be messengers of My love and My forgiveness, let this also be a reminder to you that the troublous days of the Endtime, of Great Tribulation and great judgment, are nearly upon you. Let this foreknowledge and understanding spur you on to greater unity, greater usefulness, and a greater connection with Me.
       125. Whatever happens, however, you have nothing to fear, because I will be with you always, even to the end of the world. (End of message.)

(Mama:) God bless you, dear Family! Be the beacons to the world that the Lord asks. Our prayers are with you!
       Love in our faithful Heavenly Husband,

       127. P.S. Please feel free to share parts of this GN with your Active and General members, friends and contacts‚ and even with the world via letters to the editors of local papers.
Use wisdom, of course, remembering that the Lord's call was also to get out messages of comfort and love, not just judgment and warning. As He said in the Tsunami GN, "You can use letters to the editor to express My love and compassion for the victims and survivors of this event, to express My indignation at those who would blame Me for a lack of love and concern, and to pass on the truth in many ways" (ML #3528:164).
       128. Elaborating on the "many ways" to pass on His truth, He said, "There are aspects of My message herein that can be shared with many audiences. There is My love, compassion and comfort, to soothe the hearts of all. There is the message of climate change for those who are concerned about the environment. There is the message that the veneer of civilization on the heart of man is thin and easily scratched, and needs the coating of My salvation and love. And, in some cases‚ there is the message of My warnings and of worse to come, for those who are open to such things--although this is best shared personally."
       129. When we were asking the Lord if these messages had the right balance between witnessing His love and comfort and His warnings, He assured us that they did in the following beautiful vision and message, where He gave us even more counsel on how to witness His Words:

       130. (Jesus:) You have My confirmation that this GN is well balanced between the warning message of My judgments and that of giving clear‚ wise counsel to My Family on how I want them to minister in this situation.

       131. (Vision:) I'm seeing a picture of Family members wading out into the water--no doubt symbolic of what they are doing in the spirit.
They're dressed in red sackcloth, and they all have beautiful big wings. They're like red angels, clearly wearing the sackcloth of mourning--of judgment--but at the same time they're ministering angels of mercy and comfort.
       132. They're going out into these waters and rescuing people. I see some of them holding people, embracing and consoling them, rocking them as they minister words of comfort, love and counsel. And there's something else especially touching: As they wade out, and as they're holding people and talking to them, they all have tears streaming down their faces. Clearly they've been given the gifts of empathy and great mercy as they seek out and minister to these poor‚ desperate people.

       133. (Jesus continues:) Where iniquity doth abound, grace and mercy do much more abound.
This picture is indicative of how much I am going to use My dear Family through this time and in the coming days of America's judgments. They are going to be like ministering angels of mercy in the midst of My judgments upon this wayward nation and people. They're wearing red sackcloth, because although their hearts are heavy and they are broken for these people, they know they must also deliver My warning message.--Albeit with great wisdom and discernment, and always tempered with much love and compassion.
       134. You have My assurance that they are going to take the messages in this GN and they are going to rightly divide the words of truth therein. As they stay close to Me and heed My checks and voice, they will rightly divide between what I have given My Family alone to know and ponder in their hearts, and what I will clearly and precisely show them that each individual needs to hear the most.
       135. They are My ministers and they will go forth in humility, because I have greatly humbled My Family--My collective bride--through the renewal, and I will continue to give My bride the priceless gift of humility. Now, more than ever before, I can trust My Family to go forth and minister in the wake of America's calamities and judgments in the right spirit. They will deliver My words of truth and love from a broken heart--a heart that has been similarly humbled and felt My chastisements and My corrections for their waywardness. My brides know they are also weak men and women, saved by grace, and wholly and desperately dependent on My enduring mercies and grace. They know, more than ever, that they are only used--and will continue to be used--as the result of many breakings and surrenders.
       136. Now they will be My true, pure emissaries and messengers, bearing My words of truth. They will deliver these words in a spirit of brokenness and humility. (End of message.)

Update from the North America RSs

(Excerpts of a message to the North American Homes, from their RSs:)

Dearest loved ones,
       We're sure you will be happy to hear that all of our Family members were able to evacuate New Orleans before the storm hit--and they are now being housed with friends and other Family Homes. We'd appreciate your prayers for all of our Family who had to leave behind their Homes and almost all their possessions, for the Lord's miraculous supply of their every need‚ His direction and guidance for their next steps, and for His comfort and encouragement at this time. Some of these teams are actively involved in ministering to refugees from this same disaster. Isn't that a testimony of the Lord's power to not only protect us from trouble, but to even turn around and use us to help those who were not able to avoid it?
       As you have no doubt seen on television or heard in the news, tens of thousands of refugees have now come to Texas and other parts of Louisiana, where they are being temporarily housed in various public facilities and shelters. This is an answer to prayer, as the situation in Louisiana was quite dangerous and, being basically in anarchy, it was difficult to help there without military assistance. So it's very encouraging that the Lord has brought the refugees to Texas where the local Homes can minister to these folks without having to have the difficulties of a road trip and extended supply lines, etc. The Family Homes in Houston are already involved in extensive relief efforts, and the Family in San Antonio is gearing up to help with the flow of refugees now arriving in their city.
       We'd appreciate your prayers:
       • That order will be restored in New Orleans‚ and for the alleviation of the suffering of those who are still trapped in the city.
       • For open doors to minister to all those who have been evacuated to the shelters and refugee centers.
       • Supply and provision for all the Family members who were living in New Orleans.
       • Financial supply and provisioning for the disaster relief efforts, including for the Homes involved.
       • That we can effectively document all of our Family relief efforts, and that the Katrina Relief website ( will be a great witness to many.
       • That we can all be faithful witnesses to pour out the Word during this time when hearts are softened and people are sobered by this disaster.
       • For printing of the Activated magazines and the coloring books (for the refugees and their children).
       • Other provisioning being done to supply for the victims.
       • For Family teams en route to help.

Prophecy excerpts:

       (Jesus:) Even as My Father sent Me, so send I you. Be My eyes, My feet, My hands to this nation. … This is a time to search your hearts. Desperate prayer is what I ask of each of you, not just a fleeting, passing prayer. I know you all realize that you could be next‚ and this is good because it will stir you up and cause you to be fervent and desperate. This is really the beginning of the end of the world. Don't wait for tomorrow--any decision you make should be for today. Preach the Gospel, live the Gospel. Be instant witnesses. Each of you do what you can; make a difference. You each have a mission. For most of you, it will just be right here where you are, but doing exactly what I want you to do. Stay desperate. Continue to pray especially for each Family member that will be directly involved.


       (Jesus:) Just like I told My disciples, the poor you have always with you-–those who are destitute, hungry, homeless, will be in that physical state for many months now, even years. Many of them already have been, even before Katrina and the floods. But the spiritual window that you have to reach those whose hearts are open is much, much smaller. … Even now those whose lives have been personally affected are making decisions one way or the other-–to soften their heart or to harden it in bitterness or resentment toward Me. So this is what's urgent. You have to reach them with My answers and message now. You have to help as many as possible make the right decision for Me and not against Me, into further darkness. … This is your chance to expose the Enemy‚ to preach the Endtime message and to get out as much of My Word as possible, so it's really important that you focus on that. The Enemy will send as many obstacles as he can in your way--obstacles with organization, finances, communication, finding the materials you need, or those who can help to print it. But the power of the keys will blow any obstacle to bits.


       (Jesus:) Do you not hear the cries, do you not hear the thousands of thousands whose hearts reach up to Me and ask Me for comfort and relief? There are so many voices–-those from the departed asking Me to help their loved ones who are still in need, and those who remain and are in discomfort and disoriented and who have lost their homes and loved ones. I will answer their prayers by sending you, the children of David--and though you may not be able to be there physically, it is your duty to pray for them. I have given you the keys of the Kingdom, and the power you wield through your prayers is more powerful than any other prayers on the face of the Earth. I gave you the keys for this reason. It is your obligation to get desperate in prayer for them and to pray for the relief of those who are suffering. Pray for the Family that I will bring into these areas, that I will shine My light through them and they will be as pure crystal. Pray for the relief workers. Pray for those who are offering aid, and pray for those who I am convicting to give. So much can be accomplished through your prayers.


       (Jesus:) My loves, I know as you watch the news you feel that it's overwhelming the great needs there‚ and certainly there are those with the physical resources to help in a much greater way. But just as My disciples told the beggar there at the doorstep of the temple, though you may not have silver and gold, such as you have, I'm asking you to give. You have the power of the keys that I've given you, the power to work miracles in My name, the power to bring the living waters to those who hunger and thirst, and so I'm calling you to feed the hungry in heart and those who are crying out in the midst of this disaster--those who are crying out for answers, to make sense out of the chaos, to see how My light can shine in the middle of even the darkest night. Your ministry should be a ministry of hope, of encouragement, and of sharing the Word and giving the living water to those who are thirsty.
       Do not be overwhelmed by the great need, because it will be a long, long time of recovery--but instead take each day one day at a time, and trust Me that as you seek first My Kingdom, as you seek to fulfill My plan and will, I will provide abundantly and I will help you to pour out the water of My Word so that it shall cover these who are hungry as the waters cover the seas. For truly My Word is as streams that never run dry‚ and as you give, even though you feel that your cruse of oil is empty and your barrel of meal has nothing in it, still pour what you have and I will fill it and fill it until all those who are hungry and thirsty shall have their needs met.


       (Jesus:) There is a lot you can do through your prayers and through bringing My Words, and for those who are actually there on the front line, even through the performing of miracles and the reaching of hearts that would have otherwise never found Me because they would have never been desperate enough; they would have always been self-satisfied with the god of this world.
       You might feel unprepared … but I have begun much of the preparation in spirit, and you are all being called to different roles, and you are ready even if you don't feel like it. You just have to believe and accept the anointing, the Endtime anointing that is already falling on each of you who will remain faithful. Keep your faith strong by studying My Word‚ for attacks have intensified, as you so well know, and have even become physical. There are many evil spirits at work in this disaster--yet with you and all My other children who answer My call, you can turn it to a victory.


       (Jesus:) A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. And you, My Family, I have set apart, I have set you on a hill, and through recent media coverage and happenings, more and more people are finding out about you and you are being set apart as different and unique. And now is the time that your light will shine brightly and men will see your good works and glorify Me and My Father. So let this bright light shine forth. … Witness like never before, strive to never ever go out of the house without witnessing, without telling someone about Me, without letting that light shine so brightly. Even if you don't have an upfront ministry with this relief effort, be upfront in your witnessing and telling others about Me. Be bold, be strong, and reap the many lost who are questioning and in need of Me.


       (Jesus:) I see these things in much the same way as I saw them when I walked the Earth. You will never be popular with the world as far as the rumors and the media and the powers that be. You will have your occasional positive news article, just as I had My favorable reports of My healings and My feeding of the poor. You will find the occasional media reporter who is touched by My Spirit and who sees the truth and desires to file a more balanced report. However, the media being largely controlled by the AC, you will not find this the place for positive testimonies of your good works…. You will find positive media amongst local reporters, smaller countries. You will find acceptance and popularity amongst [the] local populace, local neighborhoods, small cities, small businesses, small charities, small churches, small countries. Think small! I say that a little humorously, as of course I know you think big…. But it is through the little people that I want you to work. It is through the little people that you will change lives. It is through your personal contact with people that lives will be changed, that you will find your safety, protection, your ministry, and your fulfillment.
       This is how My ministry worked when I was on Earth. I worked directly with the people, not through the local Sanhedrin or health authorities. I witnessed personally, not through the mass media. The grassroots is where the strongest movements find their beginnings, and, if they stick to the grassroots, where they find their sustained growth….
       I, too, was never popular with the powers that be, and in fact I was vilified and eventually crucified by them. The good works that I did they spoke disparagingly of, and used every means at their disposal to minimize and discredit and cast doubt upon. The message that I gave, they sought to confuse, distort, and dampen the spread of. The love that I showed‚ they sought to cover up and sow doubt about.
       Seek out the smaller or more intermediate-level groups to work with. You can work with a small local clinic in disaster relief, close to where the action is. You can work with a small neighborhood community, speaking with community leaders about their needs and what you can do to help directly. You can work with local businesses, seeing what they are doing and what they hope to do, and then work with them on disaster relief, witnessing freely as you go, of course. You will find your future ministry with smaller grass-roots organizations. And amongst these you will also find your supporters and defenders. They will know and appreciate you, and while they may not be able to turn the major media around, they will speak well of you amongst the people and local authorities. So‚ this is where to put your focus and the majority of your efforts.

Yes, Think Small! Think small as in Think Little People, or Think Grassroots, or Think God! You say Thank God; you can also say Think God! When God is in it, God will do it! You will find that God will almost always work through the little people, through the little boy with the loaves and the fishes, through the little fisherman, the little Andrews and Marthas and Marys. The door that God wants to open will come in the form of a little person you meet, a little opportunity that presents itself, a little idea, a little need that you meet. Lives changed one at a time is still God's preferred method of evangelism and building a work. As I said once, "Consider the poor, who don't care who you are"--"Who you are" of course being who you are reputed to be. Who you really are is ambassadors of the King of kings, the Bride of Christ, Messengers of The End. This is who you are and this is your calling.
       You can move mountains with your prayers, and the greatest work that you accomplish will be through your prayers and in following the Lord and His little leads. Little keys will open big doors‚ little taps will open streams of water, little people will be your ministry of the future. Little people and little things will be your ministry. But little is much when God is in it. So stick to your ministry, stick to the Little People. Stick to personal witnessing. This is the strength of the Family, their personal involvement directly with people. This is a great accomplishment, much greater than working with some big organization here or there.

Notable News Articles
God's mercy evident in Katrina's wake

By Jody Brown and Allie Martin, Agape Press
       Two Christian leaders in New Orleans are testifying to God's mercy in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One suggests that the death toll could have been much higher had it not been for God's mercy--and the other that God may have used the hurricane to purge wickedness from the city.
       Chuck Kelley is president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, with facilities located near the southern banks of Lake Pontchartrain and in Chalmette, east of the city. Baptist Press reports that Kelley now finds himself homeless and with only a few personal belongings following Hurricane Katrina's devastating blow to the New Orleans area. But the seminary leader says he is able to discern God's hand in the situation.
       "Imagine what would have happened if [New Orleans] had taken a direct hit," he tells BP. "The levee did not break until after the storm was clear and the winds had died down and the rescue workers were able to get out." Had the levee given way during the hurricane, he says, "untold thousands of people" would have been killed.
       "It's a terrible tragedy," Kelley says of the devastation in and around New Orleans‚ "and we still don't know the scope of it--but the evidences of God's mercy are there. We rejoice in the fact that He has got the whole world in His hands, including the city of New Orleans and [the seminary]."
       Rev. Bill Shanks, pastor of New Covenant Fellowship of New Orleans, also sees God's mercy in the aftermath of Katrina--but in a different way.
       Shanks says the hurricane has wiped out much of the rampant sin common to the city. The pastor explains that for years he has warned people that unless Christians in New Orleans took a strong stand against such things as local abortion clinics, the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations, and the annual event known as "Southern Decadence"--an annual six-day "gay pride" event scheduled to be hosted by the city this week--God's judgment would be felt.
       "New Orleans now is abortion free. New Orleans now is Mardi Gras free. New Orleans now is free of Southern Decadence and the sodomites, the witchcraft workers, false religion--it's free of all of those things now," Shanks says. "God simply, I believe, in His mercy purged all of that stuff out of there--and now we're going to start over again." [Note: Voodoo was prevalent in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. In fact, New Orleans was known as "the American headquarters for voodoo." New Orleans was also one of the most violent cities in the U.S. Another news article reported: "The city of New Orleans has a population of just over 500‚000 and was expecting 300 murders this year, most of them centered on just a few, overwhelmingly black, neighborhoods. Police have been quoted as saying that they don't need to search out the perpetrators, because usually a few days after a shooting, the attacker is shot in revenge."]

New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize

By George Friedman, The Stratfor Report
       The American political system was founded in Philadelphia, but the American nation was built on the vast farmlands that stretch from the Alleghenies to the Rockies. That farmland produced the wealth that funded American industrialization.
       But it was not the extraordinary land nor the farmers and ranchers who alone set the process in motion. Rather, it was geography--the extraordinary system of rivers that flowed through the Midwest and allowed them to ship their surplus to the rest of the world. All of the rivers flowed into one--the Mississippi--and the Mississippi flowed to the ports in and around one city: New Orleans. It was in New Orleans that the barges from upstream were unloaded and their cargos stored, sold and reloaded on ocean-going vessels. Until [the hurricane hit], New Orleans was, in many ways, the pivot of the American economy.
       During the Cold War, a macabre topic of discussion was: If the Soviets could destroy one city with a large nuclear device‚ which would it be? For me, the answer was simple: New Orleans. If the Mississippi River was shut to traffic, then the foundations of the economy would be shattered. The industrial minerals needed in the factories wouldn't come in‚ and the agricultural wealth wouldn't flow out. Alternative routes really weren't available.
       Nature took out New Orleans almost as surely as a nuclear strike. Hurricane Katrina's geopolitical effect was not, in many ways, distinguishable from a mushroom cloud. The key exit from North America was closed. The petrochemical industry was at risk. The navigability of the Mississippi south of New Orleans was a question mark. New Orleans as a city and as a port complex had ceased to exist, and it was not clear that it could recover.
       The Port of South Louisiana is the largest port in the United States by tonnage and the fifth-largest in the world. It exports more than 52 million tons a year, of which more than half are agricultural products--corn, soybeans and so on. A large proportion of U.S. agriculture flows out of the port. Almost as much cargo, nearly 17 million tons, comes in through the port--including not only crude oil, but chemicals and fertilizers, coal‚ concrete and so on.
       A simple way to think about the New Orleans port complex is that it is where the bulk commodities of agriculture go out to the world and the bulk commodities of industrialism come in. The commodity chain of the global food industry starts here, as does that of American industrialism. If these facilities are gone, more than the price of goods shifts: The very physical structure of the global economy would have to be reshaped. Consider the impact to the U.S. auto industry if steel doesn't come up the river, or the effect on global food supplies if U.S. corn and soybeans don't get to the markets.
       The problem is that there are no good shipping alternatives. River transport is cheap, and most of the commodities we are discussing have low value-to-weight ratios. The U.S. transport system was built on the assumption that these commodities would travel to and from New Orleans by barge, where they would be loaded on ships or offloaded. Apart from port capacity elsewhere in the United States, there aren't enough trucks or rail cars to handle the long-distance hauling of these enormous quantities--assuming for the moment that the economics could be managed, which they can't be.
       The focus in the media has been on the oil industry in Louisiana and Mississippi. This is not a trivial question, but in a certain sense, it is dwarfed by the shipping issue. First, Louisiana is the source of about 15 percent of U.S.-produced petroleum, much of it from the Gulf. The local refineries are critical to American infrastructure. Were all of these facilities to be lost, the effect on the price of oil worldwide would be extraordinarily painful. If the river itself became unnavigable or if the ports are no longer functioning, however, the impact to the wider economy would be significantly more severe. In a sense, there is more flexibility in oil than in the physical transport of these other commodities.
       There is good news as information comes in. The status of the oil platforms is unclear and it is not known what the underwater systems look like, but on the surface, the damage--though not trivial--is manageable.
       The news on the river is also far better than would have been expected. The port facilities, although apparently damaged in many places and destroyed in a few, are still there. The river, as transport corridor, has not been lost.
       What has been lost is the city of New Orleans and many of the residential suburban areas around it. The population has fled; the workforce is gone. Unlike in other disasters, that workforce cannot return to the region because they have no place to live. New Orleans is gone, and the metropolitan area surrounding New Orleans is either gone or so badly damaged that it will not be inhabitable for a long time.
       It is in this sense, then, that it seems almost as if a nuclear weapon went off in New Orleans. It appears to us that New Orleans and its environs have passed the point of recoverability. The area can recover, to be sure, but only with the commitment of massive resources from outside--and those resources would always be at risk to another Katrina.
       The displacement of population is the crisis that New Orleans faces. It is also a national crisis, because the largest port in the United States cannot function without a city around it. The physical and business processes of a port cannot occur in a ghost town, and right now, that is what New Orleans is.
       Katrina has taken out the port--not by destroying the facilities, but by rendering the area uninhabited and potentially uninhabitable. That means that even if the Mississippi remains navigable, the absence of a port near the mouth of the river makes the Mississippi enormously less useful than it was. For these reasons, the United States has lost not only its biggest port complex, but also the utility of its river transport system--the foundation of the entire American transport system. There are some substitutes, but none with sufficient capacity to solve the problem.

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